Chapter 68: Strong Mao Mao


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A lightning streaked across the sky, an endless rumbling of the thunder from among the clouds could be heard.

The heaving atmosphere made people feels jittery and making those already agitated monsters to become fiercer. A pair of green eyes flashed with deep bloodthirst in the darkness.

The number of monsters became increasingly more, causing Lin Yan and his team to have no choice but to focus all their strength on killing.

The smell of the monster’s blood permeated into the heavy atmosphere, stimulating the surrounding monsters. The smell undoubtedly excites those monsters. The stronger it was, the fiercer they became.

As monsters fell one after another, dyeing the earth red, the smell of blood gradually became increasingly stronger……

The killing was very relaxing in the beginning but currently, it had become slightly strenuous. Lin Yan started to make plans secretly, they had to find a safe place to rest for a while. If this continued, they would not be able to go on.

Kunlun mountain range contains monsters which amounted to thousands upon thousands. Along with the fact that it is at night, even if they are all spirit refining cultivators, they would not be able to survive such a powerful army of monsters.

Although a rank four monster isn’t considered strong, but if they attack in a horde, there will be a time when one loses his strength to continue. From the evening until the late night, the team seemed to have reached their limit.

“Not good!”

The expression in Yi Qianhan’s eyes changed and she immediately jumped on top of a tree. Her face turned pale, “Rank five monster!”

Just as her voice descended, Lin Yan shouted, “Qianhan, quickly retreat.”

The faces of the team had a drastic change. They had killed for a night and were physically and mentally exhausted. Their stamina would not be able to last for any longer. For a rank five monster to appear at this moment, they were not it’s opponent. Lin Yan acted decisively and commanded everyone to retreat at once, or it would be too late.

When Yi Qianhan sensed the presence of the rank five monster, Lin Yan had also felt it too. The monster emitted out a feeling of danger. It might not be a rank five monster but a rank six, or maybe seven……

His thoughts dispersed. Lin Yan breathed in cold air, and his body was shaking. It was a monster beyond a rank five one, with an extremely powerful might. They would absolutely not be a rank six monster’s opponent even if the five of them were all spirit refining cultivators.

Under Lin Yan’s command, Fang Kui and Xue Dingshan retreated with Changfeng following closely behind. Lin Yan stood at his position. With cold sweat dripping, he shouted again, “Qianhan, run!”



Along with a downpour, the wind wreaked havoc. Yi Qianhan did not even hear Lin Yan’s voice. Standing on a tree, she gazed at the sky. With her fist clenched, she was trembling. Her pair of eyes were filled with anger. At this moment, the sword in her hands shot out, forming hundreds of sword images. “Go!”

Hundreds of swords images under the night sky flashed with silver light. Every sword was surged with Qigong, making others fear.

It was an enormous green thicket snake. Its dark green eyes were like two big lanterns in the night. Seeing those swords images rushing towards it, it swept its tail……

“Zhēng, zhēng, zhēng……”

A chain of metal clashing sounds was heard. Hundreds of swords images were smashed to pieces, and there was not a single wound on the monster’s body, making it seemed that its defense was extremely high.

“Liē, liē, liē……”

The enormous tail of the snake swept out, uprooting four to five gigantic trees. It then coiled them up, becoming like a hammer that could smash through the heavens. Under its heaven shaking might, the wind roared. Yi Qianhan stood in a daze with her pair of eyes lifeless. She had been completely stunned by the power of the green thicket snake and had even forgotten to run.

In the storm, a bolt of lightning struck down, illuminating the body of the snake. On its head was actually a huge horn. The trees coiled up by its tail pierced through the air and like a hammer, smashed down.

“Mao Mao……”

“Battle form!”

A dark shadow with a ‘shua’ sound moved through the trees, picked up Yi Qianhan and jumped. Without stopping, it ran like lightning, before dropping her off.


A rank six blood eye lion against a rank six green thicket snake, everything around them were destroyed. They crazily devastated the Kunlun Mountain range.

The enormous snake coiled around Mao Mao’s huge body, contracting and twisting, strangling Mao Mao. And Mao Mao used its two front paws to grab hold of the snake’s head. Suddenly, it mercilessly struck its paw into its mouth. Grabbing the venomous fang tightly, it pulled!


A fang was pulled out, making the green thicket snake cried in pain. It bit Mao Mao’s neck in anger……


Mao Mao let out an anguished wail. The wound was black and blood flowed out of it. A gale of wind was released in rage, heavily hitting the snake’s huge eye. Shortly afterward, it hugged the snake’s head and slammed it ruthlessly……



Gigantic trees fell one after another, the surroundings were in a mess. Low-rank monsters were like mice seeing a cat, scurrying away madly, wishing to grow a few more legs.

“Time is almost up.”

Qin Tian let go of Yi Qianhan. He looked at the system showing the amount of time it was in its battle form and was anxious. It was currently a while after midnight, a new day, allowing Mao Mao to be able to use its battle form. However, it could only last for a minute, and forty seconds had passed. Mao Mao would return to its original cute form in twenty seconds, and would no longer be able to survive the snake’s attack!

“Virtuous Draconic Force.”


In his Dantian, the azure dragon and colossus elephant seemingly from the ancient times stepped out. An enormous power flooded his body. His Qigong rose sharply, along with berserk, it was like adding oil to fire, explosively increasing his Qigong.

Qin Tian stepped forward and jumped into the air. With a push, he jumped hundreds of meters across. He stared at the green thicket snake that was fighting. The veins in his arms became thicker. Qigong revolved around his bone swords, without much time left to think, he rushed forward to attack with all his strength……

Under the downpour, Qin Tian dashed with speed as fast as lightning. He hacked his sword down with his full might, it formed huge wave containing unbelievable strength.

Dragons rose, and thousands of elephants trampled forward.

“Ci la la!”

The swords pierced through. With a slash, the green thicket snake’s skin and flesh were ripped apart, blood spouted out. Under intense pain, it suddenly loosened Mao Mao and swept its tail across. Its speed was too fast that Qin Tian did not have much time to react and could only put his two swords in front of him to protect himself.

“Bang, bang, bang.”

His hp decreased crazily, all the bones in his body seemed to be broken. The blood in his chest churned. The might of a rank six monster was just too great!

Qin Tian landed heavily on the ground, took out Dans accumulated this year with haste, and shoved them into his mouth. His hp increased.

Qin Tian jumped out, only to be alarmed, “Mao Mao’s battle form has ended……”

Pressure, unimaginable pressure.

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