Chapter 59: Miserable Pet

“Mao Mao, be good and come here, I have roasted fish for you.”

“Little Mao, be good, or I won’t bring you out to kill monsters anymore.”

“Relax, this is not a Dan, but a big roasted carp……”


“Still not coming?” Qin Tian’s tone became heavier as he snorted, “Don’t you ever wish to eat anymore roasted fish if you do not come out now!”

The feeble Mao Mao was cowering in a corner and its eyes were filled with fear, It dared not take a step out.

Qin Tian had said a lot of nice words, but it continued to stay at where it was. Without a choice, Qin Tian could only show his killing move.

The aroma diffused into the air. Mao Mao looked at the roasted fish in Qin Tian’s hand, and a golden light flashed in its eyes. With saliva dripping down, it walked to the front excitedly and revealed an adorable expression. It ran around Qin Tian’s shoes, with a face of fawning.

Qin Tian smiled and squatted down, one hand holding a fish, and the other an unknown black Dan. “Eat this first before you can eat the roasted fish.”

Mao Mao looked at the black Dan emitting out the smell of medicine as if it was a cow dung and shuddered. It then looked at the fish in his the other hand and as if it had made an extremely big decision, it closed its eyes and opened its mouth.

“Now that’s being obedient.”

Qin Tian laughed slightly as he shoved the Dan into its mouth and ordered, “Swallow it.”

Mao Mao let out a pained expression. Using all its strength, it swallowed the Dan and then opened its mouth to let Qin Tian check.

“Not bad, you need to continue staying obedient in the future, or don’t ever think about roasted fish ever again.”

While speaking, he tore the fish into half and threw one-half to Mao Mao. Before the roasted fish landed onto the ground, Mao Mao had already darted forward and bit it. It ate it up elatedly and started to lick its lips like there was not enough. It then looked at Qin Tian’s hand that was holding the other half of the fish with saliva dripping down.

“Such a glutton.”

“You’ve already eaten for more than a year, but how much have you grown?”

“Taking my experience, eating my Dan, and want me to feed you with roasted fish every day.”

“Am I your owner, or are you, my uncle?”

Qin Tian gave a series of complaints. Mao Mao lowered its head and drew circles with its front paw, not daring to look at Qin Tian or sound any disapproval.

“Hey, you’ve even learned to draw circles to curse others?”

After hearing what Qin Tian said, Mao Mao immediately stopped moving and was afraid to continue.

Qin Tian felt resentment for it not being able to meet his expectations and let out a long sigh, he then threw the other half of the roasted fish to it. He took out a Yang Shen Dan, consumed it, and sat down. Leaning against the stone wall, he paid attention to whatever that would happen to Mao Mao.

For more than a year after Hei Yan went away, Qin Tian spent most of his time and energy on alchemy. After an unremitting amount of hard work, he managed to train his alchemy to the first level, and still needed a few hundred more proficiency points to reach the second. He would never be able to achieve such a result if not for Mao Mao testing the Dans for him.

Ever since he started practicing alchemy in the inner region of Kunlun Mountain, Mao Mao became his exclusive Dan taster. Everytime a weird Dan came out, it would immediately be given to Mao Mao to be tested. After seeing what the reaction would be, he would make some changes.

There was a famous saying in the world, failure is the mother of success.

After more than ten thousand failures, he had finally raised his alchemy to the first level, allowing him to create grade one dans. It was also all thanks to the Kunlun mountain range as it was easy to gather spirit grass there, or who knows when he would be able to raise it up.

After his tireless efforts and dedication to his research, he managed to create some low-grade Dans. The Yang Shen Dans he had consumed was something he created himself.

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To an extremely curious person like Qin Tian, he would take this chance to satisfy his curiosity and create many abnormal Dans. Whether it was virility related Dans, beautifying related Dans, and even Dans that can cause diarrhoea, many weird Dans that had never appeared in Tianyuan continent had been created by him.

Though the Dans could not be brought out to the public, Qin Tian was still very satisfied with them. The usefulness of such things was many.

