Volume 1, Chapter 8: Killing Fowls to Warn the Monkeys


Uncle Chai steers the horses without looking around, as though he didn’t see the bunch of tigers eyeing them.  A group of men and women who follows the carriage from behind also display similar indifference.


Seeing the road in front being blocked by the crowd, Uncle Chai frowns.  “Master of the Valley, the road is blocked.”


Actually, what he is truly asking is whether or not he should act on them.  And if so, how heavy-handed should he be?


The crowd quickly trains their eyes on the inside of the carriage after Uncle Chai said that.  Remembering that goddess-like face, they cannot help but gaze at the carriage in anticipation.


“Oh, it has only been three years and people already forgets the rules of Yun Valley.” A light, lazy voice comes from inside the carriage.  The crowd remembers the previous rules of Yun Valley, suddenly feeling a burst of fear.  But still, Yun Tian is dead.  Everything lies on that fifteen year old girl.  No matter how strong she is, she cannot outdo some of the people here who have been training for decades.


The fear that once infested the people’s heart quickly disappears.


A lecherous looking man steps forward with a sleazy smile on his face, “Who are you trying to scare?  You little maiden want to copy your father’s murderous threats?  Rather than that, you better show us your pretty face and enthralls us to death.”  His words quickly attracts the laughter of the crowd.


“Come!  Come!  Let me see your face!” The man becomes even more encouraged by the crowd’s reaction.


Everyone is waiting for the humiliated and angry reaction from the person inside the carriage.


“Chen Xiang, recite the rule of Yun Valley for him to hear.” Yun Qian Yu did not give the crowd the reaction they anticipated, instead her voice is very casual and calm.


Chen Xiang stands in front of the carriage, her pair of eyes looking at the crowd in derision.  “Yun Valley only has one rule and that is; people who angers the Valley Lord will have a life that is worse than death.”  Chen Xiang presses on the last part, her eyes looking at the man somewhat in compassion.


Yun Tian was the one who imposed that rule, he was actually a pretty easy going person.  If he feels good, everything else is good, but if someone dared to anger him, then even death is a piece of luxury.  Yun Qian Yu approves on that rule.  She will not mind people who does not harm her, but should someone dares to do anything, she will not be light-handed.  After all, she was just a young girl when she had to take charge of their household in her past life.


“Feng Ran, what are you waiting for?”  Yun Qian Yu’s voice can be heard from inside.  Now that a person volunteered to be the fowl that is to be killed to warn the monkeys, she shall take full advantage of this opportunity; as to not waste the other party’s good will.


“Coming!” a man’s voice casually answers.  White mist forms in front of the man who mocks Yun Qian Yu earlier before it quickly disappears.


The crowd is startled.  There is another person there?  Why couldn’t they sense that person’s presence?


While they are busy pondering that, the man from earlier on is now screaming in pain.  His skin and flesh is rotting in a lightning pace.  Looking at that man who smells fishy like blood, they suddenly feels the urge to throw up.


At that time, a young man shrouded in white robe appears in front of the carriage.  His facial features are outstanding; he looks exquisite and extraordinary.  The smile on his lips are uninhibited.


“Lord of the Valley, did I do well?  He will have to suffer the rotting of his flesh for one month before he dies.”


The entire crowds are shocked.  That voice and the voice who replied to her earlier on is clearly the same!  This young man is the one who caused that bloody scene?


“Just from hearing the voices outside I can tell that it isn’t a lovely view.”  Yun Qian Yu’s voice remains calm.


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“Hehe, I only make it this bad because I know Master will not be looking.  This is actually Feng Ran’s latest creation, this is the first test.  The effects are still a little unsatisfactory, I will implement new changes.  Once it’s perfect, I will give Yun Valley’s guards a bottle each!”  Feng Ran flings his sleeves with a face full of dissatisfaction.


“En, you had made a big progress.”  Yun Qian Yu praises him.

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“Thanking Master of the Valley.  Feng Ran’s Art of Poison is only two or three points over ten when compared to Master.”


