Chapter 58: Parting

Seeing the two cores in front of him, Hei Yan was completely dumbfounded.

With a stiff expression, he looked at Qin Tian inconceivably. He seemed to be unable to come to his senses, and spoke, “These cores…you…where did you get them?”

Two cores, where one was a core of a rank six monster. This was too much of a shock for Hei Yan, making him unable to believe what he had just seen.

In the past, it took more than half a month to chase a rank five monster to kill it, and even after the death of his twelve brothers, it was still not killed. If not for Qin Tian appearing, he would never be able to live on.

He had personally experienced the terror of a rank five monster, and killing one would be extremely tough.

Now, there was not only the core of a rank five monster, but also the core of an extremely powerful rank six monster, how could he believe it?

Qin Tian’s talent and potential were the best of all he had ever seen before, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that he was one in a hundred years genius. However, he was only a spirit gathering cultivator and had just broken through. If spirit gathering realm cultivators could kill rank six monsters, then his brothers would not be dead.

Shock, excitement. He could not believe that that happened.

Qin Tian scratched his head and laughed, “My luck was good. I met two monsters fighting each other to death, and I became the fisherman.”

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The words were said casually, but Hei Yan was shocked after hearing it.

A fight between two high-rank monsters was a terrifying scene. Qin Tian might have said it frivolously, but he was greatly alarmed as the world does not have such a great thing. No matter how good one’s luck is, without strength, he would not be a rank six monster’s opponent.

“Big brother Hei, this rank six core is my gift to you.”

While saying, Qin Tian stuffed the core into Hei Yan’s hand. He shook slightly and subconsciously moved to return it back to Qin Tian. “The value of a rank six core is much higher than a normal gold rank ability. It will bring many benefits after being refined and one’s cultivation would break through continuously. Such a valuable gift, I do not dare to accept.”

“Big brother, that day when I took the violent gorilla’s core, I’ve decided that I would compensate you with another. Please accept it, or I will continue to feel that I owe you.”

Without swallowing the core of the violent gorilla, Qin Tian would not be able to kill the blood eye lion, and thus would not be able to get these two cores. And, during the period of time he spent with Hei Yan, he had viewed him as his real big brother.

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Hei Yan had also viewed Qin Tian as his brother.

Qin Tian engraved all of these into his heart, always looking for an opportunity to repay him.

Although he was not a good person, he is one that knows how to repay others favor.

To be able to enter the Kunlun mountain range, and break through very quickly in half a year, it was all thanks to Hei Yan helping him, helping without any complaints. Entering the Kunlun mountain range would not help him much in his cultivation, but he chose to sacrifice his own time to follow Qin Tian. This, to Qin Tian was a great favor.

Not to mention the rank six core, even if Hei Yan wanted both of them, he would agree without any hesitation.

Moreover, he could understand the feeling of bitterly cultivating yet unable to break through. To Hei Yan, the core would be very important. This concerns his future road of cultivation, and also when he joins the Flowing Clouds sect. Therefore, no matter what, Qin Tian must make Hei Yan accept it.

Looking into Qin Tian’s sincere eyes, Hei Yan choked with emotions. He was touched as to anyone, a core was extremely precious, yet Qin Tian was willing to give it to him.

He will remember this kindness forever.

At this moment, Hei Yan decided not to deny it anymore. Taking the core of the rank five monster that was on the ground, he said, “Thank you.”

‘Thank you’, these two words were filled with emotions.

The emotions inside him were about to explode out. He had stayed in the rank one spirit refining realm for too long and had been cultivating bitterly, yet he was unable to break through. This showed how important the core was to him now.

But the core is also important to Qin Tian. Qin Tian’s growth had gone beyond his imagination, and one day, his presence would definitely shake the whole of Tianyuan continent.

Qin Tian wanted to persuade Hei Yan to take the rank six core with him, but Hei Yan refused and beckoned him to say no more.

In the end, Qin Tian stopped and did not persuade any further.

“Hēngji, hēngji……”

Mao Mao gently rubbed itself at the side of Hei Yan’s foot and grinned; it was more or less friendly towards Hei Yan.