Though more than a year had passed, Qin Tian still could not understand Mao Mao.

Ever since this thing was born till now, its body had shown no sign of changes. The experience given to it weren’t less; the food it ate weren’t less, but its body still did not mature; even by a little bit. In it showed no magnificence of a blood eye lion which made Qin Tin disappointed.

Domesticating a combat type pet is difficult, but it couldn’t be difficult to this extent, right?”

It would’ve been reasonable if Mao Mao matured a little bit. In the pet interface, its level had already reached level five but its body still showed no sign of changes; Qin Tian could not understand why.

In the end, Qin Tian suspected that it must be because of the Dans.

All the strange Dans were tested on Mao Mao which might have affected its development and mutated its genes, turning it into a pygmy blood eye lion.

As a result, Qin Tian at some point felt that he himself was to blame. So in order to return Mao Mao’s development back to normal, he constantly continued to study new Dans. The Dan that he had just given Mao Mao to eat was a newly developed one where all the properties shown on the system were ? ? ?. For the effect of this Dan, there was no way to know unless tested.

After Mao Mao swallowed the Dan, it showed no significant reaction to it which made Qin Tian disappointed. Deep in thoughts, he wondered where it went wrong; was it because the amount of spirit grass was not right, or the way he used the spirit grass was incorrect.

Seeing Qin Tian deep in thought, Mao Mao’s hair stood for a moment.

He understood that this treacherous owner was coming up with some new Dan.

“Hōnglóng lóng……”

A series of thunder could be heard from outside the cave.

Qin Tian’s eyes became wide open, whereas Mao Mao ran quickly to the entrance of the cave before sniffing with its nose and roared softly in a direction.

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In that instant, Qin Tian activated his aura and his eyes glistened. “Humans?!”

Ever since Hei Yan left, Qin Tian had not seen another living human within the Kunlun Mountain Range and would occasionally come across several dead rotten bodies.

The noise just then was certainly coming from the clash between powerful abilities. And from his predatory aura, he could sense five people with steady auras; their strength should be no lower than a spirit gathering.

Mao Mao stood at a side, looking at Qin Tian with its eyes full of excitement.

“Let’s go and take a look.”

That instant when Qin Tian smiled, Mao Mao leaped from the entrance of the cave.

Although Mao Mao’s body may be small, it was both agile and strong; jumping off from the few hundred meters high cave and landing firmly on the ground, its body sustained no injuries.

After Mao Mao jumped, Qin Tian followed and jumped.


“Brother, a rank four monster couldn’t even pose a threat to us.”

A haughty lady, who wore a pink dress together with flirtatious makeup, looked down at the Blazing Red Boar beneath her feet in disdain.

“My lady, leave these low-level monsters to us.”

A man who looked like a lackey, bowed as he walked to the side of the lady and said respectfully.

“Oh my lovely lady, you’re already at the spirit gathering rank eight; a rank four monster would certainly not be worthy to be your opponent.”

A handsome young man in white, who held a white fan in a hand, walked up to the lady. His robe fluttered with no wind; portraying his strength which was not weak.

The other two men also followed and walked up closer to the lady.

“Our purpose of coming here is to kill the Undead Millenary King. The sooner we finish our task, the faster we can receive our credit reward and provide a new weapon for you.” The young man grinned before touching the lady’s messy hair bun.

The lady leaned away to a side and her eyes flashed with anger as she clenched her fists tightly for a while. However, these series of actions went unnoticed to the onlookers.

Once the man arranged the lady’s messy hair bun, he said gently, “I know you’ve always wanted that Glazed Jewel Sword. Once we kill that Undead Millenary King, we’ll have enough credit reward.”

“Brother, you are the nicest to me.” The lady giggled and leaned slightly onto the man’s arms, which seemed as if the two were extremely intimate.

The other two men stood at the side, revealing a face filled with envy.

Suddenly, the lady’s expression changed and she gasped, “What a cute monster! Brothers, brothers, quickly… quickly… catch it for me!”

Even before the young man could take any action, the opportunity for the other two men to express their feelings for the lady had come and they immediately pounced…

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