Chapter 63: The Charm’s Power

Other than Qin Xiangtian and Qin Kuang, the two human BOSSes, it was the first time Qin Tian met a BOSS monster. He was filled with excitement and looked forward to getting a big hurl.

Thinking about it, he swallowed his saliva and revealed a hint of greed on his face.

Above the Undead Millenary King was a long hp bar, with a golden light shining beneath its feet which seemed extremely enticing.

Is there a reason as to not kill a BOSS when one sees it?

He would not be able to deal with Qin Xiangtian and Qin Kuang as he did not have enough strength. Wanting to kill them would undoubtedly be courting death. Therefore, he went into Kunlun Mountain range to train. Also, since he had shown his strength in Qinhe city, continuing to stay there would only lead to a disaster.

If he wants to kill Qin Xiangtian and the others, he needs enough strength, or it would be difficult.

Qin Tian only had one goal when he entered Kunlun Mountain range to level up – to kill Qin Xiangtian and Qin Kuang.

He put down Yi Qianhan and sneakily creep back and hid at a corner. Staring at the Undead Millenary King, he revealed his excitement.

The Undead Millenary King exhaled a breath of red gas, with both its eyes looking at the surroundings. It gently turned its head, and a ‘kacha’ sound could be heard. It then revealed a dark smile like a devil.

“Huhaha……Laozi is out……huhaha……”

The Undead Millenary King was elated and started laughing out loud.

It was created from a drop of an ancient demonic king, after many years of cultivation, it had finally managed to take a human form. Just when it wanted to start a killing spree, it was coincidentally found out by a cultivator, which used an extremely powerful formation which had repressed it for a thousand years.

As the years went by, the formation started to lose its power, allowing his conscious to become awake. It had actually wanted to cultivate further and break out of the formation, but unfortunately, that cultivator had used a supreme formation to repress it, making it unable to do so. Today, if not for Yi Qianhan and that weakened formation, it would not have easily broken out from it.

It’s thousand years accumulated anger had now been released. Its body gave out an extremely dense feeling of brutality and ferociousness, making Qin Tian who was many hundred of meters away to feel that it was something from hell.


With a shout, a golden sword condensed from Qigong slashed down.

After giving a blow, his stance changed, and he increased his speed. His fist resembled a hammer and struck down, giving the Undead Millenary King a heavy blow……

“Haha……foolish humans, did you all not know that the bodies of us demons are extremely durable? Haha……”

The Undead Millenary King had resisted those two attacks. Qin Tian observed, its hp bar seemed to have not even moved. He thought, “Seems like normal attacks would not have much of an effect.”

Attacking continuously twice, the Undead Millenary King had not even received much of a damage. Lin Yan was startled and immediately retreated. Shortly after, Fang Kui, Xue Dingshan, and Changfeng moved to block its attack.

“Senior brother, are we not going up?”

“We are, but, hehe……” Yang Han coldly smiled and continued, “Let’s wait till they’re all dead first.”

Would the Undead Millenary King be so easy to be dealt with?

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With one look, Yang Han could see that the Undead Millenary King was a deserted member of the demon race. However, though he was deserted, he still had a demonic body, an extremely powerful body. It would be hard to damage it with normal attacks.

Lin Yan had, of course, knew it from the start. The first two attacks were only a test. After obtaining the results, he immediately changed the way he attacked.

“Fang Kui, Dingshan, stall him, Changfeng, ready the charm.” Lin Fan gave out instructions quickly, and the three of them moved according to what he said. Fang Kui, Xue Dingshan, both rushed towards it.

Changfeng took out a charm and golden light was radiating around it.

A golden light that could repress the evil.

The Undead Millenary King’s face changed, he could feel danger. He turned his head and looked at Changfeng. Growling, blood orbs started to shoot out from his body non-stop. On his face showed intense anger, “Explosive blood ability……”

“Hē!”. The blood orbs that were released suddenly exploded.

