Chapter 5: Whose Is This?

Welcoming the early morning sunshine, Su Ke2Su KeMain Character arrived at the school with an anxious heart on his moderately used bicycle. Due to that “Squash the Pervert” post on the forum, he kept his head lowered, fearing someone may recognize him.

The students seemed to have become the incarnation of Conan—each one of them had a glare within their eyes, with the intent to examine everyone. Su Ke dodged their gazes along the way and finally entered his classroom safely.

The class was already packed; though there was time allotted for individual study before the morning classes begin, at 3rd High (8th) Class, one of the lower ranking classes, a few students were copying homework, a few were eating breakfast, and the rest were chattering about the day.

“Ahh! Li Hui, did you check the forum yesterday?” A student named Ma Ke, wearing black frame spectacles and had a thin and weak stature, asked his deskmate.

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“What’s up? I couldn’t check the forum ‘cos I played games for a long time yesterday. Did anything fresh happen?” Ma Ke’s deskmate was a little fatty, with short height and extra meat.

“En, a pervert appeared within our school, specializing in groping school girls’ buttocks. Yesterday, everyone spoke about how someone had groped a school girl’s buttocks. They say that if it were not for being daytime, the girl might have been xxoo’ed!”

“Aaahh? You’re kidding, right? Ferocious!”

“Yes, that school girl has mobilized all the students to squash that pervert! Furthermore, she posted that she’ll be very thankful to the person who grabs him!” As Ma Ke’s words reached Su Ke’s ears, he was scared breathless; he kept his head lowered, pretending to be reviewing.

Su Ke’s heart raced as his pretty cheeks blushed. “What to do? The matter has become huge!” This explosive news narrated by Ma Ke became the talk of the entire class; it seemed as if everyone on the campus knew about the incident of the pervert.

This morning, Su Ke had braced himself. Though he had already decided yesterday night to aim for that 200 RMB to scrape together the tuition fee, yet this catastrophic development had plunged his heart into the abyss.

He couldn’t focus on the morning classes or the teacher’s words. He even forgot to bring the mess card when he went to the campus mess for lunch, which made the mess uncle glare at him.

His parents ate the leftover food during lunch because they couldn’t go away from the store. Therefore, Su Ke ate lunch at school every day. Fortunately, though the mess food tasted bland, it was cheap.

The targets of the school mess are the dorm students. The no. of total students among the three years of Seventeen Senior High was about 2000. Among them, 600 are dorm students, consisting of students arriving from the suburbs of Langfang City.

With his mind indulging in flights of fantasy, he made a firm resolution to complete the mission for a moment—to obtain the reward of 200 RMB—yet renouncing the thought in another moment. After a while, Su Ke had unknowingly arrived at the dorm area.

The school had two areas: the teaching area and the dorm area. The dorm students would return to the dorm for rest after finishing their lunch; of course, Su Ke didn’t have this privilege. At the moment, his mood had become anxious, and he had no desire to go back to the classroom. After aimlessly walking, he just found himself in this place.

Though it was Su Ke’s first time coming to the dorm area, his biggest concern right now was regarding the [Flower Pickup System]. Although it had appeared mysteriously, the benefits were obvious.

The RMB reward is genuine, the reward of Senior High School Mathematics Proficiency (Basic Level) was also solid. If there’s a 100 RMB reward, it could naturally have a 1000 RMB reward, if there’s a Senior High School Mathematics Proficiency (Basic Level) reward, wouldn’t there also be Literature, Physics, Chemistry? Also, they ought to have Intermediate Level and Advanced Level, right?

It seems I can only complete the missions; it would help me gather the tuition fee for the university. I can utilize the rewards to enter a top university and fulfill Dad and Mom’s dreams!

Su Ke exposed a smile as he thought these things. The sunshine seemed scorching; he naturally looked up at the azure sky, which had different shapes of cotton-like clouds.

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Suddenly, he felt his vision go dark; an unknown object seemed to have dropped from above, directly falling over Su Ke’s head, obstructing his eyes. He promptly reached out to grab it.


Su Ke was startled!

It was a brassiere, an azure one, just like the pure blue sky. Those two cups had covered Su Ke’s eyes as it dropped down, a faint fragrance drilling into his nasal cavities.

It wasn’t Su Ke’s first time looking at a brassiere, but it surely was his first time holding one. His pair of hands had grabbed those two cups; they seemed to have a layer of sponge inside, giving a soft feel.

Looking at the cup size, though it wasn’t as big as Liu Mengmeng’s, it was approximately about the same size as Li Feifei’s. Su Ke quickly shook his head, expelling her cups from the mind.

At this moment, the ice-cold mechanical voice had emerged within the strange space. Su Ke immediately took a look at the LCD screen; it had a new mission.

“Mission: Return the brassiere to the owner; Reward: Senior High School Physics Proficiency (Basic Level).”

“Oh my god! What to do?” Su Ke was stunned. If it were the previous him, he would have ditched the brassiere to the side, running away as quickly as possible, but now, the reward made him hesitate.

Returning it to the owner after picking it up would be really embarrassing!” Just thinking about it made Su Ke blush, turning his hands and legs into jelly.

The [Flower Pickup System], however, had already given it as a mission. Moreover, the reward was Senior High School Physics Proficiency (Basic Level). Promotion of his achievements was certain were he to complete his mission.

I was just thinking about using this system to elevate my ranking to enter a good university, and such an unimaginable mission has popped up.

In the end, Su Ke took a difficult decision—return it. After obtaining the reward, he would be able to qualify for a good university. Compared to that, what is the embarrassment?

Su Ke raised his head to look up; the source was a balcony on the 3rd floor. Clothes of a girl hung on a rope on the balcony, and on which were azure panties, matching the brassiere in his hand.

How am I supposed to return it to the owner?” Su Ke pondered about this problem.

“What are you doing?” Su Ke suddenly heard a voice, following its direction, he saw the dorm supervisor aunty standing at the dorm entrance looking at him with her brows furrowed; it made him turn back to run.

“Don’t think you can run! Come here, tell me, are you that panty thief going around stealing the underwear of school girls?” The dorm supervisor aunty quickly ran over and grabbed Su Ke’s arm.

“Aaah, Aunty, I’m not a thief!” Su Ke’s voice was as flat as a mosquito’s; even his cheeks became flushed as he spoke while stammering.

“En? What’s that in your hands then?” The dorm supervisor aunty didn’t believe him; she looked at him with suspicion and even disgust.

“I-I picked it up, and I want to give it back to the owner. Aunty, you can verify it if you don’t believe me!” Su Ke couldn’t do anything else now. If he got labeled as a panty thief, it would result in his expulsion without a doubt.

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