This year’s unemployment rate was much higher than the last. The biting cold winter wind also caused the unemployment rate to rise by a step higher.

XiaoBei tightly wrapped his coat around his body, but the chill just crept through.

“This damn weather!” XiaoBei muttered a curse. Suddenly, he felt that he had banged into something. Lifting his head up to see, the person was a well-built man. He has an angular face, eagle-like eyes, and straight eyebrows. On his left side, three long scars ran straight down the side of his face.  In short, he didn’t look like a good person.

XiaoBei suddenly reached out and grabbed the man’s sleeve, madly wiping his snot as he sniffled and said, “Big brother, I know that recently there is a financial crisis…but I do not have any money.” I am without a job, ah. I have old folk and youngins at home…I still have to feed and take care of them….”

“You…you must have me mistaken…?” The man froze for a moment before rubbing his chin. This man was named LiuXin. Liu Xin puzzledly sized up the sloppily dressed twenty-years old, young man in front of him.

“È? Sorry. I thought you are a robber,” XiaoBei scratched his head. Without another word, he put on a solemn face before continuing on his way.

This would be known as the first meeting between Mo XiaoBei and the antique shop owner, LiuXin. An embarrassing and laughable occasion.


Late at night.

XiaoBei’s eyes snapped open. He pushed himself up, wiping the cold sweat beading at his temples. It was another damn dream.The same, persistent dream that had tormented him for over 20 years. Time and time again, no matter where he went, no matter what he did, the dream would visit him.

The moment he closed his eyes and drifted, a pair of slit-like eyes, the color of a green moss, would stare back at him. And as he stared into those eyes, suddenly, a trident would slam into him, piercing his chest. No matter what the night, or how many times he dreamt that dream, it felt real. He would wake, drenched in sweat.

“Hā…hā….” XiaoBei sat on his bed, still gasping for breath.

Unlike the other nights, when he would wake, and the dream would remain a dream. This night, he felt different. He felt…watched.

Turning his head, XiaoBei glanced out the window.

And his eyes widened.

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Outside the window was a pair of faint green eyes.


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