Chapter 67: Professional Sweeping Group

After chatting for awhile, Qin Tian became much more familiar with Lin Yan and his group. When he heard that they were disciples of Tianji sect, he was shocked as he was not expecting to come in contact with them so soon. As this was different from his original plan, he made some slight changes to it.

The sun set and the sky darkened slowly. The monsters in the forest became restless, letting out cries which would make the hearts of people palpitate in terror. Not long after, they would come out to look for food as the night is their world.

“Brother Qin, let’s separate now, your kindness will be engraved into our hearts.” Lin Yan said and waved to his team, signaling to them that it was time to go.

At first, Qin Tian wanted to let them come to his cave to live for a night but decided not to when he saw that they were in a hurry to leave. Night in Kunlun mountain range is extremely dangerous, he was clear about this more than anyone. To be rushing back at night, the danger would definitely be great.

But of course, Lin Yan and his team were not returning to Tianji sect.

The task to kill the Undead Millenary King had failed, and the loss of two anti-demon charm was too much, returning now would be the same as investing in something and getting no returns.

Kunlun mountain range is a perilous place, yet also a land of treasures. Since trying to kill the Undead King was a gamble, then trying to kill a rank five monster would also be so. Might as well just fight with the risk of death.

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From Lin Yan eye’s, the team was aware of what they were going to do. Therefore as he waved his hand, the others were already prepared.

Qin Tian did not understand the tacit understanding between the team and thought that they were in a rush to return to Tianji sect thus did not try to persuade them to stay. They then went their separate ways.

Before departing, Yi Qianhan gave Qin Tian a cold stare, making him shudder. The gaze was like the deep ocean ice, incomparably cold. He immediately looked away, not daring to make eye contact with her.

He felt that taking advantage of her when she was in peril was not what he should do, but he did not feel that he was in the wrong. He even felt that his conscience was clear. He is a man, and his rationality would be affected by the things happening around. The feeling of her chest was kind of great actually.

Avoiding Yi Qianhan’s gaze, Qin Tian quickly walked the other way, disappearing among the forest……

“Qianhan, had he done anything to you? The way you look at him isn’t right.”

Changfeng was someone with high awareness, the way Yi Qianhan looked at Qin Tian ever since she woke up was weird, and seeing how the look on his face keep changing, he was sure that something had happened.

Yi Qianhan did not reply. She was someone with few words. When Lin Yan commanded, she followed. Her strength in the team was ranked second, rank nine spirit gathering realm, one step away from spirit refining realm.

Yi Qianhan is extremely beautiful, in Tianji sect, she is called an ice cold beauty. However, her actions are very ruthless, she would never spare anyone that treats her flippantly easily. Thus, she gained another name, ‘ruthless cold fairy’.

As for Qin Tian, there was a killing intent in her heart. But knowing that he defeated Yang Han with one strike, the killing intent had faded, and she actually felt a little excited.

Yang Han, a person she wanted to kill even in her dreams.

“Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore. I’ll begin assigning the tasks……”

Lin Yan, seeing that Yi Qianhan did not speak, naturally thought that Qin Tian did not do anything to her, and started assigning the tasks.

Rank five monsters cannot be found anywhere.

Lin Yan and his team wanted to find a rank five monster to kill and get its core so that with it, there would not be any loss. Cores are very important for their current cultivation, therefore Lin Yan wanted to enter deeper into Kunlun mountain range to search……

Lin Yan, Fang Kui and Yi Qianhan were responsible for killing monsters, while Changfeng collects their vital essence and blood, bones, and skin. Xue Dingshan would pick spirit plants.

The five of them split their work clearly. With great teamwork, they were like the autumn wind sweeping away the leaves, doing things with great speed.

Wherever they go, everything that could be sold for money or used were taken, not even a spirit grass saplings were spared. One could see how bitter their days in Tianji sect was.

No matter what, Tianji sect is a giant in the cultivation world. To be able to get the qualifications to enter as a disciple is an enormous honor. However, none of them were in such dire situation as them, needing to kill low-rank monsters to make ends meet.

‘Poverty stricken’, these two words were not enough to explain their dire situation.

Still, there was a smile on their faces. Brotherhood is more important than anything else.

Night, dense clouds in the sky.

The sky was dark, and the feeling in the air was depressing. There would be a heavy downpour coming soon.

Qin Tian leaned against the mouth of the cave and thought back about Yang Han’s overbearing attack. His mind shuddered. The strength behind that attack made him fear, making him thoroughly understand the gap between spirit gathering and spirit refining realm. It was like a huge gorge.

Pressure, extremely great pressure.

Two years ago, Qin Xiangtian was a rank nine spirit gathering cultivator, after a few years, would he have broken through?

At that time, how would the old fox Qin Zhantian react? Would he still stand on my side?

Since the beginning, Qin Tian had never thought about such things, only that he would kill them three years later. But now he felt that he had underestimated their might. Against a spirit refining cultivator, he was uncertain about whether he could deal with them.

Today, he had offended Yang Han, his future in Tianji sect would not be easy. To not want to be bullied, to want to return and kill the two BOSSes, he only had one road to journey on.

Become stronger!

In half a month, he must break through to spirit refining realm!

Suddenly, Qin Tian’s eyes turned firm. He stood up and jumped……

Mao Mao who was still sleeping sprang up and quickly followed behind.

The color of the sky was gloomy, incomparably depressing. But Qin Tian’s heart was as clear as a mirror.

Under the bone sword, monsters fell unceasingly. His experience bar increased rapidly. Blood filled everywhere around him and his body was covered with the blood of monsters. Many rank four monsters in the surrounding felt their legs trembled and began to madly ran away……

Qin Tian did not feel a trace of fatigue while killing but rather, he felt increasingly excited. Mao Mao seemed to have also been affected greatly by the killings and fought crazily. However, just as it jumped onto a monster, it was smacked away by a rank four monster. If not for its thick skin, it would have already become a meat paste.

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Mao Mao bit its mouth and swiped its claws aggressively. Many gales of wind that were so small that they can’t get any smaller appeared. Again, it laid on the ground weakly, like a dead dog.

Gradually, the number of monsters became lesser. The surroundings were filled with corpses, corpses that were skinned, their blood and bones were also collected. Even the surrounding spirit plants were picked.

Qin Tian could not help but wonder, “Sweepers? Isn’t this a little too clean? Who lacked so much money? Only some that could kill rank four monsters would care about monster’s vital essence and blood, bones, and even those low-grade spirit grass?”

He just could not understand, those that entered Kunlun mountain range would not have weak strength in general. They would not even care about these, yet in front of him was like the path locusts took recently, swept cleanly.

“No matter how poor you are, you won’t do such a thing right?”

He did not bother thinking too much about it and followed the trail of corpses, wanting to see who was so poor that needed to do this……

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