Everyone cannot stop themselves from sweating upon hearing the two people’s conversation, their bodies turning cold.  Looking at the man who is rolling on the ground, they can no longer make out his face.  And that kind of method is only three out of ten points compared to the master of the valley’s skills?  They quickly steps back.


The four men on horses that follows the carriage from behind makes their way in front, their voices are uniform as they greet the man named Feng Ran: “Greeting Leader Feng.”


The people in the crowd gasps, that young man is actually the leader of Yun Valley’s guards?  He is so young and yet he is already that capable in the arts of poison.  Before he shows up, they cannot even detect his presence; such an incomprehensible martial art ability.  Even the desire to watch a drama disappears, the crowd quickly disperses like birds.   That little girl looks warm and fragile on the outside, but she is actually even scarier than her father.


Seeing the place that is gradually getting empty, Feng Ran rubs his nose, “Seriously, just that little of a move and they’re already running.”


He walks towards the man on the ground who by now is like muds, that man is still alive.  “Being able to be the subject of test for this poison is the fortune your family accumulated for eight generation.”


Feng Ran looks up and stares at the only carriage that hasn’t leave.  He lock eyes with the man in red before he laughs, “So, even the first son of Duke Rong is interested to test Feng Ran’s poison?”


There is not a single strand of fear in the eyes of the other party.  Seems like the rumors about him being dandy and only cares about beauties are true.


“This prince is only here to see a beauty, I am not interested in your poison.”  Hua Man Xi jumps down from his carriage and makes his way to the other carriage.


Feng Ran blocks him with his body.


“The beauty of Yun Valley that is like clouds, this prince might as well visit Yun Valley out of courtesy.  It ought to be a worthwhile trip.”


Feng Ran refuses to budge.  Hua Man Xi looks at Feng Ran who is right in front of him, and then towards the carriage behind him that is silent.  “This prince will definitely gives you a visit if an opportunity arises.”


“”There is no time like the present day, might as well have a go at it!” Feng Ran’s eyes are cold, he dares to mess with his mistress?  Did he view him, this Yun Valley’s guard as decoration?


Hua Man Xi looks at Feng Ran fearlessly.


“Feng Ran, step back.  Duke Rong’s prince is here to escort the emperor back to the palace.”  Yun Qian Yu can sense the anger radiating from Feng Ran.  He is really furious.


Hua Man Xi’s pair of phoenix eyes hardens.  His father has forbade him from leaving the capital for three years now.  The order to leave the capital to escort the emperor this time is done in secrecy, how did she find out?


“My prince, His Majesty and Yu Jian has packed.  They are only waiting for you now, you should not delay anything any further.”


The way Yun Qian Yu puts her words not only means that she is well-acquainted with the emperor, it also showcases her good relationship with the imperial grandson Murong Yu Jian; they are so close she can address him by his name.  As far as he knows, only one person other than the emperor can call Murong Yu Jian by his name like that; the exceptionally handsome and crafty-smiled Xian Wang, Gong Sang Mo.


“Feng Ran, let’s go.  I am hungry.”  A little bit of grievance can be heard from Yun Qian Yu’s lazy and unbothered voice.


When Feng Ran heard that, the murderous look in his face disappears and is replaced by a smile.  “Hong Su has long prepared snacks, it is only waiting to be eaten by mistress.”  Feng Ran turns around and face the four white-robed guards behind him, “What you standing there for?”


Uncle Chai who has been quiet, gently whips the horses and leads the carriage away.


Hua Man Xi stares at the carriage while rubbing his chin.  “Such a pity I didn’t get to see the beauty?  I heard she has an appearance that can ruin cities and overturn kingdoms.”


Black lines appears on Feng Yue who is right behind him.  My prince, you really have the guts to provoke just about anyone!  That person just now was the Master of Yun Valley ah!


Before Man Hua Xi even gets to board his carriage, a ridiculing voice speaks up, “You are still alive after provoking her.  You are so lucky.”





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