“Big Brother, this is Mao Mao.” Qin Tian laughed.

“A blood eye lion.” Hei Yan recognized its species at a glance. Looking into Mao Mao’s blood red eyes, Hei Yan was startled and turned to look at Qin Tian before asking, “A newly born cub; extremely rare. If fed well, will become a good companion during battles. What’s more, these kinds of monsters are very aggressive.”

“So how did it end up following you? Its mother…”

“Don’t tell me one of these cores belongs to a blood eye lion?”

Hei Yan was secretly taken by surprise and his heart shook for a brief moment. A blood eye lion isn’t the average type of monster, but one that can utilize powerful abilities that are advantageous during battles. For a blood eye lion to cultivate to rank six was no easy feat; it had to go through countless of battles before it could break through from rank five.

To obtain a blood eye lion was extremely rare. The first person whom the blood eye lion sees, it’ll instantly see that person as its mother.

That was also the reason why the instant Mao Mao was born, it ran to Qin Tian.

Qin Tian laughed with acquiescence. But seeing Hei Yan’s surprised expression, he reluctantly asked, “Is a blood eye lion’s cub really that rare to have?”

“Yes. Extremely rare.” Hei Yan answered as he gently stroked Mao Mao’s short mane. Feeling comfortable, Mao Mao narrowed its eyes and displayed a very enjoyable expression. Hei Yan smiled and continued, “Domesticating a cub isn’t easy; you must be mentally prepared for the challenge.”

Monster trainers are a rare sight in Tianyuan continent. Generally, only the Juqing clan have members that are monster trainers. The monsters that they trained can not only be mounted but also be used in battles.

For some of those younglings that grew up, their fighting capabilities are extremely monstrous.

However, a combat type youngling is difficult to domesticate. In Tianyuan continent, a trainer usually goes about riding one for thousands of miles. But as for those who use them in actual combat were very few.

Of course, Qin Tian had no information regarding pets. At that time, he accepted the final request of the mother blood eye lion was because his heart was soft for that moment. But who would have known that a pet system task was triggered and he could only helplessly accept.

Now that he heard Hei Yan’s explanation regarding how difficult it was to domesticate these combat type younglings, he was once again filled with regret.

As if it could understand the conversation between the two, it hung its head low and crawled slowly towards Qin Tian before raising its head; revealing a pitiful expression as if trying to say, “Please don’t abandon me…”

“Relax, I won’t abandon you.” Qin Tian smiled sinisterly. Deep within, he thought, “I’ll still need you to try out my Dans.”

Looking at Qin Tian’s sinister smile, Mao Mao retreated backward slightly; the chill made its hair stood, and it looked at Qin Tian again with distress.

This made both Qin Tian and Hei Yan laugh.


Time was like the flowing water as the days quietly went by.

In a blink of an eye, it had been a year since the duo entered the inner area of the Kunlun Mountain Range.

The accumulated amount of experience gained from that one year had made Qin Tian a lot stronger; he had risen from a spirit formation rank four to a spirit gathering rank three. His progress would have shaken the whole of Tianyan continent if words got out, and would make many of the talented cultivators ashamed of their own progress.

Once in awhile, Hei Yan would feel a sense of envy towards Qin Tian. He felt as if Qin Tian had no need to cultivate to attain a break through, but instead from killing monsters; just like the way a monster breaks through.

To be able to break through by hunting monsters, there was never one in Tianyuan continent who could except Qin Tian.

At the entrance of the cave, Hei Yan looked afar and gazed for a long time before saying, “I’ll be going now. You must take good care of yourself.”

“Ń, I will.” Qin Tian stood at a side as he nodded.

Hei Yan was about to leave. The journey to Flowing Clouds Sect from the Kunlun Mountain Range is a long one; even for a spirit refining rank two Hei Yan, it would have to take a few months for him to arrive.

But just in time for the springtime recruitment for disciples who wanted to join that sect.

The two had a brief moment of silence. Hei Yan took a glance at Qin Tian and smiled before jumping off the entrance….

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