Chapter 60: Give You Face Yet You Do Not Accept It

“Mao Mao, danger!”

An arrow with a strong aura pierced through the air and shot towards Mao Mao’s leg.


Mao Mao bared its sharp fangs and gave a low fierce growl. Looking at the arrow that was about to hit it, it moved suddenly and jumped onto another tree with great speed.

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“Why are you all eating if you can’t even deal with a cub? What’s the use of you all then?” The girl fulminated, causing the faces of the two men to turn ugly. Their faces twitched, as they pulled out an arrow and took aim.


A man paused for a moment and raised his hand to motion them to stop. Then, he looked among the dense leaves not far away and said, “Friend, come out.”

Qin Tian did a flip as he landed on the ground, and Mao Mao followed soon after. Standing beside Qin Tian, it looked at the girl maliciously.

The girl size up Qin Tian for a while, before saying, “Ah San, kill him.”
[TLN: ‘Ah San’ is a term used by people to call others ]

To her, there wasn’t a need for a reason to kill others. All who made her unhappy should be killed.

“As you command.”

A servant by the girl’s side rushed towards Qin Tian. Qigong gathered at the two swords of his.

A man crossed his arms and watched Qin Tian with interest, on his face was a cold smile.

It seemed as if some people had already made Qin Tian a dead man in their minds.

He will die in the next second.

Mao Mao growled, revealing its sharp claws, and started to slash the air with them. Extremely small wind gales were created, the wind gales became smaller and smaller after continuing for a while. Finally, Mao Mao laid flat on the ground, whining.

“Don’t try to show off if you can’t.”

Qin Tian said with disdain as he looked at the man rushing towards him. Frowning, his aura suddenly rose sharply. Not waiting for the man to reach him, he moved, and two bone swords appeared in his hands. He slashed his swords down, and a condensed sword Qi shot forward.

“Such a weak sword Qi, it won’t be able to withstand a blow of mine.”

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The man called Ah San snorted coldly and swung his right hand, destroying the sword Qi easily. His face was filled with glee, but when he looked forward, he found out that Qin Tian had disappeared.

At this point in time, cold sweat started to form, and he subconsciously protected his whole body with Qigong. Suddenly, he turned.

However, he was half a beat slower. When he turned, Qin Tian had already stabbed forward, and the swords pierced through his waist, causing fresh blood to flow.

Qin Tian kept away his swords and withdrew quickly.

“Useless trash.”

The girl cursed and stared at him. She was very unhappy.

Other than the sound of the girl’s curses, the other three men did not speak but looked at Qin Tian with shock. Ah San’s capabilities were not weak, he was already a spirit gathering realm cultivator yet he was dealt in one move. If not for Qin Tian showing mercy, Ah San would have been a dead man.

Seeing Qin Tian defeating the enemy with one move, Mao Mao jumped up and down with joy.

Just as the girl was about to explode from anger, the white-robe man hit the girl gently, motioning her to stop. He then took a step forward and pretended to speak respectfully, “Brother, we’re sorry to have offended you, please forgive us.”

Qin Tian laughed coldly. Without replying, he looked at the arrogant face of the girl, then at Mao Mao, and said, “Let’s go.”

“Want to go?”

“It won’t be easy.”

The girl, seeing that Qin Tian was about to leave, shouted coldly, and unsheathed her sword. An image of a lotus sword was created, as she gracefully dashed towards him.

“F**k, give you face yet you do not accept it!”

Qin Tian was angered, and his Qigong burst out, causing a great pressure to be formed. The white-robed man was startled, wind gathered at his feet as he moved to block the girl from continuing. “Stop.”

“Step aside, Brother; I must cut him down.”

The lady’s aura was menacing and her expression was ugly. Since young, never had anyone dared to treat her that way and this made her heart boiled with anger.

As the man in white was struggling to hold down the lady, he turned and apologized with a smile, “This girl isn’t sensible, please do not be offended.”


Qin Tian rolled his eyes and gave the lady a glare before jumping atop a tree. He turned a few times to look at the group, before disappearing into the forest…

“Brother, why did you let him go? He is just a rank four spirit gathering cultivator; there is no need to be afraid of him!”

Seeing that Qin Tian had left, the man’s expression changed into a gloomy one and he muttered, “Ah San is a rank five spirit gathering cultivator. For him to be defeated in one move, do you think that person is just any rank four spirit gathering cultivator?”

After being questioned by the man in white, she felt very displeased. Upon seeing Ah San’s painful face, she coldly snorted, “Trash, utterly useless.”

Once the words left her mouth, she lunged forward with a sword in her hand.

Ah San was shocked. Never did he expect that the mistress he vowed to protect would actually want to kill him because of him failing to kill Qin Tian. He was disheartened; this felt more painful than the injuries he received on his waist. Closing his eyes slowly, his face was as still as stone.


Once the sword was about to see blood, the man in white instantly blocked it with his open fan before closing it. Turning around, he said, “Now is the time when numbers are important. If you kill off one, our total power will decrease by one.”


“You didn’t let me kill that devious person nor the dog that he kept by his side. In the end, what do you want me to do?”

The lady was furious and her aura was both menacing and aggressive; the ladylike in her disappeared. Her enchanting looks instantly turned into a fierce and ugly one.

The man’s eyes twitched slightly. The anger in his heart gradually built up. A strong aura could be seen condensed in his fan and his eyes were cold. But in that instant, he slowly breathed out and restored his calm look. Holding up the lady’s hand, he stroked it gently and said, “My lovely lady, no need to hurry; once we killed the Undead Millenary King, we’ll move on to that chap. When that time comes, I’ll help you kill him.”

“Really?” The lady’s anger subsided and she leaned gently onto the man.

“When had brother ever lied to you?” The man in white said gently though his heart was filled with killing intent. If not for the Sun Pillar’s power, he would have already killed her because of her being so unreasonable!

The Sun Pillar, one of the eight pillars in Tianji Sect.


“Mao Mao, don’t put yourself in danger in the future. Who can you win against with that third-rate ability?”

Qin Tian stood atop a giant tree as he gazed upon the setting sun.

Mao Mao whimpered at a side, showing a look of unwillingness to give in.

Though Mao Mao’s offense may not be good, his reaction and speed were above average; that made Qin Tian very surprised.

After more than a year with Mao Mao, Qin Tian had developed a deep relationship with Mao Mao; the arrow that shot out at Mao Mao just then almost made his heart skip a beat as he worried for Mao Mao.

“They did not seem like they came into the Kunlun Mountain Range to hunt monsters. But what could they be up to if they’re not here to hunt monsters?”

“The strength of that man in white is very strong; might have broken through to the spirit refining realm already.”

“Doesn’t seem like any ordinary family’s disciples from the way they’re dressed. That spoiled woman especially; with such arrogance, must have been from a powerful family. Just what had they come into Kunlun Mountain Range for?”

Qin Tian pondered for a moment; and in the end, the edge of his lips hooked and he revealed a cold and sinister sneer…

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