Chapter 6: Enemies and Lovers Are Destined to Meet

The rims of Su Ke2Su KeMain Character’s eyes turned red, even his voice shuddered. After finishing to speak, he pointed towards the balcony of the 3rd floor to prove his innocence.

“Oh!” The dorm supervisor aunty raised her head to look; there were a few clothes hanging on a rope on the 3rd floor. Her expression eased up a little. “You want to return it to the owner?”

Su Ke wanted to return the brassiere to the dorm supervisor aunty, but he wasn’t sure whether the mission would fail if he didn’t give it personally. He braced his heart to squeeze out a word from his mouth.


“Come in then!” The dorm supervisor aunty still seemed to be doubtful; she pulled him directly towards the supervisor’s room on the ground floor, mumbling on the way. “It ought to be room no. 306!”

Su Ke followed blindly behind the dorm supervisor up to the school girl’s dorm. He looked at the aunty make a telephone call by pushing the numbers. “Hello! Room no. 306? En, I’m the dorm supervisor on the ground floor. Whose clothes from your dorm room fell down? Tell her to come down!”

Ending the call, the dorm supervisor sized up Su Ke. “She’ll be coming down soon, wait a moment. You mustn’t take my suspicion of you being a panty thief to heart!”

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The dorm supervisor began to believe Su Ke after observing his behavior. After all, his voice was tiny, and he kept his head lowered. Also, such a pretty boy who blushes so easily wouldn’t have done such an immoral act.

Su Ke squeezed out a smile with great difficulty. “No problem! I won’t take it to heart!” A layer of sweat had formed on his forehead, after all, this was a very awkward situation.

“Others return the money found, as for me, I return the brassiere found!”

Thud. Thud.

A noise came from the stairs. Su Ke tried to calm his breathing by taking a deep breath, but he still nervously lowered his head.

“Aunty, my clothes were the one that fell, thank you!” A girl pushed the door open and entered in. Her voice was melodious, like an oriole within an empty valley.

“Don’t thank me; it was this student who picked it up!” The dorm supervisor aunty had no desire to hide the truth; she pointed towards Su Ke standing to the side.

Su Ke slowly raised his head up. First, he saw a pair of feet in flip-flops, with pink tender and orderly toes. They had a slender shape, and the slippers had a Snoopy design on it, looking quite cute.

As he looked upwards, the ankles came into view; those slim and mellow calf’s seemed alluring. As his sight moved, he realized that the girl came running dressed in pajamas. Those pink pure cotton pajamas hung low, only covering till the knees; it also had a huge Snoopy design on it.

In this manner, while holding the azure brassiere in his hands, Su Ke slowly raised his head; simultaneously, the girl also sized him up.

The girl’s jet-black hair lay loose on her shoulders; she had a delicate and pretty cheek, with eyes black and bright. Her eyelashes were long, looking quite lovely, just like a cute Chinese doll.

Only, when the girl had seen Su Ke’s face, her smiling eyes opened wide. As Su Ke’s gaze clashed with hers, he turned pale with fright.

“It’s you!”

“It’s you!”

The two of them spoke in unison.

Su Ke felt his mind buzz, feeling as if the heavens had fallen; he almost blacked out but was able to react instantly. He pushed the fragrant brassiere onto the girl’s hands and rushed out through the door, disappearing in a blink of an eye.

The dorm supervisor aunty was stunned. She asked the girl, “What happened? You know him?”

Li Feifei turned to squeeze out a smile, gnashing her teeth to respond, “En, I know him!”

Aah, Enemies and lovers are destined to meet!

How could Su Ke have predicted the owner of the brassiere was Li Feifei? He was the molester who had groped her butt, and still has to grope it again!

Su Ke’s head perspired profusely. He ran back to class in a breath, feeling his body go jelly, he laid down on the school desk, his heart thumping madly. Only after he confirmed that he was safe did he truly relax his breath.

“Really terrible, I almost delivered myself to the tigress’s den! Thank god I ran fast!” Su Ke could only pacify his mood in this way. He then accessed the strange space.

“Mission: Return the brassiere to the owner (COMPLETE); Reward: Senior High School Physics Proficiency (Basic Level).”

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Su Ke immediately selected to withdraw the reward. A refreshing, bright light flashed by, then his body felt a cozy sensation. At the same time, enormous amounts of information about Physics appeared in his mind: acceleration, momentum, electromagnetic field, element periodic table, organic chemical combustion and so on. He could understand everything about them as if they had deeply taken root in his mind.

Su Ke opened the Physics school work exercise book, solving a few problems one by one, and then checked the answers. The more he looked, the more excited he got. Though the exercises weren’t of the most difficult level, the correct answers rate was a 100%.

“Phew! This reward is the real deal!” Su Ke relaxed his breath. The results of the Senior High School Physics Proficiency (Basic Level) reward were already visible. If this continued, he would be a step closer to qualifying for a top university.

This time, he had ventured into the tigress’s cave; an adventurer would always face the difficulty of getting caught. Since he had returned the azure brassiere to the owner, he was finally free. Thinking up to here, Su Ke recalled as if that space had notified something when he was doing the Physics problems.

Accessing the space and looking at the screen, Su Ke discovered an unexpected change; the brassiere returning mission had already disappeared, and now, there only remained a single mission: “Mission: Touch Li Feifei’s butt.”

Only, the mission reward had changed, it now showed this: “Reward: Military Fitness Boxing Proficiency.”

“What happened to my 200 RMB?” Su Ke turned pale with fright; he had already considered that 200 RMB to be his own, but the half-cooked duck had now flown away. Instead, the reward was now the Military Fitness Boxing Proficiency.

What use would this Military Fitness Boxing have? Our high school’s military practice instructor isn’t that strict, and only teaches a few sets of movements. How can this compare to my 200 RMB? The most suspicious thing is ‘Proficiency’, this word!

Su Ke considered the situation from all angles; the reward had changed because he had completed the returning mission, and the biggest possibility for the change could be that the owner of the brassiere was Li Feifei. That only complicated the matter and also raised the mission’s difficulty and danger, hence, the reward also had to change.

In other words, the reward had to be higher than the previous 200 RMB, but what use would this Military Fitness Boxing have to me? Aaah, give something practical to a city citizen!

Wrinkling his brows, though he was unwilling, he had to consider the gains and the losses. Su Ke could only put this matter aside when the bell rang because this subject’s teacher was too frightening; even a ghost would be scared witless against this English teacher who entered inside the class with the lesson plan and the textbook in arms.

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