Chapter 9: Capable Enough to Handle Terrorists

Translator: Reizenchuu

Editor: Kenny Stryker


When I was heading towards the classroom to rescue the students, who were taken in as hostages, after accepting the old man’s request, I noticed that one of the terrorists entered the classroom to check on the situation.


“Yo, how is it going?”

“No problem so far. What are you doing here?”

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“I’m just doing regular check ups.”

“You came at the perfect time then. Stay here and keep a watch for me. I’m going to the toilet.”

“You… We’re at a delicate situation now, and you want to pee?”

“You rather want me to leak on the floor? Just let me go.”

“Fine. Come back quickly.”



After leaving those words behind, the man with a strong build laughed and left the classroom. Just as he stepped outside, though, a faint grin reached his face while he turned to look back at the classroom he just exited.


“Hehe, who would want to go back to such a boring place. You guys stay there and guard for the rest of your life.”


With that whisper to himself, the man headed in a completely different direction than the restroom.


“Now that I managed to get out, where should I go? Using a firearm would just get me noticed, and there are no girls around that I could do. So what can I do for fun?”


The man kept walking as he pondered about what he should do until suddenly, he arrived before a staircase and stopped before it. He stood there, gazing absently at it until before long, he hit an idea and then said something to himself.


“Let’s go to the roof to check on the cops.”


The man ascended the stairs and headed to the roof.


After the man who said he was going to the toilet left the classroom, the other terrorists who were left behind began to whisper among themselves.


“Geez, what a troublesome guy.”

“Yeah, try to keep him in your sights. He’s a bit off the roads.”

“Not just ‘a bit’. That guy… He shot one of our allies to death in our last raid.”

“Really? Does the boss know about it?”

“If he knew about it then that guy wouldn’t be in this world anymore by now.”


A while has passed since the man had left the class, making the one who took his place begin to hold doubts.


“Hey, wasn’t he taking a long time?”

“Don’t know. Taking a crap?”

“Don’t tell me… He snuck away?”

“Can’t be… Wait, that’s quite a possibility.”

“I’m going to go check.”


One of the men left the classroom, leaving one left to keep the watch.






Immediately after the terrorist saw the other leave, dull sound along with the terrorist’s groan echoing down the halls reached him which made the terrorist jolt.


“Hey, what is it? Did something happen?”


He called out without taking a step outside. There was no reply. He had an urge to go and confirm the situation that pressed his mind, however, he couldn’t do that. If he did, the hostages in the class would just run away. As he was wondering on what happened, he noticed something strange on the side of the hostages.


“Wh-What’s going on…?”


For some reason, all of them were sleeping. The terrorist couldn’t hold his bewilderment towards this scene. Just a few seconds ago, most of them were sitting with a gloomy face. For them to fall asleep all at once right when he looked away, it is just not possible.


“Are they really sleeping?”


The terrorist approached the hostages out of doubt and realized that they were genuinely and comfortably sleeping. What is going on? How could they sleep in this kind of time? Not to mention, all of them at once? The terrorist fell into deep thoughts for a short while until he reached a reasonable conclusion.

“Were they put asleep?”




The very next instant, he heard a voice from somewhere, and with that, came a strong force upon the back of his neck.


Wh-What is this…


As his consciousness started to fade away, the terrorist turned around to see the figure of a single student in uniform behind him.


“You… Who… are y…ou..?”

“Just a highschool student.”

“Th-that can’t be…”


The terrorist fainted away before he was able to say that line.


“This was the last one.”


I said while looking at the collapsing terrorist. Dear me, I managed to do it somehow. I was having a hard time making a plan at first, but when one of them left the classroom I ended up punching him in the stomach, so things turned out to be fine. The other one was confused after realizing that the hostages were all asleep, so it was easy hit him in the neck. But still, I didn’t expect that a hit on the neck would work, since I’ve never tried doing that before. I thought that such moves only exists in manga. From now on, I shall be using this technique to defeat any enemy.


Come to think of it, the old man told me to act naturally. Oh well, I guess it will turn out well in the end. Rather, he should be grateful to me for helping him arresting the terrorists as well. After finishing my work here, I decided to go back to Kamaishi on the roof, when suddenly the walkie-talkie on the belt of the man who had collapsed on the floor went on.


“Hey, it’s me. What’s the situation there.”


My body stiffened, and I looked back at the walkie-talkie. Wait, wait, wait, what should I do know? Should I answer? No, I would be exposed instantly if I did. However, not answering will be suspicious too. As I was contemplating about whether I should answer or not, the voice began pressing for a reply.


“What is it? What are you doing? Give me a response already!”


Heck, I have no left choice. I resolved myself and answered.


“Sorry to keep you waiting, there’s no problem here. I will be resuming the inspection.”



How was that? I slightly lowered my voice tone to make it sound similar to the fainted guy. This should do, right?


“Who the heck are you?! You’re not one of our comrades! What happened to them?”


E-erm, that didn’t work. I should’ve expected this result. It’s only natural.


Only allowed on

“Hey guys. All of you, head to the hostages’ classroom now! An enemy is over there!”


The instant the voice finished its words, the talkie was cut. I threw the wireless to the ground, closed my eyes, and began considering what to do. This means what it means, right? All of the terrorists are charging this way, right? What a disaster! I started to stress all by myself when as I heard the sounds of people descending the stairs from far away.


Dammit, It can’t be helped. It came to this at the very end.


“Let’s remember to add a roasted pork ramen to the list later.”


Keeping that in mind, I began preparing a countermeasure against the terrorists.

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