Chapter 64: Blood Demon’s War Armor

Qin Tian touched around the twin peaks, making him feel a little embarrassed. The most dreadful thing was that Yi Qianhan’s body actually reacted to it, her face had oddly become red. Looking at it, his heart beat faster.

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After searching for a while, Qin Tian had finally managed to feel a paper like item. He was a little reluctant to part with them but withdrew in the end. A trace of fragrance still lingered on his hand.

Taking back his lustful thoughts, he looked at what was in his hand. Sure enough, it was the charm.

Qin Tian gave his last look at Yi Qianhan’s stunning appearance before carefully arranging her clothes back.

“A rank five spirit refining cultivator wanting to take my inner Dan, too overconfident.”

The Undead Millenary King snorted. The dark red light that was swirling around both its hands suddenly expanded. It punched towards Yang Han’s chest.

Yang Han had not expected it and suffered a heavy blow. His chest was burned and his face turned pale. The white robe slowly turned black, upon ripping it apart, one could see a black print on his chest. The black poison spread unceasingly.

Corpse poison!

Yang Han shuddered. Taking out a bottle of pill immediately, he consumed them.

Taking in the Dan, the corpse poison slowly became under control, but it was not detoxified. To detoxify the poison, he would need the undead king’s inner dan. The inner dan of members of the demonic clan can detoxify hundreds of poison. Not to mention a little corpse poison, even ancient or strange poisons are nothing.

“Attack together.”

Yang Han shouted angrily, and the other two moved to surround it. Nanguan Yan hesitated for a while before joining up.

Lin Yan and his group, seeing Yang Han’s group surrounding it, gave one another a wink and retreated.


Yang Han cursed. Shaking his fan, he circulated the Qigong in his body and condensed them into a weapon. A white sword appeared in his left hand and he took off, the blood mist in the air split apart.

“Weapon condensing?”

The Undead Millenary King said coldly, and the wound on his chest which was pierced half a meter by Yang Han started closing. Both its eyes locked onto him and its blood Qi around it suddenly increased considerably.

“Blood Demon’s War Armor……”

The blood Qi gathered and a blood red armor suddenly appeared on its body. The armor emitted out red light and was extremely hard. As a chestguard had appeared, it would not be possible to dig out its inner dan unless it was killed.

The Undead Millenary King was created from a drop of an ancient demonic king. Though it was repressed for a thousand years, it had also trained for a thousand years. The Blood Demon’s War Armor was something cultivated from the blood arts and condensed out. A high-grade armor, normal weapons would not be able to damage it.

Seeing the Blood Demon’s War Armor, Yang Han’s face turned green.

Never had he expect that it could condense out such an armor. Now, unless he had cultivated holy abilities, or had another one of that charm, he would not be the undead king’s opponent.


The sword condensed out of Qigong shot out, as he rushed back hurriedly……

Nanguan Yan, seeing that Yang Han’s face was not quite right, immediately retreated. Ah San immediately retreated after seeing that too. Only the other two who reacted a bit slower were left. Though only by a bit, their lives were lost.

The Undead Millenary King arm guard resisted the sword attack. As the sword hit his armor, the sound of the clashing of metals could be heard. The sword dissipated, leaving only a shallow cut on it.

That high-grade armor was too strong!

Resisting the sword strike, the Undead Millenary King became thoroughly angered. A red light flashed, and the two companions who were slow to react were caught. With a punch, blood splattered into the air.

Smelling fresh blood, its body started to become hotter. It greedily sucked up the blood before disappearing and reappearing beside the other slow companion, sucking dry their blood.

Two dried corpses!

“Big Brother Lin, what do we do now?”

On one side, Changfeng was anxious; the might of the Undead Millenary King was beyond their expectation. Without another charm, the undead king was not a being they can defeat.

Lin Yan contemplated for a moment and finally shouted, “Find Qianhan; we’ll retreat!”

As the team leader, the lives of his members are of importance. If their lives were lost, all hope will, in turn, be lost.

For them, the Undead Millenary King was already in a stage where killing him was impossible. The only way now was to retreat, but not without Qianhan. Anxious, Lin Yan immediately went around the Undead Millenary King to the opposite side in search of Qianhan.

Once they had found Yi Qianhan, they would immediately retreat to safety.

Cornered for so many years, his members did not leave him; although he would like to kill the Undead Millenary King and dig out its inner Dan in exchange for merit points, but at the lives of his members was not something he was willing to risk.

Fang Kui, Xue Dingshan, Changfeng headed for a different direction in search for their lost member…

“Rubbish! Why retreat? The least you guys could do was punch it a few times!”

Qin Tian, who was hiding in the darkness, thought in disdain. After reducing the undead king’s health points to half, they decided to abandon the fight and flee. What should the old oriole do then?

“If you guys aren’t going to hit it, I will.”

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Eyeing the Undead Millenary King’s War Armor, Qin Tian’s eyes glistened with greed. Defeated monsters would drop loots and this is the way it should be. From his previous experience when he defeated the Violent Gorilla, which was not a boss, it enlightened him with a divine ability; but now, the monster in front of him was an actual boss so dropping something better than the Gorilla should be the way to go.

At this moment, his Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture was activated, together with Berserk; and his core began its operation.

Qin Tian used almost all his strength. Bursting with strength, his Qigong peaked. A strong presence built up among the darkness, and with the addition of his Draconic ability that could suppress demons, it attracted the attention of the Undead Millenary King. Feeling such a strong presence, it flashed a trace of panic; a panic that lasted only for a split second.

“A rank four spirit gathering cultivator. How dare an ant challenge a mighty demon!”

The Undead Millenary King turned and locked its eyes onto Qin Tian. In its hand, a blood orb was condensed and twirled above its palm. The blood orb continued to gain in size until finally, it formed into a blood spear. A blood spear condensed from blood; both sharp and powerful.

Qin Tian sneered before leaping towards it out of a sudden…



Beneath the nine heavens, the azure dragon roared; and on the earth, the colossus elephant stomped. One that can suppress the power of evil; the Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture’s might overwhelmed the power of evil.

The might of the dragon and elephant were powerful, unparalleled amidst the chaos. As the core within his Dantian continued to replenish his Qigong value, Qin Tian at this point was like an avatar; possessed by a death god. At this moment, Qin Tian’s power was beyond imagination.

The Undead Millenary King’s expression took a toll. The pressure of the Virtuous Draconic Force acting on it felt extremely uncomfortable. Boiling with anger, its blood churned and he shouted furiously at the sky; the blood spear produced millions of black spear replicas and aimed them in the direction of Qin Tian.

“Hōnglóng lóng……”

The heaven-splitting sounds could be heard and the surroundings were turned into a mess. The scene was extremely disastrous.

Qin Tian was wounded severely below his chest. After the exchange did Qin Tian realize the might of the Undead Millenary King. If not for the dragon and elephant within him, his body would have been blown to bits.

The Undead Millenary King, however, became a little more vulnerable; pieces of his Blood Demon’s War Armor began to fall and the breastplate showed several cracks from the impact.

Anger; madness; brutality; using them as a fuel to its power, it was about to go all out!

However, Qin Tian exposed a faint smile; a smile filled with satisfaction.

All of a sudden, he shouted, “Activate!”

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