Chapter 70: Three Years Period

The rank six green thicket snake had reached the end of its road and struggled meaninglessly.

After a while, it fell heavily onto the ground, creating a big hole. Qin Tian aimed at the core’s position and pierced his sword through.

Its skull split apart and he grabbed it.

Losing its core, the eyes of the green thicket snake turned over. Dead.

“Congratulations to player, Qin Tian, for killing a rank six monster green thicket snake, experience +35000, Qigong value +1200, survival value +100……”

“Congratulations to player, Qin Tian, for breaking through to rank five spirit gathering realm……”

“Congratulations to player, Qin Tian, for gaining ‘Sky Piercing Lightning arts”

Qin Tian was exhilarated, revealing a look of glee, “Sky Piercing Lightning arts?”

Thinking about the dark clouds and the huge lightning strike like it was going to be the end of the world. It made him afraid when he thought about it, the abilities monsters cultivated are all very strong. It had used lightning related abilities for close to a hundred years before comprehending it successfully, thus its might was naturally great.

Monsters and cultivators’ comprehension of abilities were largely similar, just that high-rank monsters needed tens to hundreds of years before they could comprehend one. They comprehend abilities related to their own conditions, and the destructiveness is extremely powerful.

“Jade grade ability?”

Looking at the Sky Piercing Lightning arts attributes, Qin Tian was in great joy and immediately cultivated it. At this moment, his skill list appeared another skill, Sky Piercing Lightning arts.

Sky Piercing Lightning arts: Jade grade

Proficiency: 0/1000

Level: 0

Note: The higher the level, the wider its coverage.

“It is indeed just now’s lightning, how wide would the level zero ability cover?” Qin Tian heart throbbed, and could not resist testing it out, but seeing that it needed 10 000 Qigong, he endured.

To him, his Qigong value was his capital, he would not be afraid that his skills can’t be used with them.

He had just broken through to rank five spirit gathering realm, and his Qigong value reached around 50 000, according to Tianyuan continent’s classification, his Qigong had reached spirit gathering eight dan, three full levels above his current rank.

Ordinary cultivators would have their Qigong level one rank lower than their cultivation rank. His Qigong cultivation is extremely outstanding, among a million cultivators, it would be hard to find an abnormal freak like Qin Tian, having his Qigong cultivation to be three level higher than his cultivation realm.

As for all of this, Qin Tian was not clear, all he knew was that 50 000 Qigong value was too little to him. It would be used up with just ten berserks. “Yi, seems like I will need to kill some more monsters……”

Once the words were spoken, even Mao Mao who had just been released from the spatial ring looked at him hatefully.

Recovering for a while in the spatial ring, Mao Mao’s complexion became better.

Qin Tian was a little shocked, wasn’t Mao Mao’s recovering speed a bit too fast? It was half dead a while ago with its body turned black, along with being poisoned. Yet now he could not see any injuries on it, its fur was smooth and glossy like it had never been poisoned before.

Mao Mao whined a few times at the side, its voice was a little weak. Seeing its cute face, Qin Tian heaved a sigh of relief, “Fortunately, you are alright.”

The green thicket snake’s fang was venomous, but to Mao Mao who swallowed the millinery undead king’s inner dan, it was simply trifling.

Mao Mao’s fast recovering speed was all thanks to Qin Tian. For two years, he fed it Dans most of the days, thus making its body strong, allowing its healing speed to be quick. Such an effect was never expected by Qin Tian.

After keeping the core, Lin Yan and his team walked towards Qin Tian, who was just about to leave, with faces full of reverence. Especially Chang Feng, at first he thought that Qin Tian had done something to Yi Qianhan, yet now could not help but want to take him as his master. A rank four spirit gathering realm cultivator killing a rank six monster, he was afraid that no one would believe him if he told others.

However, they had seen it with their own eyes. Though they did not know what treasure he had, it actually had an armageddon-like strength. And there was also the tiny Mao Mao which could become a rank six monster, really too strong.

It was truly unbelievable.

“Thank you.”

Yi Qianhan said softly as she looked at Qin Tian. Her gaze was not as cold as before, on the contrary, it was abstruse like it wanted to see through his soul.

Qin Tian joked, “Now that I’ve saved you twice, I no longer owe you anymore.”

Lin Yan was surprised and turned to look at Yi Qianhan. Only she understood what he meant. Thinking about what happened, her cold face actually became red, severely shocking the others.

Chang Feng laughed and looked at Qin Tian. His heart no longer had any grudge against him. He walked towards Qin Tian and asked, “Expert, bring us along with you.”

After Chang Feng spoke, Lin Yan glared at him, but his heart was also quivering as he waited for Qin Tian’s answer.

Fang Kui revealed a naive smile, scratched his head and said, “Bring us along ah.”

Seeing Fang Kui’s naive smile, Qin Tian could not help but think about Meng Lei. “Alright!”

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Chang Feng and the others were elated, even Lin Yan who does not laugh casually laughed happily. Only Yi Qianhan had her head lowered, no one knew what she was thinking about.

The six people team killed crazily. With Qin Tian joining in, the killing of monsters became even more rapid, his experience soared.

Qin Tian brought them along to kill. Chang Feng was responsible for picking spirit grass, and Qin Tian would take them, as for everything else, he did not want. Lin Yan agreed immediately.

Everywhere they went, they kill. The rank six green thicket snake’s tens of thousands of kilometers area was enough for them to kill for quite a while without needing to worry about high-rank monsters.

After getting along with them for some time, Qin Tian managed to integrate with them. Other than Yi Qianhan treating him coldly like before, the others had treated him like their brother.

Time past quietly, three months had gone by in a blink of an eye. Lin Yan and his team had their spatial rings filled, and unwillingly bid Qin Tian farewell.

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Looking at their fading backs, he felt a sense of loss. But he smiled soon after having the thought that he would join Tianji sect shortly.

After they were gone, Qin Tian started killing even more crazily without restraint. Once his Qigong was maxed out, he would immediately use his abilities. A level one berserk allowed him to overturn the heavens, making him hate to be unable to train his abilities till the absolute realm. At that time, his power would be something even he could not imagine.

For half a year, he killed incessantly, the blood on his body had never managed to dry. He was even more ferocious than a few years ago in the valley of wolves.

The period of three years is ending soon.

To become stronger, he had no choice but to enter the dangerous Kunlun mountain range and forced himself into a desperate situation, again and again, meeting with dangers repeatedly. He had only one thought, kill Qin Xiangtian and step into the doors of Qin Clan openly.

So that he could make those who looked down, slandered, scorned and ridiculed him see how stupid they were, how shortsighted they were……

He is narrow-minded, unable to tolerate anyone who set him up.

“Qin Clan, I have returned……”

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