Volume 1, Chapter 6: Fate’s Arrangement

The pale blue silhouette leisurely stands by the door.  His appearance and elegance is like an exquisite painting.  He has that unattainable air that when one looks at him, one can’t help but to deprecate oneself.


Gong Sang Mo, he was the first person she met after she arrived in this world.  He was her savior.  Her entire being was a mess that day, her face was full of scars, but his eyes contained not a single thread of contempt or disdain towards her.


“This is Yu Ji Cream.  It can be very useful to your wounds,” he only said that, his voice warm and gentle, just like now.  He was only fifteen then.


That Yu Ji Cream not only helped her wounds, all of her scars disappeared within one month of use.  In fact, her skin became even smoother than before.  Yun Qian Yu was shocked by it’s effectiveness.  She later studied the ingredients in a medicinal book Yun Tian left her.  Only then did she found out how magical and effective the herbs in that cream were.

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She regularly bumped into him here over the past three years.  Everytime the name ‘Qian Yu’ came out of his mouth, her name suddenly sounded nice.  “Xian Wang,” Qian Yu calmly greets him,


Gong Sang Mo’s eyes are trained on her, this is Yun Qian Yu’s unchanging courtesy towards him.  He didn’t look unhappy, instead, there are traces of anxiety in his face.  Three years ago, when she was only twelve, her entire entourage was killed by assassins; only she and her nanny were left alive.  She was covered in blood then, and a large wound marked her beautiful face.  As a girl who faced that kind of situation, there were no fear in her eyes; nor were there any despair over having her face ruined.  She had calmly thanked him after saving her.  Ever since then, this cold-natured girl remained on his mind.


“Is everything solved?”


Yun Qian Yu does not show even a trace of anguish over having her engagement broken.  His heart secretly calms down.  Even though he knows this will happen from the start, he still have to ask.  The reason?  Only he knows.


“Yes.” Yun Qian Yu’s reply is very simple.


“The emperor is waiting for you.”  Gong Sang Mo is utterly helpless towards Yun Qian Yu’s indifference.  This past three years, other than towards Yu Jian, she had never shown anyone any other expression.


Yun Qian Yu nods, “I will go and bid grandfather goodbye.”  She holds Yu Jian’s hand as she walks inside.


Bid goodbye? Gong Sang Mo stares at her silhouette, secretly saying: I’m afraid you won’t be able to do that.


Murong Cang is sitting alone at the place where he and Yun Qian Yu played chess earlier on.  Seeing Yun Qian Yu walking in while holding Yu Jian’s hand makes his turbid eyes warm.  He beckons the two to come over.  Yun Qian Yu pulls at Yu Jian and sits next to Murong Cang.


“Grandfather, Qian Yu came to say goodbye.”


“Oh, Qian Yu is leaving?” Murong Cang knows that since her engagement has been broken off, she naturally will not live in Feng Yun Manor anymore.


“Yes, Qian Yu will return to Yun Valley.” Yun Qian Yu’s voice is indifferent.


“Qian Yu, grandfather has something to ask of you.”  Murong Cang knows that even though Yun Qian Yu looks frail and weak, she is actually a very smart, so he did not bother with anything else and heads straight to the point.


A touch of light flashes in Yun Qian Yu’s apathetic eyes.  “Grandfather, Qian Yu is slothful and incapable.”


Murong Cang switches approach, “How much time does Qian Yu think Grandfather has left?”


Yun Qian Yu’s heart trembles a little, she is very clear about his health.  He has 6 months left, at most.


“Grandfather….” Murong Yu Jian anxiously speaks.


Murong Cang looks at him with eyes full of love but his tone is very strict, “Yu Jian, this is the reality, you have to accept it.  You are not the same as any other children, the rise and fall of Nan Luo Kingdom lies in your back.”


Tears brim Murong Yu Jian’s eyes, but he holds it in.  Deep down inside, he understands that grandfather is going to leave him, just like his father and mother.  By then, he will become a true orphan.  No, he still has another family member.  He place his eyes on Yun Qian Yu.


His voice is hesitant, “Qian Yu Jiejie, you will not abandon Yu Jian, right?”


A very familiar feeling floods Yun Qian Yu’s heart.  This was what her younger brother said to her in her previous life.


“Jiejie, you will not abandon me right?”


Yun Qian Yu’s eyes falls on Yu Jian’s naïve little face.  The hopeful expression and the anticipation in his eyes mirrors that of her brother’s; as though she is his only salvation.  That makes it hard for her to refuse him.


