Chapter 8: Father Doesn’t Look Like A Good Person.


Mo Qi Qi secretly gives him a big eyeroll before turning around to face him with a bright, brilliant smile, “Your Majesty has any other order?”


Jun Qian Che pulls Mo Qi Qi and drags her in front of the dressing table, he makes her sit on the seat and takes a comb before helping her comb her waterfall-like hair.


Mo Qi Qi looks extremely flattered and says, “Your Majesty, these kind of labor is best left for Ban Xiang to do.  Chenqie does not dare to trouble you.”  Is this the last act of kindness before death?  Just like those death-row prisoners, they were all given good things to eat before everything is over.


Jun Qian Che looks at Ban Xiang.  Ban Xiang quickly step forward with a meaningful glance, receiving the wooden comb from him.


“Arrange a good hairstyle for the empress.”  Jun Qian Che coldly instructs.


Mo Qi Qi quickly disagrees, “What good is a hairstyle for in the middle of the night?  It will get ruined once I get back anyway, what a bother.”


Jun Qian Che looks at her with stony eyes.  Mo Qi Qi tactfully close her mouth.


Ban Xiang exerts all of her efforts to do a good hairstyle for Mo Qi Qi and in the end picks a golden buyao to be placed on her head.   Upon seeing that, Jun Qian Che picks up a couple of round pearls and place them on her hair so that her hair that is like dark clouds contrast the glimmering pearl beautifully.  A beautiful pair of eyes stares at the overflowing splendor with a small simple smile on the lips.


Mo Qi Qi have to admit, this pearls fits this hairstyle and clothes more than those flashy headgear does.  Jun Qian Che is indeed a ruler who has seen many beauties, his aesthetic vision is indeed unlike the common people.


Ban Xiang quickly praise her, “Your Ladyship looks so beautiful tonight.”


Jun Qian Che eyes her from head to toe, simply saying, “Let go!”


Mo Qi Qi looks at loss, “Go?  Go where?  Go to Feng Yang Palace?”


“Chang Le Palace,” Jun Qian Che says simply.


Mo Qi Qi’s entire face looks confused, “What should I go to Chang Le Palace for?  Don’t tell me Your Majesty wants to take me to the banquet.”


“You are zhen’s empress, aren’t you?” Jun Qian Che’s face remains unchanging from the beginning to the end, like a thousand year old iceberg.


Mo Qi Qi gets up, carefully asking, “Can I not go?  I don’t like that kind of lively atmosphere.”  It’s better for me to use this time to find ways to go back to my own time.


Jun Qian Che looks a little unpredictable, quietly staring at her.  He lifts his hand and runs it through her face and slowly place his hand at the back of her head.  He suddenly leans in and kisses her neck.


Seeing this, Ban Xiang covers her smile and quietly retreats.


Mo Qi Qi is dumbfounded, before she even gets to push him away, pain suddenly exudes from her neck.  She pushes him away and immediately covers her own neck, “Are you a blood-sucking ghost?  Why did you suck my neck!”

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Jun Qian Che does not answer her question and without a change in expression asks, “Don’t the empress want to see Duke Zhen?  He really wants to see this daughter of his,” without any other words, he pulls her out of the hall.


The empress dowager has already arrived in Chang Le Palace.  The officials and the rest of the concubines have been waiting for a long time too.  After a loud announcement, the emperor and the empress enters hand-in-hand.


The officials and concubines immediately get up and pay their respect, “Greeting the emperor and empress.”


Jun Qian Che leads Mo Qi Qi to their seats and looks over to the crowd before calming speaking, “All of you may sit.”


Everyone immediately sits down.  The empress dowager who dressed up elegantly is a little unhappy upon seeing the emperor and empress together.  “Why are the emperor and empress coming only now?  Everyone has been waiting for a long time.”


Jun Qian Che looks at Mo Qi Qi, a rare smile hooked on his lips and purposely speaks in a warm tone, “The empress and zhen had a little delay in the Dragon Pool earlier on.”


Seeing Jun Qian Che smiling for the first time, she has to admit he is charming, but don’t know why she suddenly feels so creeped out by his sudden warmth.


When the crowd hears the emperor’s words, all their eyes fell on Mo Qi Qi.  Upon seeing the kiss mark on her neck, everyone suddenly understand what happened.


At that moment, a middle aged man dressed in armor stands up, looking powerful and domineering.  He looks at the emperor and empress with a satisfied smile, saying, “The emperor and empress have deep affection really makes people envious.  Such a blessing to the common people of Hua Chen Kingdom.”


Mo Qi Qi looks at the old man who is standing up, she cannot help but lean in on Ban Xiang and says, “This old guy looks so shady.  Even though he is old, but from the way he carries himself, his boldness, his posture, even young people cannot win over him.  Just look at his eyes, so sharp.  Even the manner of his speech is chilly.  His sharp eyebrows, the edge of his eyes, they all suggest that he has a vicious personality.  Just one look and I can tell this old guy has high ambition, he is not a good person.”


Ban Xiang immediately leans towards her and whispers, “Your Ladyship, that is Duke Zhen, your father.”


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