Chapter 62: Undead Millenary King

The fight has begun.

Qin Tian was hiding behind a pile of rubble and was watching closely at Yang Han and the others. Mao Mao laid down beside him and its blood red eyes kept moving about as if it was on guard yet very excited.

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The two groups of people seemed to have come for the same goal.

There must be a lot of animosity between them as they were already fighting only after exchanging a few words. This showed that their hatred for one another was as deep as the sea. Looking at Yang Han attacking, he thought, “A rank five spirit refining cultivator, really powerful. Just a casual attack seemed to be able to move the heavens.”

“Fight, fight more, it would be best if all dies.”

Qin Tian gloated at the other’s misfortune and did not intend to expose himself. He was hiding in the shadows, waiting to see what would happen next.

“I’ll repeat again, roll away from here if you’re sensible, or else…… “ Yang Han said with a cold sneer, “Or else, don’t blame Laozi for killing you all one by one……”

Just as he said it, he shook his fan. His white robe suddenly rose, and a dense killing intent could be felt.

The people there were startled.

Tianji sect’s disciples were not allowed to kill one another. If such a thing happened privately and was known by the law enforcement hall, it would be hard for that person to be able to escape his punishment no matter who he is.

This was also the reason as to why Yang Han did not dare to kill them for many years.

However, this is Kunlun mountain range, where monsters run amuck. It is a place of extreme danger, and the death of a few people is normal. But, he was also unable to guarantee that his people would not betray him, especially Nanguan Yan.

Otherwise, he would have already laid his hands on Lin Yan and the others.

Lin Yan obviously knew about Tianji sect’s laws. From the feeling Yang Han emitted, he knew that he would really do so, and had to become even more cautious.

Not waiting for Lin Yan to speak, Changfeng snapped, “If you have guts, do it! Laozi had never been afraid of you, so what if you’re in Violent Sky faction and is an inner disciple? I don’t believe you all can cover the sky with one hand.”

[TLN: cover the sky with one hand—hide the truth from the masses]

“Kill us! I don’t believe you all will be able to escape from the law enforcement hall’s punishment.”

Fang Kui and Xue Dingshan started to gather Qigong into their weapons. If Yang Han attack, they would use all of their might to fight. Even if it meant death, they would fight till either the fish dies or the net splits.

The two of them looked around, suddenly realizing that Yi Qianhan was missing.



The ground trembled and suddenly, blood mist emerged from the cracks. A gush of the smell of corpse dispersed into the air, following soon after was the ground bulging out and compressing. Under the ground seemed to have power continuously surging out, as if there was something inside that was trying to break free of something.

“Not good.”

“Who touched the formation?” Yang Han shouted, and immediately retreated ten feet. He held his breath and glared at the crack.

“Qianhan, Qianhan……”

Lin Yan shouted in anxiety. He could see that the power of the formation diminishing, the repressed Undead Millenary King would appear at any moment. For him to have lost sight of Yi Qianhan at such a point in time, as the team’s leader, he felt anxious.

A red light flashed in the formation, with a sweep, everything was seen clearly. It raised its head slightly and looked at Qin Tian who was hiding in the shadows. In its eyes were an immense killing intent.

A while ago, she wanted to break the formation while no one was taking notice of her, get the Undead Millenary King out, and escape. She had not expected that a root would appear underneath her foot, immobilizing her, blood red mist spun around her legs. Her face revealed a trace of anxiety.

“This blood red mist seems odd.”

Qin Tian cautiously took a few steps back as he observed the struggling Yi Qianhan. “Looks like there is a powerful monster hidden beneath; got to be careful.”

Mao Mao’s whole body was trembling and it hid behind Qin Tian, afraid to look in the direction of the formation.


Yi Qinhan’s face was pale. The veins in her body were pulsing as her blood flowed to her legs, and at the sole of her feet, she constantly experienced bursts of pain. Looking at Qin Tian, she without a choice placed her icy arrogance down and called for help.

The blood red mist continued to expand. By now, the whole ruins were covered with blood red fog; there was simply no way to observe what was happening within the mist. Other than a strong power that was constantly getting stronger, the hostility emitted out from within the mist was extremely frightening.

“To save, or not save?”

Through his predatory aura, he could clearly sense the change in Yi Qianhan’s blood flow. He could also now conclude that both of Yi Qianhan’s feet were hauled tightly by the monster and was drawing out the fresh blood from within her.

“I’m not even familiar with her, so why save her?”

Just when Qin Tian was about to leave, he was stopped by Mao Mao that was biting his trousers and making whining noises. As for its intention, Qin Tian naturally understood.

It wanted him to save that girl.

“I can’t even protect myself against that but you want me to go save her? If you have the ability, go and save her…”

His predatory aura was not able to sense the monster beneath, which showed that the monster was so strong to a point where it could even resist being identified. For a rank four spirit gathering cultivator like him, how would he save her?

Safety is of importance.

Mao Mao glared at Qin Tian fiercely. As if out of its mind, it rushed out…

Scared till shivering just then, now fearless and bold. Was it because it lusted for such a beautiful girl and thus wanted to save a damsel in distress; or was it because it felt sympathy for her? Qin Tian was puzzled.

“Rubbish! For a low-level monster like you, what use is there to show sympathy?”

“Darn it. One day you’ll really be the death of me.”

Qin Tian clenched his teeth and took a step out. With his predatory aura, he easily maneuvered until he arrived right beside Yi Qianhan. At this time, Mao Mao had already jumped into his arms to hide; deep down, Qin Tian severely scolded it.

This kind of courage is not one of a hero, but a black bear.

Activating his Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture, the soft roars of the Ancient Dragon could be heard; and the presence of the Ancient Colossus Elephant suppressed the monster beneath. With a long series of dragon roars and the stomp of the colossus elephant, most of the blood red mist was lifted.

Circulating his Qigong in both his hands, he utilized the power of the dragon and elephant and sent a palm beneath Yi Qianhan’s feet. The power of the dragon and elephant penetrated through the ground and the root condensed from the red mist that wrapped around Yi Qianhan’s feet disappeared. In that instant, Qin Tian picked her up and fled as quickly as he could.


When Qin Tian sent his palm down to save Yi Qianhan from the root, it also destroyed the eye of the formation. With the eye destroyed, the formation vanished and the Undead Millenary King broke through from beneath the ground…

A loud howl and the blood red mist that enveloped the entire ruins was quickly absorbed into the body of the Undead Millenary King.

Instantly, the Undead Millenary King began to flash with dark red light; its body was filled with an explosive amount of strength.

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Once Qin Tian fled a few hundred meters away, he looked back and uttered, “Darn it! Just as I thought; a boss!”

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