“You are Jiejie’s one and only beloved brother, Jiejie will not abandon you.”


“Jiejie!” Murong Yu Jian’s tears can no longer be contained.  By then, he no longer cares about restriction between men and women; or manly men or what not and burrows himself against Yun Qian Yu’s chest.  He burst into tears, “Jiejie, I don’t want imperial grandfather to die!  You have to save him.”


Yun Qian Yu’s heart aches along with him, was her brother from the other life like this when she left?  Begging the doctors in tears to bring her back to life.


“Jiejie already did my best.”  Three years ago, the poison inside Murong Cang already invaded his heart.  She and Gong Sang Mo tried their best and could only lengthen his life to three years.  Right now, they can no longer do anything.


Murong Cang’s heart is filled with aches and guilt, Qian Yu, grandfather wronged you.  Grandfather clearly knows you don’t like these kind of things, and yet grandfather took advantage of your affection towards Yu Jian to pull you in.  Grandfather really has no other way.


“Qian Yu, Xian Wang Manor cannot get involve in the power struggle for the imperial seat.  Grandfather has no other person to trust, other than you.”


“Grandfather, you don’t have to feel guilty.  Even if you didn’t tell me this today, I will not simply stand by the sideline if Yu Jian encounters trouble one day.”  Yun Qian Yu’s senses are very alert, she can naturally see the guilt plaguing Murong Cang.  She gently pats Yu Jian’s back as she comforts Murong Cang.


Murong Cang sees the magnanimity in Yun Qian Yu’s eyes.  He has lived for so many decades and yet he is not as broad-minded as a young maiden.


“Qian Yu, thank you!” Murong Cang’s voice is choked.  Yun Qian Yu’s heart turns a little sour upon hearing him.  He is a warrior emperor, never had he said that two words to anyone before.


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“Under what identity will I be protecting him?  Has grandfather made your decision?”


“As my granddaughter and Yu Jian’s imperial sister.  The princess and protector of Nanluo Kingdom.”  Murong Cang pushes a decree in front of Yu Qian Yu.  She stares at it without opening the scroll, knowing that it contains decree conferring her as the princess and protector of the country.  In order for her to facilitate Yu Jian in the future, Murong Cang will need to give her absolute authority.  That entrustment of authority also proves Murong Cang’s faith in her.


Yun Qian Yu knows, fate is already arranging a new chapter for her.


“Everything is up to grandfather.  But, I would like to return to Yun Valley for a while.” Yun Qian Yu lifts Murong Yu Jian from her chest.


“Alright.  Grandfather and Yu Jian will wait for you in the capital.”


Yu Jian’s red beady eyes reluctantly looks at her.  Murong Cang has never seen his grandchild so dependant on anyone that is not him.  Yu Jian puts down all of his defense in front of Yun Qian Yu, revealing the fragile side of him.  He do not know if this is a good or bad thing, but he knows, after he left, Yu Jian will not be alone.


“Yu Jian, would you like to be a real man?” Yun Qian Yu lightly asks him.


Yu Jian’s eyes sparkle as he nods repeatedly.


“If you want to be a real man; dignity, responsibility, courage and wisdom are things you must possess; the characters that must naturally be infused inside you; acquired bit by bit.  Yu Jian is the future emperor of Nan Luo Kingdom and to be an emperor, becoming a real man is not enough.  You must have a wealth of experience, careful consideration and a generous heart.  Perhaps, Yu Jian will think that your life in the future will be sad, you will not be happy at all.  Not necessarily.  You can be complacent or lazy once in a while, enjoy yourself.  But you must be wisely complacent, enjoying yourself without beckoning other people’s hatred.”


Yu Jian’s eyes sparkles more and more over time, isn’t she basically describing older brother Sang Mo? Oh, so older brother Sang Mo is the perfect real man in Qian Yu Jiejie’s heart.


Murong Cang knows he made the right decision, she basically explained Yu Jian’s future responsibilities in simple words and at the same time gets rid of his fear of becoming an orphan in the future.  With Yun Qian Yu’s guidance, Yu Jian will definitely become a wise and at the same time; happiest ruler in the future.


Yun Qian Yu promise to meet Murong Cang and Yu Jian in the capital a month later.  As she walks out of the door, she sees that pale blue silhouette standing underneath an osmanthus tree not far away.  The robe shrouding him billows when blown by the wind.  So refined and elegant.


Gong Sang Mo turns around, his brilliant pair of phoenix eyes trained on Yun Qian Yu.  His voice is gentle as he smiles, “I’ll send you out.”



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