Chapter 08: Your Reward is Ramen

Translator: Reizenchuu

Editor: Kenny Stryker


After checking the classroom, I was a bit alarmed by the serious atmosphere.


Uwa… what’s up with this mood?


I’m glad that I didn’t stay there. If I were still inside that class, I would have definitely knocked out one those terrorists. I dislike serious moods, after all. As my mind drifted off into a daydream, imagining that said situation, the phone inside my pocket started ringing. Seeing the name of Ishida Tesuji displayed on the caller ID, I picked it up.


“Old man, what’s up?”

“We’re in front of the school now.”

“I know. I can see you from here.”


I said as I turned to look at the patrol cars outside. I could even see the old man speaking on the phone from up here.


“What do you mean? Where are you now?”

“The roof.”


Right when I told him that, the old man raised his head to look up; soon enough our eyes met. When our eyes met I lightly waved my hand. Realizing it was me, the old man gave a bitter smile. What’s with that look?


“You… in such a situation, just how did you… well, it doesn’t matter now. More importantly, who’s that cute girl next to you? Your girlfriend?”

“No! Same for you, what the heck are you asking me in such a situation? Anyway, how are things going on your side?”


Since his questions about Kamaishi will most likely become troublesome, I changed the topic of conversation.


“Ah, we’re currently in the process of negotiating with the terrorists but, apparently they’re demanding a helicopter to escape. They’re threatening to kill a hostage every three hours.”


So they want  a helicopter.


“Have you figured out their intentions? Any insights to what they’re up to?”


As soon as I asked, the old man looked vexed.


“About that, I’m doing my best here to extend our negotiations while I dispatch a few units around. But these guys aren’t amateurs. We won’t just let them leave, and we can’t move in until we know their exact numbers and position.”


It sounded like the old man was complaining, but once he was done, he seemed to be taking glances at me in some weird way.


“Aah… I wonder if there is someone who can help. Someone who knows the number of enemies, and their location… Oh, and if that someone can defeat them, that would be great.”

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“Just stop…”


What is this old man expecting from saying all of that? Who would do something this troublesome? And why is he adding, more and more, the things he wants me to do?


“Just to make myself clear here, I’m not doing anything for you.”

“Eeeeh, C’mon. You can do it with that ability of yours.”


Ugh. Stop acting like a child. How immature of you. Of course he was referring to my skills. He happened to see me using them when the police were being persistent. At first, I thought of erasing his memories, but I changed my mind after witnessing his reaction.


‘What’s this? A magic trick?’ I remember him asking me.


I honestly thought he would be frightened after seeing it, however, his unprecedented reaction made me a bit astonished. Since that time, I made an agreement with him to not divulge my secret in exchange for me doing his job every once in awhile.


Due to that, I now had a direct connection to the police which was pretty convenient for me. If I ever happened to get arrested or wanted, I could just contact him and things will be sorted out without needing to expose myself. It was a win-win connection. Of course, if one day he were to break his promise, I could always erase his memories.


“Right? It’s fine, isn’t it? Beat them up using your abilities. Just make it look natural, of course.”


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This old man is getting slightly too full of himself. What does he think I am? God or something? No matter how strong I may be, I can’t beat them that easily. Well, actually I can…


“I don’t want to. I don’t want to work for free like this.”

“I get it. This time I will treat you to ramen. How about it now?”


He finally showed his trump card. But still, how could ramen be a reward for repelling a terrorist organization? He’s too cheap!


“Let me say this, though, it’s not your average ramen. It’s that ‘MENMEN” ramen that appeared on TV.”


I paused at that. “MENMEN”, huh? It was broadcasted on TV many times to the point where it made me think that I should go try it one day. I spent a few seconds working my brain by comparing and contrasting the ramen with his troubling request and:


“… I will only free the hostages, are we clear?”

“Really!? What’s your condition, though?”

“Fried eggs topping ramen as a second serve. Also, Gyoza as well.”

“Ha! Aren’t you asking for too much? It’s almost payday, and already you’re cleaning me out here.”

“I don’t mind if you refuse, you know.”

“Ggu… Alright.”

“Good. I will do it then. I will call you back once I’m done.”


I hung up while sighing. In the end, a deal is a deal, though troubling.


“Kamiya-kun, what were you talking about on the phone?” Kamaishi asked.


Ah, no good. I forgot she was next to me. I hope she didn’t hear too much.


“Ah… I was asked to do something. I’m sorry but, I should go now. You stay here, Kamaishi-san.”


Leaving those words behind, I left the roof, descending the stairs and deep into the school.


“Eh, wait!? Kamiya-kun!?”


Kamaishi opened the door again to follow me, but I wasn’t there anymore. I feel bad, but I had to use teleportation magic to transfer in the center of the school ground.


“Well then, for the sake of the ramen, shall we begin?”

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