Chapter 69: Rank One Berserk

The icy cold rain landed on his cheeks, water flowed down his hair. His clothes were drenched. Qin Tian mind was overflowing with anger. With a look of anxiousness, he continued to think of countermeasures.

A rank six monster was too fierce, so strong that it made Qin Tian feel a sense of powerlessness.

Throw in the towel?

Allow yourself to be trampled?

Qin Tian asked himself again and again, his anger rose unceasingly. He had worked hard for two years, never bowing his head to others before. Facing Qin Xiangtian’s continuous persecution, he had never been afraid. Facing Qin Clan’s unfair treatment, he had never gotten dejected. Now, he even more so would not be afraid and certainly not concede.


His killing intent emitted out and the Blood Demon’s War Armor flickered. Currently, he was like a killing god from the heavens on earth.

An extremely dreadful aura.

The peak rank six green thicket snake swept its eyes pass Qin Tian. It raised its head and opened its bloody mouth, issuing out a loud hiss. It revealed a sinister look, warning Qin Tian that it is the king, going against it would be like going against the heavens.

A cold sneer formed on Qin Tian’s face and his eyes held deep killing intent, the two bone swords became filled with Qigong. His whole body was covered with Qigong, forming an egg like blazing shape, causing the raindrops to bounce off. With a step forward, he disappeared……

Meanwhile, Mao Mao’s battle form’s time was over.

Stunned, the green thicket snake looked at Mao Mao which was smaller than a piece of its scale and slammed its tail down heavily. It had got deep hatred against Mao Mao for plucking off its fang. The tail slammed down with great might like it wanted to turn Mao Mao into meat paste……

After this blow, Mao Mao would undoubtedly die.

At this moment, Mao Mao was feeling extremely tired and was lying on the ground, its whole body was filled with injuries. It used all its remaining strength to stand and jump away, but only to fall back down again after that jump.

Although its battle form was powerful, injuries sustained during that form would cause it to suffer pains that were thousands of times more painful once the time ended. One could well imagine the pain it was now facing. It now did not even have the strength to cry out anymore and its breathing was rough, both its eyes seemed weak.

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Facing its huge tail, Mao Mao could only stare at it in a daze. Feeling unwilling, it closed its eyes……


The green thicket snake’s tail was stopped by a powerful force. A sense of pain was felt, and it could not help but let out a cry.

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After the cry stopped, it looked as if it was truly enraged.

The king of this thousand miles area was actually attacked continuously by a rank four spirit gathering cultivator, anger surged. It spat out a black mist which spread without stopping, becoming as large as a cloud. Under the black mist, it was calm and not even rain could penetrate it. Strange.

Qin Tian’s mind trembled. The area under the black mist was depressing, just like right before the storm. The depressing atmosphere made him restless and uncomfortable.

After grabbing Mao Mao and throwing it into his spatial ring, he retreated with lightning speed. There was definitely something weird with the black mist. He only had one thought, which was to rush out……

Under berserk, his speed was doubled of his original. It was extremely fast, but no matter how fast he was, he could not escape the black mist’s scope; making him feel like he was trapped in a cage.

In the black mist, sparks splattered around. White light flashed continuously, becoming increasingly fiercer and horrifying.

“A huge lightning field?”

Qin Tian stared at the snake in shock. A lightning field. For it to be able to cultivate lightning based ability and released such enormous lightning field, too strong, too inconceivable!

Under the lightning field, even devils from hell would turn into ashes.

Qin Tian’s mind became numb. Suddenly, his face turned calm, eyes flashed with a cold light. The Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture in his Dantian produced more majestic formless energy. The core replenished his Qigong unceasingly, a white mist appeared above his head. His Qigong had reached the peak rank……


Qin Tian roared, and his strength once again increased.


“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’, the level of the divine ability berserk has risen by one……”


“The level of berserk rose!”

He was overjoyed. It had finally risen after more than two years. Berserk’s proficiency was not something Qin Tian took much notice of. Normally when killing monsters, he would use it as long as his Qigong was maxed, never did he expect that it would level up at such a critical moment.

Rank one berserk, all attributes multiplied by four.

Qin Tian’s strength doubled, the pale white Qigong contained a purplish black color, like the energy from hell.

Four times increase of attributes, extreme madness.

Qin Tian swung his swords, and a purplish black Qigong shot out, piercing open the black mist. At the same time, a smirk appeared on his face. Dragging along a long purplish-black Qigong, he walked towards the snake one step at a time.

Qin Tian’s action had undoubtedly touched the snake’s reverse scale, its green ocellus turned dark red, pupils enlarged. From its fang, venom that was extremely caustic flowed down. Under the night sky, its enormous body was like an azure dragon that looked down upon the world, exuding a majestic feeling.

“You are only a small green worm, yet want to cultivate and become a dragon?”

“Maybe in your next life.”

Qin Tian moved, with a speed so fast that even the rank six monster, green thicket snake, could barely see him. It could only sweep its tail across continuously. The surroundings were devastated.


The snake cried out. The black mist started to crackle, like countless bombs exploding at the same time.

A huge lightning descended.

Boom! An extreme power split open the night sky……

A huge lightning capable of extirpating everything struck down!

At this point in time, Qin Tian was stepping on the snake’s head. The purplish black sword pierced into the head, and even his own body entered……

Holding his breath and shielding his body, he rampaged inside it from the head to the tail. After finding the gall, he mercilessly pierced the snake’s body from within and got out. Blood covered his body.



Lightning struck down and the earth trembled, the area under the black mist was pitch black. Everything touched by it turned into dust with nothing left.

Qin Tian rushed out of the snake’s body. Stepping on its head and holding on the gall, he was like a king looking down on all others with disdain.

Lin Yan and his team that was a few kilometers away felt their legs turned soft. If not for using their whole might to stand, they would have kneeled down.

Too strong, this was simply not the strength a human would have!

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