Chapter 7: Hooligans at the School’s Entrance

The English teacher walked onto the rostrum and began with listening comprehension. Su Ke2Su KeMain Character felt as if “smog was shrouding the mountain” when he heard it; his thoughts became zilch.

Of all the subjects, Su Ke was only good at Literature and English, and for the rest—Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology—his grades dwindled near the passing score. He didn’t know why he never chose Humanities.

Besides the strenuous energy he had to put into listening comprehension, Su Ke’s English grades were around 110 points of an overall 150 points; these were his best grades.

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If it weren’t for the [Flower Pickup System], Su Ke would have entered a third-rate polytechnic college and chosen a specialty which would help him find a job easily. However, everything had changed now; his life was indeed full of suspense.

The English teacher was an elderly lady, alumni of the school who had retired from work to teach here; she was an outstanding teacher. Her name is Liu Shuzhen and was approaching her sixties. In her class, she would make a student recite a short paragraph to check their skill, and if it weren’t up to par, their fate would be to write down the composition a few times as punishment.

Her teaching philosophy was to let English take root at the deepest level. Her principle was to use an easy to remember and thorough writing form; if one ever heard a word, one must also familiarize with its proper spelling along with its tone.

Only, Su Ke was a student who was considered almost equivalent to “air” in the class, and his grades were good as well. Thus, he had never undergone her inspection.

Whenever this class would be held, the students would fully anticipate the bell ring of the class’s end, and the majority of them would feel as if they had received a new lease on life soon after. On the whole, after the English class ended, the class would become lively.

Ever since Ma Ke had revealed the hot news from Seventeen Senior High’s forum regarding the “Campus Pervert”, it had spread in the entire class, becoming the idle talk of students between classes. Though Su Ke tried to avoid making his abnormality from being discovered, in fact, trouble had already come knocking on the door.

“I wonder who that pervert is? If I catch him, I’ll hit him till he starts pissing!” The sports committee member of the class, Wang Xiaogang, aggressively spoke. To tell the truth, this sports committee member’s height was same as Su Ke’s, but his figure was quite sturdy, making him look robust.

“No doubt in that. That post described someone with snowy skin tone, bright eyes and also blushes easily, precisely the description of a receiver! Wang Xiaogang, I believe you’ll just need to lift a finger to deal with him!” Li Wei, standing beside Wang Xiaogang, began bootlicking timely.

Wang Xiaogang’s family owns a wood business; his circumstances were pretty good. Those at his side would often freeload food and drinks, and thus, many students offered him flattery to serve as his lackey.

“Haha! According to what you say, I think the person described in the post might as well be our class’s Su Ke!” Wang Xiaogang stood up and walked towards Su Ke from his seat, shouting loudly along the way, “Su Ke’s appearance matches the description, a real model gigolo!”

Su Ke lowered his head, especially after hearing them speak about the pervert incident; he didn’t even dare to breathe. Who could have imagined that Wang Xiaogang’s deduction was spot-on? He had judged the actual perp, which scared Su Ke witless, making him not even notice Wang Xiaogang’s insult towards him.

Since Su Ke was quite reserved, he didn’t have many friends in the class. His uncommunicative behavior caused a few students to tease him often, but since he wouldn’t react, they would get bored and give up.

The lackey, Li Wei, followed up Wang Xiaogang’s words, quickly running over to begin boot-licking again, mumbling a few words, “Right! Aaah! Wang Xiaogang, your eyes are indeed fierce! But it’s Su Ke, this gigolo! Su Ke, lift up your head, let me see if you’re blushing?”

If Su Ke hadn’t realized they were teasing him, then he would be damned to hell! But, he didn’t have any other means, so it was impossible for him to retort with a loud voice. He clenched his fists under the table, to the extent that veins popped up on the skin.

“Yeah! Su Ke, lift up your head, smile once for this brother!” Wang Xiaogang reached out to lift up Su Ke’s chin as he spoke, his movements just like a rogue dallying a woman.

“Enough! Why are you bullying your classmate?”

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A sudden reprimanding voice made Wang Xiaogang stop his movements. He raised his brows as he turned to take a look. It was the class committee member Wei Lan who had spoken. This lovely little girl had a sweet-tempered nature and ordinarily spoke in a soft voice, yet she seemed angry right now.

“What? I’m just having fun with this gigolo! You feel sorry, eh?” Usually, Wang Xiaogang wouldn’t have become angry, but this Wei Lan had berated him in front of the entire class, smacking his face in front of everyone. It made him open his eyes wide and react fiercely.

Unexpectedly, Wei Lan had no intention of backing down; she looked face to face with Wang Xiaogang. “You think you’re cool if you bully your classmate? If you have the skill, why don’t you deal with the hooligans at the school’s entrance?”

“You!” Wang Xiaogang stepped forward in anger, but fortunately, Li Wei pulled his arm, taking him back to his seat.

Wei Lan’s words dealt a blow to Wang Xiaogang, but who would dare to provoke those hooligans? They wouldn’t stop fighting unless they tasted blood. Even he had been surrounded a few times and had to give them protection money. His complexion turned green and then pale, wishing he could slap Wei Lan hard on her face.

Su Ke raised his head when Wang Xiaogang showed anger; his eyes had wisps of red in them. He was grateful for Wei Lan standing on his side; if Wang Xiaogang had set about, even if he couldn’t defeat him, he would have gone all in.

After Wang Xiaogang had returned to his seat, Su Ke looked at Wei Lan. He wasn’t close to this class committee member, in fact, he hadn’t even spoken to her before.

When he saw Wei Lan’s sight land on him, his cheeks blushed. He smiled at her to show his gratitude.

The curtain had dropped on this play along with the ring of the bell, but Su Ke had already begun considering Wei Lan as his friend, even if it was his wishful thinking.

The most lively time was the end of the classes; the school gate would become crowded as everyone tried to escape, wanting to return home quickly. Su Ke pushed his bicycle. He was just about to leave through the school gate when he had noticed three hooligans surrounding a school girl.

“Hey beauty, come play with this brother!” A typical mainstream hooligan with his hair dyed blonde spoke these words, his hand pulling the handlebar of the school girl’s bicycle to stop her.

Two bare-chested hooligans stood beside him, trying to show off the tattoo’s on their chests; they had surrounded the school girl.

The schoolgirl became anxious, but no matter how she tried, she would have no chance of escaping from the encirclement of those three hooligans. She looked around, wishing someone would be able to help her.

“Beauty, your skin’s so good, can I kiss it? Don’t worry; you won’t get pregnant from a kiss!” The blonde-haired gangster smiled lecherously, reaching out to feel the girl’s cheeks.

Su Ke had already seen these kinds of scenes several times; he would just walk away each time without hesitation, but he stopped this time, his hands held the handlebar with force, slightly trembling.

The schoolgirl those three gangsters had surrounded… was someone he knew.

It was the person who had helped him today, Wei Lan.

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