Chapter 72: Surging Fury

A time period of three years cannot be considered long or short.

During the three years while Qin Tian was away, Qin clan, and even the whole Qinghe city had a tremendous change. The northwest king, Yang Hong, was unwilling to have no accomplishment. He did not want to have the title of ‘King’, but ‘Emperor’.

Dali dynasty’s northwest has seven cities.

The ambitions that laid dormant and buried for many years had finally shown.

Qinghe city was his first battle and was won easily. Zhao Nantu had, for many years, tried to appeal for troops to guard the city, but had never succeeded. His letters were not even able to reach Dali’s Imperial city as they were always intercepted by Yang Hong. His goal was to take control of Qinghe city.

Qinghe city is located at an advantageous geographical location. It has natural defenses like the river, and to the north of it was the Kunlun mountain range. Taking it would undoubtedly provide them with another guarantee; another retreat route.

Yang Hong had always coveted Qinghe city, thus when he proclaimed himself as an emperor, he went to capture Qinhe City first.

Now, Qinghe city was not the same as before, where its power and authority was split with the clans. Close to many powerhouses were bribed, and along with those teams of adventurers which entered Kunlun mountain range. Those who do not comply would be eliminated.

During the days when the Yang clan came, blood flowed in Qinghe city like river……

Qinghe city had changed.

Furong restaurant.

Zhang Dafu was busy as usual, only that he could be seen standing at the door occasionally, looking at the north road in a daze. Adventurers that appeared in his restaurant would all inquire about Qin Tian’s whereabouts.

It had been three years, yet there was no sign of Qin Tian having returned. Everyone thought that he had already died in Kunlun mountain range, unable to return back alive.

Ever since Qin Tian forgave him and became the first in the Gathering of the Four Great Clans, he had decided to stand on his side. These few years, Qin clan had faced changes much greater than tens of years ago, he now did not know whether he should continue.

After all, how many could stay in Kunlun mountain range and come out alive after three years?

Zhang Dafu was an outer disciple abandoned by Qin clan, his lifelong desire was to return to the clan. Being a servant was more than a hundred times better than being an outsider.

Hence the only person he could rely on was Qin Tian, but ever since an upheaval occurred in Qin clan, he knew it would not work to continue relying on him. Also, even if Qin Tian could return alive from Kunlun mountain range, he would not be able to go against his clan. The Qin clan now was not the same as before.

Even the plaque at Qin clan’s door would be changed to ‘Qin prefecture’, Qin Zhantian was now an important minister of the founding of Sky Border Emperor city. Qin clan’s disciples had also become the Qin army.

Zhang Dafu gave a long sigh. He looked at his accounts and felt his heart tightened. Taxes had become heavier. If this goes on, Furong restaurant would no longer be able to operate.

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“Boss, three grilled fish, one jin of beef……”

Zhang Dafu raised his head and revealed a businessman-like smile. Just when he wanted to serve the guest, his eyes turned watery. Looking at the youngster at the seat, he could not help but tremble, “Young master…Qin, …you…are back.”

His voice was filled with emotions, the joy his face revealed made Qin Tian secretly shocked. He smiled, looking at Zhang Dafu, “Your smile is as disgusting as before ah.”

Once Qin Tian spoke, Zhang Dafu immediately started to laugh and ran towards him. He then surveyed the surroundings before bringing him into the backyard.

Seeing Zhang Dafu’s expression, he estimated that there was an important matter and followed behind.

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After reaching the backyard, Zhang Dafu said seriously, “ Young master, leave Qinghe city as fast as you can, you can’t return to Qin clan.”

“Can’t return?”

Qin Tian frowned, he had trained in Kunlun mountain range for three years to return to the clan openly, was Zhang Dafu’s words not a slap to his face?

However, hearing what Zhang Dafu said, he sensed that something big happened, and asked immediately, “ Had something happen?”

“Did Meng Lei meet with a mishap?”

“Master Meng, he…he……” A pained look appeared on his face as he gritted his teeth, “He fell off a cliff and his life or death is unknown.”


“Boom!” An explosion occurred in Qin Tian’s mind and killing intent rushed out. His powerful aura melted the thick snow around them and then turning them into gas.

Zhang Dafu’s face turned pale as his heart quickened. Cold sweat emerged and flowed down. “Young master……spare……spare me……”

Seeing Zhang Dafu face, Qin Tian’s frown softened, and the thick killing intent disappeared. He took a step forward and grabbed Zhang Dafu’s collar, his eyes were like a black hole, able to look into the soul, “Say it, what exactly happened?”

Zhang Dafu breathed heavily, Qin Tian’s killing intent had nearly caused his death. He looked at Qin Tian’s cold gaze and replied, “Yang clan forced Yun Man to marry, she was unwilling. Meng Lei tried to protect her, both of them escaped to the cliff, and Meng Lei was struck down by a grand elder. His current situation is unknown.”

“Qin Xiangtian!”

Qin Tian snorted. If not for him restraining himself, his aura would have crushed Zhang Dafu to death.

Suddenly, his mind jolted.

“Where is Yun Man?”

“Yun Man was forced into helplessness and trapped by Qin Kuang. Yesterday, she was being sent to Sky Border city, I’m afraid she had already reached……”

“Qin Kuang!”

The icy cold voice made Zhang Dafu shudder. Suddenly, a cold breeze blew past. Qin Tian had disappeared.

After Qin Tian left, Zhang Dafu could not bear it anymore. His butt fell onto the ground as his mouth mumbled, “Too…too strong!”

Qin clan was decorated with lanterns, and there was a jubilant atmosphere. A smile was hung on all those going in and out.

In Qinghe city, Qin clan was the only clan that was able to become related with Yang clan.

No one could understand why the third prince Yang Lin, a stunning genius, would fancy a rank six spirit formation Yun Man. And she was timid in nature, to her, cultivating would be of no use, even the most simple thing, dueling, she did not dare to do.

Just what of her did Yang Lin fancy?

Qin clan did not care about it, it was alright as long as Yang Lin like it. In the northwest among the seven cities, its position was solid. Also in the future, only time would be a problem if Yang Hong wanted to unify the dynasty. As one of Yang Hong’s four sons, the most outstanding third son, his future would be extremely great.

For Yang Lin to have fancied Yun Man naturally made Qin clan extremely happy.

At Qin clan’s entrance, a cold breeze blew past. Qin Tian looked at the two words ‘Qin prefecture’, and emitted a dense killing intent……

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