Chapter 61: Suppression

Somewhere in the inner regions of Kunlun mountain range.

A group of people was moving forward cautiously, hiding their auras to avoid monsters. Only without any alternative would they kill. They would hastily leave and continue on after killing.

“Following the markings on the map, we should be reaching soon.”

A man took out an old and ragged map. After comparing the terrains shown by the map and what was in front of them, he contemplated for a moment before saying.

“Changfeng, are you sure? Kunlun mountain range is too big, just a tiny bit of error would be a big difference.”

Again, Changfeng looked at his surroundings, and replied firmly, “Brother Lin, I’m sure that there’s no error.”

“Good, everyone rests now and recuperate. Let’s strive to kill that Undead Millenary King in one try.” Lin Yan shouted before leaning against a rock, taking out a Yang Shen Dan, consuming it, and closing his eyes to recuperate.

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The team was made up of five people, other than Changfeng and the leader Lin Yan, there was also Fang Kui, Xue Dingshan, and the girl Yi Qianhan. Expressionless, her body emitted out a feeling of coldness, and she had not spoken a word along the way.

However, her is extremely beautiful. Her skin is fair, like a piece of thousand year ice, making people unable to get close.

Changfeng kept the map and consumed a Yang Shen Dan. He then looked at Lin Yan said, “I heard that Yang Han had also taken this mission, and also brought Sun Pillar’s maiden with him, this time……”

Lin Fen opened his eyes and said, “Anyone can do Tianji sect’s mission, no need to think so much, whoever finishes it first will get the credit.”

“True, but I’m afraid that Yang Han might do something. Afterall, he is well-known for being a sinister person. Have you forgotten how he set you up, causing you to lose your qualifications to become an inner disciple, such a person cannot be taken lightly of.” Changfeng looked around and warned the others.

During the inner disciple competition, if not for Yang Han’s trap, Lin Yan would have long become an inner disciple. As Lin Yan’s brother, Changfeng felt that it was unfair.

Only after a while later did Lin Fan found out that he was set up, but it was too late. He had lost his qualifications to be an inner disciple, resulting in continuous suppression from Yang Han.

Moreover, Yang Han had joined the Violent Sky Faction not long after being an inner disciple. Violent Sky Faction power in Tianji sect is strong and solid, forcing him to a dead end. He did not have a choice but to enter deep into Kunlun mountain range to kill the Undead Millenary King, wanting to gain some merits to exchange for the qualifications to try and become an inner disciple again.

Undead Millenary King was formed from the blood of an ancient demonic king and had been cultivating for thousand of years. It had very great might. Among them, only Lin Fan was a rank one spirit refining cultivator, all the others are in the spirit gathering realm. Entering Kunlun mountain range, only one in ten people will survive. Also, wanting to kill a Undead Millenary King, Changfeng was unsure whether it would be possible.

However, they did not have a choice too. They could not take any simple missions, and could only choose ones which had high risk. They did not expect Yang Han would also take this mission.

This was forcing them to continue onwards to their death ah.

Lin Yan’s gaze was firm, looking at the three, his heart was full of gratefulness. Ever since Yang Han became an inner disciple, their life in Tianji sect became harder, but still, the four of them never left him.

He felt that he owed them greatly. To allow them to get out from their predicament, he could only choose a mission with high risk.

As for Yang Han, he hated him to his bones. However, his cultivation now is not equal to his, wanting to seek revenge would be extremely hard, and there was also a powerful backing behind him, Violent Sky faction.

After a short break, he stood up and said, “Let’s go.”

Continuing onwards, the four others followed closely……


Qin Tian was in no hurry; keeping a distance of one kilometer away from Yang Han, he followed quietly behind the group to uncover their purpose for coming into Kunlun Mountain Range.

A small five man team, with strength not weak, and coupled with a spirit refining Yang Han. Qin Tian could not quite figure out their motive; judging by their strength, they might be a little weak to kill a rank five monster. And seeing their expression and the direction they’re heading to, it did not seem like they were here to randomly hunt monsters but instead rushing to a destination.

Qin Tian was very familiar with the area they were in, but there didn’t seem to be any special places they could head to.

Except for that ruined area.


Qin Tian was startled and his mind went deep in thought. He had gone to the ruins no less than ten times; other than the occasional breeze, there was nothing to see there… unless there was something buried underneath those ruins?

As he thought, he could hear the deep beats of his heart. Everything was clear. “They must be heading towards the ruins.”

The ruins were like a formation and would release chilly gas from time to time. However, the formation seemed to have shown some signs of loosening; as if something could break out from beneath anytime soon. There’s definitely something hidden underneath the ruins.

With that, Qin Tian increased his speed and dashed in the direction of the ruins while keeping his presence hidden.

Qin Tian was right in his prediction; Yang Han, Nanguan Yan and company, were indeed heading in the direction of the ruins.

But when they arrived, Lin Yan’s group of five were one step ahead of them and were already trying to look for an entry.

Yang Han sneered and walked up towards them. Carrying a sense of disdain, he spoke, “Brother Lin, why are you here? Even a rank one spirit refining cultivator like you would want to kill the Undead Millenary King? For your safety, I’d advise you to head back quickly; or you might die.”

The word ‘die’ was emphasized heavily; holding a strong murderous intent.

As for Lin Yan, he understood Yang Han very well. The first thing he did when he became an inner disciple was to suppress Lin Yan, preventing them from developing. The reason for him to join the most powerful group, the Violent Sky faction, was also to suppress Lin Yan.

Because of that, for these few years, they were suppressed to a point where they were extremely desperate.

The task this time around, their purpose was once again to prevent the Lin Yan group from obtaining any merit points.

Lin Yan’s face furrowed, but before he could say anything, An attendant Ah San stepped up from beside Nanguan Yan and shouted furiously, “The despicable lot of you, quickly greet the young Pillar maiden!”

Feeling satisfied, Nangong Yan smiled at Ah San. She was pleased with herself for not killing him; otherwise, who would do her the service?

Lin Yan and his group bowed, all except for Yi Qianhan.

“Have you not heard of the Sun Pillar’s maiden?” Ah San pointed at Yi Qianhan and scolded.

“Enough.” Yang Han laughed sinisterly. Skimming gently at Yi Qianhan, he returned his gaze at Lin Yan. “What are you guys standing around here for? Not leaving?”

“Say… the man with the surname Yang, don’t you think you’re going overboard?” Changfeng shouted before clenching his teeth and glared at Yang Han. To even carry the risk and entered Kunlun Mountain Range to carry out the task, Yang Han was really putting in all his effort into forcing them into a corner.

“You are not qualified to even speak to me…”

With that, his fan opened, releasing a murderous killing intent; so vigorous that it instantly shot out from his body and instantly aimed straight at Changfeng.


At this moment, Lin Yan frowned. The broadsword behind his back flew up into the air and formed an enormous heavenly gold broadsword. Using both his hands to control, he struck it down onto the ground to counter the aura.

“Hōnglóng lóng……”

The impact caused Lin Yan to be blown back a little. As fresh blood dribbled down his mouth, he glared at Yang Han in disbelief. Deep down, he was extremely shocked, “Did he break through again?”

“Hēihēi……” Yang Han sneered. “Didn’t expect that right? Haha…I’m already a rank five spirit refining cultivator. A rank one spirit refining cultivator like you will never be able to defeat me.”

“Now that you know, scram! Otherwise, don’t blame me for killing the lot of you.”

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