Chapter 65: Boss’s Huge Rewards


A golden light shot out and devoured the demonic power continuously.

Seeing the hp bar of the Undead Millenary King decreased unceasingly, Qin Tian was delighted.

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Just now, he had used all his strength with a motive of breaking the Undead Millenary King’s high-grade spirit armor – Blood Demon’s War Armor and stuck the charm onto its back. Once the armor broke, the Undead Millenary King would no longer have any armor to protect its body, and the power of the charm would be able to devour the demonic power of his.

Without the power, the Undead Millenary King would be like a wingless bird, unable to last long.

The charm exploded, and the blood Qi cultivated from its demonic powers decreased rapidly. Dried! Without the support of the blood Qi, its Blood Demon’s War armor became faint, till it finally disappeared.

Flesh was constantly falling off and turning black. Green smoke emerged.


The Undead Millenary King cried, wanting to grab the charm that was devouring its powers, but it was something created by an extremely powerful cultivator meant to restrain demonic powers. Against the Undead Millenary King, its strength multiplied, and even with his thousand years of cultivation, it still could not withstand it.

Every charm contained a hint of powers of its creator, and the anti-demon charm was created by a very powerful person. Against demons, it’s strength was extraordinary.


Qin Tian revealed a smile. Seeing the Undead Millenary King’s last bit of Hp, he once again circulated the Virtuous Draconic Force and rushed forward. His punch struck through its chest. Pulling it out……

He grabbed a black colored pearl and spirit energy was revolving around it. Looking at it, he thought about the inner dan they had said. With it in his hands, he retreated.

“Congratulations, player ‘Qin Tian’ has killed the Undead Millenary King. Experience+50000, Qigong+10000, survival value+500……”

“Congratulations for getting a set of ‘Blood Demon’s War Armor’……”

“Congratulations for getting the book – ‘Ways of the Blood Demon’……”

“Congratulations for getting a drop of the Demon King’s blood……”


Qin Tian almost jumped up and screamed with joy. In his mind, “BOSS, what’s a BOSS? Huge rewards are what make it a BOSS, Undead brother, love you! Haha……”

Not waiting for Qin Tian to check his stats, a cold murderous attack headed towards him.

Qin Tian withdrew quickly, standing on a pile of rubble, he became cautious.

The Undead Millenary King was not scary at all, what’s scary is a human’s heart. A human’s heart is unpredictable!

Yang Han, with Nangong Yan and Ah San, stared coldly at Qin Tian. They emitted out dense killing intent. On the other side, Lin Yan was glaring at Qin Tian with hatred.

“What have you done to Qianhan? Why did the anti-demon charm appear in your hands, tell me……”

A spirit refining’s pressure was extraordinary. An immense pressure pressured him, and Qin Tian thought with displeasure, “Laozi hates people using their aura to pressure him.”

Qin Tian snorted and his Qigong was released, resisting Lin Yan’s pressure. At this moment, Yang Han suddenly rushed forward, his hand formed a claw, wanting to grab Qin Tian’s neck.

One was pressuring him, and the other was attacking him.

Two spirit refining cultivators attacking him together made him thoroughly enraged. “Berserk!”

Lin Yan, seeing that Yang Han was going to sneak attack Qin Tian, retrieved his aura and moved back.

Qin Tian looked at Yang Han coldly, against a rank five spirit refining realm cultivator, the pressure on him was immense.

The divine ability exploded out, followed up with the Virtuous Draconic Force. Getting into position, he dashed towards Yang Han. The Qigong on his fists appeared to be like streams of air, emitting thick white smoke……

The Qigong on his hands were very thick, like the one formed by a spirit refining cultivator. This made Lin Yan who saw it to be shocked.

“Courting death!”

Yang Han ridiculed him, and numerous needle-like things suddenly appeared on his fan. A dark green light flashed. With a look, Qin Tian could see that poison had been smeared on them.

He changed his posture again, raising his speed to the limits. Just as he was about to attack, he found out that Yang Han had disappeared.

Disparity. The disparity between spirit gathering and spirit refining realm was too big.

Even though his Qigong was thick, and the core inside him replenishes his Qigong continuously, he was only a rank four spirit gathering cultivator. Even with berserk, he was not a rank five spirit refining cultivator’s opponent.

With an unyielding spirit, the Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture circulating in his Dantian accelerated, condensing a formless energy which merged with his body. His predator’s aura was constantly sensing Yang Han’s aura. His face turned increasingly uglier and frowned, with cold sweat dripping down.

He was able to clearly sense Yang Han’s aura, but his speed was too fast, even if he could sense, he was unable to catch up.

Pressure, immense pressure.

In the system, the Blood Demon’s War Armor was hanging in the air, glowing with red light and spinning slowly. Suddenly, Qin Tian felt happiness. Never had he thought that with just a thought, the armor would attach itself to his body, underneath his clothes.

High-grade spirit armor, an armor refined by the Undead Millinery King for thousand of years, had an extremely tough defense. Along with the formless energy by the Virtuous Draconic Force, his confidence came back.

He closed his eyes, relying on his aura to sense the surroundings. The Qigong gathered in his hands surged.

Such a strong aura! It had made many people there shuddered.

Yang Han roared and the needles in his hands flew out. At that moment, an enormous sword condensed from Qigong slashed down……


The collision stirred up the dust on the ground.

Qin Tian hp had minus more than half. “Puchi”, blood spat out of his mouth, and his face turned pale.

Yang Han flew hundreds of feets away. His face was even uglier and was covered with dirt. The corpse poison in his chest acted up again. He was stunned. Never had he expected that a rank four spirit gathering realm cultivator, Qin Tian, would be able to resist his attack, and the aura on his body was still strong. He had never experienced such Qigong, it was like something from another dimension.

Yang Han stood up with flames of anger in his eyes. Staring coldly at Qin Tian, the wound on his chest churned, “Puchi……”

Black blood was spat out, he could feel an acute pain in his chest and his face changed. Immediately, he looked at Nangong Yi and said, “Return to Sky Border City……”

The three of them quickly entered the forest, disappearing.

Yang Han had no choice but to leave now. If he was a bit later, his life would have been lost to the Undead Millenary King.

Kunlun Mountain range was more than ten thousand kilometers away from Tianji sect. At their fastest speed, they would need a few days. Returning back to the Sky Border city was the only way he could live.

Sky Border city, one of Dali Dynasty’s three great cities, and was less than a thousand kilometers away from Kunlun mountain range.

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Yang Hong, Sky Border city’s lord, and Yang Han’s father!

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