Volume 1, Chapter 9: Returning to Yun Valley


Upon hearing that familiar voice, Hua Man Xi quickly turns his head towards the source of that voice.   “You wretched fox, will it kill you if you don’t mock me upon seeing me?”  Black lines appear on Hua Man Xi’s face as he grits his teeth.

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“No, it won’t kill me, but it won’t make my mood good either.”  Gong Sang Mo’s ethereal face appears from the other side of his carriage’s curtain.  The bored nature of his tone makes Hua Man Xi even more upset.


“You came at the right time, my hand is coincidentally itchy.  There was that Feng Ran just now, but that little fox inside the carriage saw right through me.  Now that Xian Wang is here, this prince will have to trouble Xian Wang to practice with me.”  Hua Man Xi rolls his sleeves as he grits his teeth.


Pa’  The carriage’s curtain is put down.  “The emperor has been waiting for a long time, are you going to keep His Majesty waiting?”


Hearing that, Hua Man Xi is immediately discouraged.  Seems like he will not be able to vent today.  Suddenly remembering something, Hua Man Xi suddenly gloats, “Gong Sang Mo, are you returning to the capital?  Your butt must be trembling in fear!”


Remembering that old man in Xian Wang’s manor who loves taking care of Gong Sang Mo’s behind in the past, Hua Man Xi suddenly feels pleased.


“It has been hard for you, you keep worrying about it (TN: His behind.).”  Gong Sang Mo’s warm voice is full of smiles.


Under Hua Man Xi’s gaze, Gong Sang Mo’s carriage slowly travels away.  By the time Hua Man Xi finally understands what he means, the carriage is no longer in sight.


“Woah ****, who keeps thinking about your……” the word ‘behind’ is pressed back down by Hua Man Xi.


“Let’s go!  Head to the imperial villa!”  Hua Man Xi angrily jumps onto his carriage.  “Nothing good will come out of meeting this smiling fox!  I’ll pay everything back to him once we’re back in the capital.”


Feng Yue who is behind him silently gazes at the sky.  My prince, you already know that Xian Wang is a smiling fox, must you go and provoke him each time?  He really sells you short.  Such a strong mentality despite all the setbacks.


The entire wulin is swallowed by a storm today; one that involved Feng Yun Manor and Yun Valley.  Predictions about whether or not Feng Yun Manor will fall runs rampant.  There are also talks about how Yun Valley has never fallen and is in fact taken care of really well by a little girl.  People are even more cautious about them now than when Yun Tian is still alive.  The person who was used to warn the rest about Yun Valley is the proof of Yun Valley’s heavy-handed action.

(TN: Wulin means martial arts circle.)


The words ‘Yun Qian Yu’ echoes in the entire wulin even though majority of them haven’t even seen her face.


At this very moment in Yun Valley, Yun Qian Yu is eating a large variety of snacks prepared by Hong Su.  She is so pleased she closes her eyes.  That cold face that rarely displays any other expression looks really pleased at the moment.


Chen Xiang, seeing Yun Qian Yu finally putting down her chopsticks quickly steps forward and report her something, “Mistress, the elders of the valley are here.  They have been waiting for a long time.”


Yun Qian Yu opens her eyes, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”


Chen Xiang laughs, “The elders forbade us from interrupting Mistress when they heard you were eating.  They said they don’t mind waiting for a while.”


Everyone within the valley knows the Master loves Hong Su’s culinary skills.  Everytime she returns to the valley, she will happily feasts on them.  By then, everything that happens within the valley is no longer important; allowing the Master to eat her fullest is the most important thing.


Yun Qian Yu gets up and washes her hands before heading to Yun Pavillion.


Yu Nuo and Ying Yu carries trays full of Yun Valley’s grapes and follows her from behind.


In the hall of Yun Pavillion, seven lively and enthusiastic old men quickly gets up after Yun Qian Yu enters.  They bows and greets her, “Greeting the Master of the Valley!”


“Respected elders, didn’t Qian Yu told you to forgo formality?  All of you are the elders who had watched my father since he was a child.  It is with your blessing that Qian Yu manage to live in peace.”