“Back out…”

Lin Yan shouted. Protecting in front of Changfeng, his eyes burnt with anger.

“Hōnglóng lóng……”

The sounds of the explosions were like thunder, and once the blood orbs exploded, the ruins were once again covered in blood-red mists. Like the water cycle, the mist immediately began to condense into a blood red orb. Little by little, the orb became larger and was finally absorbed back into the Undead Millenary King’s body.

A blood demon, where blood is its only source of strength.

Fang Kui’s chest was blasted open, and the shock wave caused Xue Dingshan to suffer major internal injuries. Lin Yan’s face turned pale and he stared lifelessly at the undead king.

“Foolish humans who dare to provoke the demon race. Thou shalt be sent to hell.”

The undead king was furious. Rushing towards them like a large scale explosive, it was coming at them with speed.

Its whole body was blood red, and both its eyes were dark red. Blood red mist was condensed around both its fist as it went in for a punch…

“Eat this!”

Changfeng, who was behind Lin Yan, leaped out and activated the golden charm. Before the Undead Millenary King could land its punches, the charm spun and pasted itself onto the demon as Changfeng shouted.

“Hōnglóng lóng……”

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Golden light shot out in all four directions as the fiery sparks flew. The charm to repress the power of evil released a powerful energy, swallowing a large portion of the blood Qi on the demon’s body.

At this moment, Qin Tian was amazed. The power of a charm truly is powerful; just one was enough to deplete half of the undead king’s blood. In his heart, he thought, “Seems like one of these days I should probably come up with a few charms to play with…”

“Ah, ah, ah……”

The undead king wailed in pain. Protecting its inner Dan, it went all out to resist the power of the charm.

“To think they’ve actually brought an anti-demon charm.” Yang Han snickered. Waving the fan in his hand, he quietly released his Qigong before spiking it up drastically. At the same time, his lot beside him gathered up strength and activated their Qigong.

“Changfeng, ready another anti-demon charm!” Lin Yan urgently signaled.

Now was a good opportunity to strike the Undead Millenary King. As long as another anti-demon charm was pasted onto its body and swallow the rest of its blood, it would be nothing but a moving husk.

Changfeng dug into his spatial ring and both his eyes suddenly turned dull. Anxious, he responded, “the other anti-demon charm is with Qianhan!”

At that time when they put in all their credit points together to exchange for two anti-demon charms, for assurance sake, one was given to Changfeng to safekeep and the other was given to Yi Qianhan.

But as of now, Yi Qianhan was nowhere to be seen.

Anxious, Lin Yan shouted, “Everyone, attack!”

But before he could launch an attack, a white figure swayed his fan and he appeared directly in front of the undead king before jabbing his two fingers which were condensed with a powerful amount of Qigong, into the undead king’s chest…

“Not good! He wants to snatch the inner Dan away!”

Changfeng shouted. Without much thought, he condensed his Qigong around his hand and launched himself at Yang Han and the undead king.

Yang Han truly wanted to dig out the inner Dan from within the undead king’s body. A dan cultivated for thousands of years is a treasure. By using the dan to cultivate, one can step into the Ascension in merely just a few years. When that time comes, becoming ranked together with the fifty other strongest inner sect disciple would not be impossible.

“Inner Dan?”

“What’s an inner Dan?”

Qin Tian started to ponder. Although the Undead Millenary King’s health points continued to decrease, he was not in a hurry. His intuition told him that the Undead Millenary King could not be so weak. That thousand years of fury suppressed within that body had not yet been vented; and with so many people coming after its inner Dan which it had cultivated for thousands of years, the fuel for the fury was added.

With that, he stealthily returned. Looking at the fainted Yi Qianhan, he revealed an innocent look and said, “Sorry, there is absolutely no frivolous meaning to this.”

Looking at her curves, his heart throbbed as he extended his hand into her bosom and feeling the two twin peaks…

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