Chapter 71: Great Changes in the Qin Clan

A cold morning.

Outside Dali dynasty, Kunlun mountain range’s only exit was a long line of teams. Those that were waiting were brimming with joy because unfortunately, this might be their last time this year for them to go up the mountain. There would be a large snowfall in a few more days and it would be very difficult to travel around, what’s more, hunting monsters and finding spirit grass.

It would be New Year several days later, and they were lucky that they exited it on time. Looking forward to their family reunion, a hint of impatient could be seen and grumbles could be heard among teams from time to time.

Among the long line of teams, an underclothed teenager with delicate features was following along.

On his shoulder, a miniature version of the blood eye lion whined never ending, causing the surrounding people to converse softly.

“That’s not the cub of a blood eye lion right?”

“Is he a monster tamer? A blood eye lion is a rare monster, very hard to meet, not to mention its cub.”

“Seeing that he’s wearing so little, and his aura is so fierce, I believe his cultivation is at least rank eight spirit formation……”

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“Why does he seem so familiar, like I’ve seen him before……”


Qin Tian’s face hung an irksome smile but he did not speak.

A chilly breeze bringing along flower petals blew past, many big burly men wearing thick monsters’ skin were quivering. Qin Tian did not feel it at all, and what’s more was that not a single petal landed on him, making the surrounding people to secretly wonder how profound his cultivation was.

“What? Hand over two stalks of grade two spirit grass?”

“It was only one stalk last month, why not just go and steal?”

“Old fellow, handing over? If not then……” The man speaking sneered, “Then don’t even think about leaving.”

“You…you…this is daylight robbery, I’ll definitely find your patriarch to reason things out!” The old fellow took out two grade two spirit grass while pointing to a man in a soldier’s uniform.

The man smiled coldly. After the old fellow walked past, he struck. The old fellow picked spirit grass for a living and has a low cultivation. He did not even have any reaction, only feeling a cold breeze behind. He turned his head, only to see a palm in front and collapsed.

He continued on by kicking the old fellow at his chest a few times. “Tell the patriarch, is your mind sick? Now, the entrance of Kunlun mountain range is taken over by Yang Clan. This place is surnamed Yang in the future, not Qin, f****rs……”


A few soldiers started laughing out loud.

The old fellow was originally frail, along with his old age, he laid motionlessly on the ground after a few hits. The soldier grabbed his shirt and mercilessly threw, causing him to spit, “Pooh.”

He turned and walked towards the team, shouting angrily, “Laozi today is upset, all who are leaving must hand over three stalks of grade two spirit grass, or you will have to get out lying on the ground!”


“You crazy? Three stalks of grade two spirit grass are worth a few hundred silvers, what are we going to eat if we hand them over?”

“Let’s just hand it over, now, it isn’t Qin Clan accepting the exit fee, but Yang Clan, Sky Border city’s northwest king.”

“I heard that when all the clans in Qinhe city had incorporated into Yang clan, the Qin clan started to resist them stubbornly, seems like they had conceded already. It would be hard to enter and gather spirit grass again in the future.”

There was a commotion among the teams. They spoke softly, not daring to be too loud.

Qin Tian did not pay much attention to what was happening at the front and followed the team at the front moving slowly like before.

More than half an hour went past, Qin Tian finally walked towards the exit. He looked at the toll collector and was shocked, “Are all of you not members of the Qin clan?”

The soldier that kicked the old fellow to death felt unhappy, anger surged as he pointed at Qin Tian’s nose, “Listen, Laozi is Yang clan’s people, don’t bring up the whatever d*gsh*t Qin clan, Laozi will let you know……”


Qin Tian raised his hand slightly, and the soldier disappeared from where he was. Soon after, a ‘bang’ was heard. On a rock hundreds of feets away, a soldier was badly mangled with his chest burst open. His body twitched and he fell onto the ground, both eyes turned over. Dead.

“What are you? To dare to attack Yang clan’s troop?”

The surrounding spirit gathering realm soldiers rushed towards Qin Tian. Holding onto a long spear each, they surrounded him.

“Little kid, I see you must be tired of living, to touch Yang clan’s people……”


Before the words were said finish, another miserable shriek sounded. A body flew suddenly, landing heavily onto another rock with his chest ruptured. Dead.

“Kill him!”

The crowd was unable to see what Qin Tian did clearly. In their eyes, he did not even move his body, his movement was too fast that their eyes could not catch up. All the soldiers surrounding him rushed in to attack.

“Bang, bang, bang……”

A series of sound was heard. With every sound, a person flew and landed dead on the ground with a ruptured chest. Their internal organs were destroyed by his Qigong.

“Who are you exactly, don’t you know we are Yang clan’s troops, you dare to go against the northwest king……”


It was yet another sound. Qin Tian disappeared, attacked and returned. With a faint sneer hanging on his face, he looked at the last soldier, “Let me ask again.”

The soldier trembled in fear, his eyes were dull as he looked at Qin Tian, both his legs felt weak. He took a small step back and said while trembling, “You…you…do you have anything you…want…want to ask?”

“Who is in charge of Kunlun mountain range exit, “Qin Tian asked.

“Sky Border city, northwest king, Yang clan.” The soldier felt himself sweating cold sweats. He was afraid to look into Qin Tian’s eyes and kept moving back.

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“Northwest king, Yang clan?” Qin Tian frowned as he muttered out a sentence. He was shocked as to open this route to enter Kunlun mountain range, their ancestors had spent several generations of labour. To think that Qin Zhantian actually gave it to the Yang clan, had some feces entered his brain?

Without the controlling right to use this route to enter Kunlun mountain range, Qin clan would decline, and become a second-class clan in less than ten years.

“Qin Zhantian ah Qin Zhantian, you are indeed not a patriarch material……”

Never did he expect that in just a short three years, Qin clan had even given away the thing their ancestors left behind. He felt bitterly disappointed in it. Subsequently thinking about Qin clan’s big change, Qin Tian felt anxious.

“How are Meng Lei and Yun Man doing now……”

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