“That was Master’s pitiful affection.  We must not forget the formality.”  All seven of them are very stubborn.  If Qian Yu’s grandfather hadn’t saved them and brought them back to Yun Valley to teach martial arts and medicines before giving them such respectable positions, they don’t know if they will even be alive by now.


Yun Qian Yu is helpless upon hearing them, she sits on her seat.  Only then did the rest of the elders sit on their respective seats.


The oldest elder goes straight to the point and asks, “Master, why did you promise to wade through the imperial family’s muddy water?”


The second elder is also curious and asks, “If Master could not bear to leave Murong Yu Jian, we could just assign a couple of guards to guard him in the dark.”


The other five elders look at Yun Qian Yu, waiting for her explanation.  In their eyes, Yun Qian Yu isn’t just a fifteen year old girl, the way her mind works may even exceeds them old folks.  So, there must be a reason behind her action.


Yun Qian Yu eats the grape that has been peeled off by Yu Nuo; her large phoenix eyes blinks while her long eyelashes flutters.  “All elders know what kind of person Rui Qinwang is.  The emperor only has half a year left, will the eight year old Murong Yu Jian be able to fight Rui Qinwang who has a lot of descendants and wields a lot of power?”


The third elder quickly speaks up, “That is the matter of the imperial family, it has nothing to do with us Yun Valley.”


Yun Qian Yu looks at the third elder, “If Rui Qinwang becomes the emperor, what will happen to the world?”


The third elder frowns, “With Rui Qinwang’s ambitious heart, he will not be satisfied with just this.  He will definitely try to touch the other three kingdoms.”


“Will the other three kingdoms be easily vanquished?”


“Of course not.”  The third elder answers without thinking.  Only an idiot will agree to that.


“Then if all four kingdoms are embroiled in a war, what do we need the most?  Wealth and medicinal arts; which are coincidentally what Yun Valley is best known for.  Will we be left alone by then?”


All seven falls into a deep silence, they did not think that deep.  Their Yun Valley has never interfered with any outside affairs, but just because they won’t doesn’t mean that others will let go of this big piece of meat.


Yun Qian Yu adds, “Besides, Rui Qinwang’s hands have already reaches Feng Yun Manor.”


The elders finally understands, “Master created a big fanfare today, sacrificing fowls to intimidate monkeys.  Was that to deter people away?”


Yun Qian Yu nods, “Now that my engagement with Situ Han Yi has been broken, Yun Valley can no longer continue to remain latent, I do not wish for stray cats or dogs to come into Yun Valley for their own personal benefits.  Yun Valley isn’t idle enough to accommodate them.”


The first elder nods his head, “Since it is like that, we no longer have any doubts.  If Master encounters any problems from now on, do not hesitate to come to us.”


The second elder adds, “But Master must bring Feng Ran and the rest of the guards to protect you.  What happened to your parents must not happen again.  You are Yun Valley’s only bloodline.”


The rest of the elders nods in agreement.  After all, the palace is the center of power.  They cannot bear to have anything befalls Yun Qian Yu.


Yun Qian Yu nods; she knows what happened to her parents back then were a blow to these elders.  If she wasn’t born, these elders perhaps would have followed her parents’ footsteps.  By then, Yun Valley would have truly vanished.


“I still need to trouble all elders with a few matters.”  Yun Qian Yu thinks of the purpose behind her return this time.


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The eyes of several elders quickly lights up.  They, this bunch of old men, still have use to Yun Valley.


Yun Qian Yu watches their expression; her heart promptly warming up.


“Didn’t Yun Ze accepted a lot of abandoned children these past years?  I need twenty children at around ten years old who practices martial arts; even better, if they knows the art of medicine.  After this, those twenty children will no longer have anything to do with Yun Valley.”


The eldest elder says, “Master need not worry.  All these children were raised in the valley outside Yun Valley.  There are a lot of them who are around ten years old, and all of them have never entered the valley.”


Yun Qian Yu nods in agreement, “Now that Yun Valley is back, a lot of people will come to seek medicinal help.  Open up the station outside Yun Valley.  Let the children take care of the outside things, I want to see their capabilities.  They are to treat people according to the way Father did.”


Yun Qian Yu gets up and walks outside, “I shall go and meet Father and Mother first.”








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