Chapter 07: Terrorist Attack

Translator: Reizenchuu

Editor: Kenny Stryker


“Eh, What was that?”


Kamaishi seemed to be startled by the turn of the events. How could this even be possible? What were all those calculations about possibilities and all I did this morning? The chances of it happening are less than 1 percent. I got more angry as I thought more and more about our current situation.


“Hey, Kamiya-kun. What was that just now…?”

“A gunshot.”

“Eeh!? Gunshot?… Why…?”

“They’re probably that terrorist organization that was mentioned this morning.”

“T-Terrorist organization?!”


Kamaishi exclaimed with an astonished tone after hearing my words.


“W-Why are they here…?”

“Who knows. But what’s for sure is that we’re not very lucky.”

“Is that so…”

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To be completely honest, we are extremely unlucky. If I’m not wrong, I don’t have skills that drags me into these kinds of situations…right? If that’s the case then I’d rather get rid of them all, that way I’d get to sleep peacefully, after all.


“Wh-What should we do, Kamiya-kun?”

“For now, staying here would be the better choice. Fortunately, I don’t think they will make it up to the roof.”


With that remark, I placed my back against the bench and closed my eyes.


“Ey, Kamiya-kun, what are you doing?”

“There is nothing else to do now, so I will just lie here and close my eyes.”

“Are you going to take nap?!”


Kamaishi stared at me, her mouth hanging open. But if she were to think about it logically, what were they supposed to do? There were no actions they could take given their position and abilities. All that’s left was to take a little nap. No, wait, before that I need to learn that skill. Thinking about that, I concentrated my consciousness at my surroundings for a few seconds to grave a clear image of the place in my mind.


“【Presence Detection】skill was learned.”


We’re all set now. With this, I can sleep without fearing any risk. I activated my new skill and prepared to fall asleep.


“No, wait! Don’t sleep! Please don’t do it! Don’t leave me alone!”


As I was about to close my eyes Kamaishi stopped me, shaking me fervently. How noisy. It will be all fine since I got the presence sensation skill. Well, I can’t tell her that, now can I? As I was about to say something, screams and shrieks reached my ears from the sports ground below.

I turned back, only see tens of students dashing away in a panic.


“Eh? What’s going on? Why are they…”

“Probably, the terrorist organization is trying to reduce the number of hostages. So they released all the students they didn’t need.”

“Th-Then we should also go!”


Instantly after finishing her words, Kamaishi rushed to the roof door, however, I urged her to wait.


“I wouldn’t recommend you to go now.”

“Eh? Why?”

“What do you think would happen if you encountered someone from the organization on your way?”


They’d probably take her to the gym’s warehouse and settle some particular matters together.


“Y-You got a point there…”

“Then it’s safer to wait here instead of going down.”

“T-That’s right…”


Kamaishi uttered as she walked back close to the bench. Nevertheless, What am I supposed to do now? I can’t sleep since Kamaishi is with me, and waiting just like this is too boring. As I started considering what to do, I remembered a certain person. I guess I will call him for now. I took out my phone and made a call.


“Kamiya-kun, who are you calling?”

“An acquaintance of mine.”


Right after saying that, someone answered the phone call with a grim voice.



“Sup, old man. You’re free now?”

“What, it’s just you…sorry but I’m currently busy. I don’t have any time to spend taking care of you. Rather, you should be in school now.”

“I’m calling you because of that. Actually, those terrorists in the morning news invaded the school.”

“What!!! Are you serious?!!!”


The old man screamed with an extremely high pitched voice. Now my ear hurts. Kamaishi seemed taken back as well, as you could hear him even from a short ways out.


“You’re annoying, old man!”

“Ah… Aa, sorry about that. I was a bit surprised. But still, is that true? Because just now, I was having some troubles figuring what to do about them. Since the moment we had information stating that the terrorist organization penetrated this region, I’ve been having a busy time here.”

“Is that so. In that case, are you coming here?”

“Yeah, wait for me, I’m on my way. Your high school was Kannami high if I’m correct. I will call you back soon.”


Just like that, the old man hung up. With that being done, I think I’m good.


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“Kamiya-kun, who was that person?”

“An acquaintance; a detective.”

“Detective!? You have a detective as an acquaintance?”

“Well, lots of things happened in the past.”


The person I was talking with through phone is Ijida Tetsuji. Alias, old man. He offered me a great assistance at the time of the class teleportation case. Although his face is grim looking, and his voice raspy, he was not someone bad.


“Now that we’ve called the cops, let’s stay here and observe the situation.”



Kamaishi agreed to my suggestion and decided to wait for the cops with me. Meanwhile, I got curious about the situation inside the school ground, so I used 【Space Magic】to check on it. Just like what its name says, 【Space Magic】 is a skill that lets me manipulate space. If I succeed at controlling the space, then finding out anything inside it will become easy. Activating【Space Magic】, the figures of the frightened students and a group armed with guns reflected in my head.


« Third Person Point of View »

Inside one of the classrooms attacked by the terrorist organization, dozens of students were driven to the wall by three armed people wearing all black and a skull mask covering their faces.

One of them had a huge built, the other one was thin, while the last was fainted on the floor.


“Aah, I’m tired. How long are we going to keep like this?”

“Stop nagging already. We’re going to be occupying this ground until we secure a helicopter. They’re trying to negotiate now. So until then, keep quiet!”

“But…just waiting like this is way too boring. Maybe we can play with the kids since we’re already at it.”


Saying that, the man with a huge build’s gaze shifted towards the students. As he glanced at them, their faces going pale could be seen.


“Don’t do that. The boss told us not to touch them, or else do you want to end up like our friend here?”


The one on the floor had fired his gun without permission, injuring a student in the shoulder. He was beaten half to death by the boss and left collapsed on the ground.


“Uh…I wouldn’t do something like that, I know better.”

“That’s good then.”


Just when the slender man finished his words, siren sounds reached the classroom from outside.


“They’re here.”



As the two men were muttering, another terrorist entered the classroom. He called out. He was wearing a different skull mask and clearly seeming to be higher in position than the rest.


“Boss, the cops had arrived.”

“I can see that. Most likely the escaped students called them. We’re going to enter the negotiation phase now.”

“Hey boss, if we’re done negotiating, can I murder some of the cops? I can’t stand the boredom.”

“Be patient. Don’t attack an officer without a valid reason. All that we’re gonna do is securing a helicopter.”


The boss turned to gaze outside the window. The entire place was surrounded by patrol cars.


“Hm, I’m excited to see how long the Japanese police will hold.”


A suspicious grin reached his face and he then turned back to walk back.


“You guys stay and keep watching here.”


“Seriously, I want to walk around too.”


The slender man vigorously replied to the boss’ order while the man with a strong build answered with an unsatisfied tone.


“Don’t worry. Once we get our helicopter, you can shoot our chasers as much as you want.”


Leaving those words behind, the boss left.

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