Chapter 73: Kill! Kill! Kill!

The north of the city, at the entrance to the Qin Prefecture, Qin Tian coldly glanced past the two words ‘Qin Prefecture’. He took a step in and emitted an intense killing intent, causing others to feel as if they are in the murderers’ paradise. None were able to come close to him.

“Who are you?”

“Don’t you know you’re in the Qin Prefecture?”

The two gate guards sensed a dangerous aura and immediately criticized him.

“Is Qin Xiangtian in there?”

The sentence was said so coldly that the two gate guards felt their bodies turning cold as they shuddered. The cold voice made them feel difficulty in breathing; extremely uncomfortable. However, it had also aggravated them. Two broadswords were brandished and swung, “Who exactly are you? Why are you looking for the grand elder?”

“Let me ask again, is that old bastard Qin Xiangtian inside?” Qin Tian narrowed his eyes slightly. His fury had already made his body boil with anger, causing his aggressiveness to leak.

The gate guards jeered, “Whether the grand elder is here or not, what has it got to do with you? Damn kid, where did you come from? You better roll far away from Laozi now. If you make Laozi unhappy, Laozi will break your dog legs……”


After a light snort, the edge of his mouth rose up slightly, forming a beautiful smile. In it contained boundless killing intent.

Seeing Qin Tian’s sneer, one of the gate guards shouted with rage in his eyes. A steel broadsword swept across……


A heavy crash sounded.

Qin clan’s door was covered with blood. Broken limbs with blood flowing out, the eyes of the guard still contained endless rage like before, just that there was also helplessness in it now. Following that, his eyelids slowly closed.

Dead. A rank three spirit formation cultivator died just like that.

The system prompted him that his sin value +1, making him smile even bigger. He then stared at the other guard, asking bluntly, “Let’s hope you aren’t so stupid, just answer my question.”

After saying so, he paused for a moment before continuing, “I am also a member of the Qin clan.”

The gate guard stared at Qin Tian like he was looking at the death god. When Qin Tian took half a step forward, he immediately felt that he was half a step closer to death, making his legs turn soft and face pale, sweat fell quickly. His voice choked with fear, “In…in the…grand elders residence…discussing…”

“Thank you.” Qin Tian smiled with benevolent. Just as he was preparing to pass through the entrance, a few Qin clan disciples ran out from inside. One of them is Qin clan’s steward, Qin Ren.

Though Qin Ren’s cultivation is low, by relying on his relationship with Qin Xiangtian, he was able to stay in Qin clan, along with having the position of the head steward. He, with great anger, brought a few disciples with him rushed towards Qin Tian. “The one who plucked up courage and dared to smash Qin clan’s door, you must be tired of living.”

The volume of his voice from loud to soft, from soft to faint. In the end, even he himself was unable to hear clearly what he was saying. Looking at Qin Tian, his heart tightened as he asked, “Qin…Qin…Tian?”

“You recognize me?” Qin Tian laughed plainly and freely. But to the crowd that heard it, it was like an explosion.

Qin Ren looked at the bloody gate guard, and his eyes revealed killing intent. Stepping back, he waved his hand, “Take down this Qin clan’s traitor, if there is resistance, kill him.”

A few disciples immediately surrounded Qin Tian, brandished their weapons, and headed towards him.

“Qin clan’s traitor?”

Qin Tian was shocked and he sneered. Three years ago, he was Qin clan’s hero, three years later, he had become a traitor for not doing anything at all. This s**t is really baffling ah.

“On the account of all of you being Qin clan disciples, I will spare you all today. Leave, or else……” A death god’s like smile appeared on his face again. Only the gate guard stepped back, not daring to look at him. Others were all angered, and they looked at him with disdain.

“To dare run wild in Qin clan, you should see where you are first.”

“The beginning of Sky Border dynasty……”


A man suddenly flew up into the sky with a scream, landing heavily on the street hundreds of feets away badly bruised. His body twitched for a number of times before becoming motionless.

“Kill him!”

Qin Ren could feel the chills running down his spine, his eyes revealed fear. After shouting loudly, he immediately fled into the clan.

How could they dare to go against the head steward’s command? Moreover, Qin Tian is Qin clan’s traitor, everyone is allowed to kill him. If they could kill him, the clan would provide them with anything they want.

Immediately, some tightened their grips as they rushed forward to attack, the intent to kill could be seen from their faces. They had to slice Qin Tian down under their swords. It seemed as if they had forgotten how that disciple died, and did not notice who the person they were up against was……


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Qin Tian snorted. He opened up his fists and a bone sword appeared. Qigong condensed around it.

“Puchi, puchi……”


“Don’t, ah……”

In a time span of a few breaths, Qin clan’s entrance recovered to its former quiet state. So quiet till it made people felt chilly.

“Kuang dang”. The only person remaining was the gate guard whose face turned extremely pale and his eyes seemed as if they were going to burst open. His hands became weak as he looked at Qin Tian, causing the broadsword in his hand to drop. There was not a single trace of strength left in his body.

Panic, extreme panic.

It was not like he had never seen a bloody scene, just that he had never seen someone could kill so horrifyingly. The killing intent emitted out made the guard unable to move, as if the blood on him had dried.

Qin Tian stood motionlessly and coldly as if he was someone of the ancient times and had not made a single movement during the fight.

“Take me to the grand elders’ residence.”

Qin Tian spoke as he kept his sword. The rage in his heart had not faded even after releasing his killing intent. Those were all Qin clan’s bugs and were not needed. Since they were not needed, Qin Tian did not feel any pain from the loss of them. Killing was simply nothing much to him.

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The cold and deep voice made the guard unable to voice any words of refusal. His legs stumbled, almost causing him to fall. He quickly walked in front of Qin Tian and they headed into Qin clan’s courtyard……

Qin clan’s entrance was surrounded with people.

Looking at the bloody scene, quite a number of women and kids squatted and vomited at the side.

“It seems like Qin Tian is back.”

“Is it that guy who killed Xiao Rufeng three years ago in that gathering and later received one of Zhao Wudi’s move?”

“Who would it be if not him?”

“Qin clan had become Sky Border dynasty’s dog, and even the things their ancestors left behind to them were given away, such a clan would fall soon.”


Arguments erupted along the street, the number of people gathered increased continuously. Soon after, half of Qinhe city knew about Qin Tian’s return. The Qin Tian which stayed in Kunlun mountain range for three years was back……

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