Chapter 6: Threatened

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Jun Qian Che is sitting in the pool; half-submerged.  His lofty stature, his bronze sculpted body….  His facial features are deep, like a Greek statue.  His eyes are deep and cold.  He looks wild and unrestrained, giving off a demonic air.


Mo Qi Qi freezes.  When she recovers seconds later, she gives him an obsequious smile and says, “Your Majesty, chenqie is only here to relieve myself in the toilet.  Didn’t think chenqie would accidentally enters Your Majesty’s bathing area.  Sorry, carry on!  Chenqie retreats first.”


She lifts her feet to retreat.


“Help scrub zhen’s back,” the emperor says in a long and drawn voice, successfully blocking Mo Qi Qi who intends to slip away.

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Mo Qi Qi freezes midway, secretly having a battle within her head, scrub what?  If she really has to help scrub this idiot’s back, she will vomit for three days straight out of disgust.  She might even have to stamp her own hands.


But if she refused, huhu, he is an emperor with absolute authority.  Offending him is the same as letting go of one’s own life.  God up above, you must not bully people like this.


After a while of self-persuasion, Mo Qi Qi succumbs to Jun Qian Che’s power in grievance.  She slowly makes her way to his back like a wronged daughter-in-law.  She takes the brush especially used to scrub a person’s back and swings it to the back of his head a couple of time, pretending to hit him.


Jun Qian Che suddenly turns his head.

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Mo Qi Qi is scared straight, she immediately laughs dumbly and help him scrub his back.  She have to admit, Jun Qian Che’s back is really nice. His biceps are like rock and his abdominal muscles are strong and hard.  No matter which woman sees it, she will definitely feels piqued.


But—- what does that have anything to do with her?


Mo Qi Qi reluctantly brushes his back, scrubbing it lightly out of obligation.


Jun Qian Che unhappily says, “You didn’t eat?”


Mo Qi Qi grimaces and mutters angrily, “Chenqie hasn’t eaten dinner.”  After that, she increases her strength on the brush.


She can’t help but complain in her heart: Why won’t this idiot make servants serve him in bath?  Didn’t Ban Xiang said that Duke Zhen is coming back today after a big victory?  There will be a banquet tonight.  Shouldn’t the emperor be going to Chang Le Palace to welcome the soldiers in the dinner spread?  Why is he here?  And that wretched map, didn’t it say this place is a latrine outhouse?  How did it become a bath area?


Scrub Scrub Scrub


Mo Qi Qi pours all her energy into that.  She exerts too much energy so in the end, the force becomes too big.


Jun Qian Che unhappily stares at her.


Mo Qi Qi stops in fear, looking at him in grievance before saying, “Your Majesty, too little force is wrong.  Too much force is also wrong.  Chenqie really can’t do this.  Your Majesty might as well call some servants to serve you.”  She clearly intends to dust off this duty to some other person.


Jun Qian Che suddenly grabs her wrist and uses force to pull her to him.  Mo Qi Qi beautifully falls into the pond, buried in his chest.


She, who is soaking wet, angrily howls at him, “Jun Qian Che, are you crazy!”


In the end, she is welcomed by Jun Qian Che’s ice cold eyes.  She is so scared, she starts quivering on the inside.  She changes her voice into a sweet and delicate one and laughs, “Hehe, Your Majesty, chenqie is really hungry right now.  I want to eat, not bath.”


Jun Qian Che stares at her, his long slender fingers slowly and gently going over her small face.  It stops on her enticing lips, he gently caresses it, his voice deep and low, “Is the empress blaming zhen for only going to Gui Ning Palace these days?  Is that why you keep saying you are hungry?”


Mo Qi Qi really wants to pay respect to this guy’s ability to misunderstand things; when she said she’s hungry, she exclusively means hungry for food.  “Hehe, Your Majesty, chenqie is hungry in the stomach, wants to eat rice.  There is no other meaning.”  You better forget this empress’ existence, it’s better if we die without crossing path with each other.


The emperor suddenly turns up, pressuring her underneath him.  Mo Qi Qi is cornered into the white jade stone behind her.  She tries to react but Jun Qian Che leans into her even harder.  This position cannot be any more ambiguous.


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