Chapter 66: Battle Form

Yang Han had ended up in a sorry state and had to flee in anxiety.

He had underestimated Qin Tian during the fight, if not for him having the Blood Demon’s War Armor, he would have already been lying on the ground.

Qin Tian’s hp value had decreased by half.

This was Qin Tian’s first time experiencing a spirit refining’s strength and oppression, forming an immersed pressure on him. The feeling was truly uncomfortable, like his life was in others’ control, forcing him to walk towards a dead end.

After Yang Han escaped, Qin Tian had made the decision to break through to the spirit refining realm as fast as possible, or else even if the three years time period ended, he would not return to the Qin Clan. Currently, he might not be Qin Xiangtian’s opponent. There was also the spirit refining cultivator Qin Zhantian which was an unknown factor and needed to be guarded against.

“Brother Lin, Qianhan is here……”

Changfeng shouted. Lin Yan trembled; after giving Qin Tian a glance, he ran towards her.

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“Hēngji, hēngji.”

Mao Mao jumped to Qin Tian’s side, a golden light flashed in its eyes. It stared at the Undead Millenary King’s inner dan and revealed a look of greed. It whimpered excitedly like it wanted to say something.

Qin Tian had never seen Mao Mao so excited before. He crouched down and asked, “You want this inner dan?”

Mao Mao nodded its head immediately. It was in great spirit.

Hesitating for a moment, Qin Tian shrugged, “Alright, take it.”

But before he could even speak finish, Mao Mao had already flitted by his hand and swallowed it. It then looked at Qin Tian and grinned……

Startled, Qin Tian reproached the pet, “You’re too impatient.”

He looked at Mao Mao after saying so, hoping that a change would happen like becoming bigger at the very least. However, he was disappointed.

Since even Yang Han wanted to gain this inner dan, one could see how precious this was. Being eaten by Mao Mao, how could there be no changes? Qin Tian was unable to understand. Secretly in pain of wasting an inner dan, and that he could not see its attributes, he could only curse, “You glutton!”

Mao Mao exposed its teeth and grinned, wanting to win Qin Tian’s favor it whimpered unceasingly. Qin Tian simply ignored it. At this point in time, what he cared about would be the Blood Demon’s War Armor properties. In the system’s space, a red light flashed, and it rotated slowly, its properties appeared.

Seeing the words ‘High-grade spirit armor’, Qin Tian was filled with elation. He then looked at the book he had received, only to tremble. He was actually unable to practice it as he did not have enough sin value.

“Damn it, for it to need 500 sin value. I only have around ten, when would I be able to reach it?” Qin Tian grumbled, feeling extremely unhappy. He looked at the last item he received, the Demon King’s blood. What was displayed was actually……

“Uncle system, are you playing with me? Are you saying that I need to visit a master appraiser to see its properties?”

Qin Tian sighed. All of a sudden he had received three items, with two unable to be used. However, looking at the armor, he was still elated. Now, with this high-grade armor protecting him, he would not need to be overly afraid of those rank five monsters.

Just as he was intending to close the system, he suddenly thought about his pet swallowing the inner dan and opened the pet menu. Seeing that Mao Mao’s attributes did not change, he was filled with regret. He should have never given the inner dan to it, but there was no point regretting now since it would not be possible to make it vomit the inner dan out.

When he was about to close the pet menu, something caught his eyes, “Battle form?”

“When had this appeared?”

Without thinking, he opened it.


A roar resounded in the sky, startling the surrounding winged monsters and almost making Qin Tian fall onto the ground. Shocked. “Isn’t this the blood eye lion’s roar?”

He turned, only to see the blood eye lion standing not far away emitting a dreadful aura. Qin Tian immediately broke into a run, the blood eye lion was perfectly the same as the rank six one he had killed. Seeing a rank six monster, how could he not run?

One step was equivalent to ten feets, with a few steps, he had gotten away from the rubbles. Again, he looked behind and saw the blood eye lion staring at him while grinning. Its grinning face was just like Mao Mao’s, a very contemptible look.

Qin Tian was greatly alarmed, thinking that it was Mao Mao, delight filled him. “Mao Mao?”

The huge blood eye lion nodded rapidly, running towards him with a well-behaved look. The ground trembled as if there were thousands of elephants trampling across.

“Now this is a development.”

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Qin Tian felt cool. The Undead Millenary King’s inner dan was too strong, consuming it unlocked its battle form. Suddenly, he thought about something, he looked at Mao Mao’s build. Would it be a pillow with an embroidered case, something pleasant to the eyes but of no use?

Unable to find a monster to experiment, he felt an itch in his heart. However, before his delight ended, Mao Mao’s figure changed, returning to its tiny form.

“What happened?” He opened the system menu and was dumbfounded. The form could only last for a minute, but what’s worst was that it could only change once a day.

“F**k, fraudulent battle form, aren’t you defrauding me again?”

Qin Tian bitterly grumbled. Mao Mao seemed to be able to understand his feeling. It moved to the side, not daring to look at him.


“It’s still better than nothing, an inner dan was wasted just like this.”

Qin Tian did not bother thinking about it any longer. Just as he was about to leave, Lin Yan and his group approached him, making Qin Tian cautious.

“Fellow brother, it was all a misunderstanding just now, please forgive.” Lin Yan cup his fist with the other and apologized sincerely.

Qin Tian laughed, “It’s nothing.”

Suddenly, he felt a spicy hot gaze on him. He gave Yi Qianhan a glimpse and his face started burning. After that, he looked at her two peaks, his heart throbbed faster and his throat became dry. He could feel killing intent directed at him……

Yi Qinhan’s cold gaze seemed to want to kill Qin Tian. Although she had fainted, she was very clear about what was happening in her surroundings. Her bosom was touched by a big hand, and it had even pinched her once in awhile. But of course, she did not dare to say it out. Thinking about it, she felt so embarrassed that she just wanted to find a hole and bury her head inside it.

“Thanks for saving Qianhan, if not for you, we would have been dead at this place. We will be sure to repay this grace.”

Lin Yan once again cupped his fists and thanked Qin Tian, making Qin Tian felt a little apologetic. If not for Yi Qianhan’s anti-demon charm, he would not have been able to kill the undead, let alone getting the three items.

Furthermore, he had also ravaged her.

He had taken the inner dan, making them fail their task. Now, he wanted to give the inner dan to them yet he could not, it wasn’t like he could have Mao Mao killed now right?

Qin Tian smiled awkwardly, “Your task had failed, so won’t you all returning empty handed be a big loss?”

“Yi, 1000 merit points to exchange for two anti-demon charm, along with wasting a month to find this place. Such a big loss, working so hard yet got no return.” Changfeng muttered and shook his head. If this goes on, they would not be able to continue to stay at Tianji sect.

At first, they thought that they would be able to rise after this task, but for the result to be like this!

Qin Tian wanted to help but was unable to, and could only laugh dryly a few times.

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