Chapter 9: Is He My Real Father?


Mo Qi Qi wants to choke herself to death, she was lucky she was only heard by Ban Xiang.  If she was heard by other people, they would have been suspicious of her identity.


Sitting next to Duke Zhen is a mature and steady young man, her brother Mo Cheng Xuan.  He looks like a phoenix within mortals ah.


“Hehe, I was just joking to lighten the atmosphere!  Just one look and I can tell my father is loyal and patriotic.”  Mo Qi Qi finally understands Jun Qian Che’s weird behavior tonight.


Jun Qian Che looks at Duke Zhen and speaks in delight, “This time, Duke Zhen and General Mo successfully defeats the enemy’s 300, 000 soldiers with 200, 000 soldiers.  It is a great victory.  Let us have a drink for Duke Zhen and General Mo.”


The other officials gets up and lifts their cups, saying, “Congratulation to Duke Zhen and General Mo’s triumphant return.”


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Duke Zhen laughs loudly and raises his cup in a haughty manner, “As Duke Zhen, it is my obligation to help the emperor keep the peace in the country.”  After that, he drinks the wine.


As the rest of the officials sits down, the Duke look at his daughter and concernedly inquires, “It’s been a long time since I last saw Your Ladyship, wonder if Your Ladyship is okay.  Is anyone bullying Your Ladyship?”


Mo Qi Qi quickly smiles, “Daddy need not worry, this daughter is fine.”  Daddy ah!  Can you be any more arrogant?


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The empress dowager intervenes in displeasure, “What is Duke Zhen saying?  The empress is the mother of the country, who dares to bully her?”


Duke Zhen humphs coldly, “The empress dowager must have think that I am clueless since I am not in the capital.  I heard the emperor conferred a new Noble Consort (Guifei), and that Guifei is the one who harmed the empress and almost caused her to lose her life in the viewing tower incident.  Isn’t it so?”


Everyone falls into a silence.


Jun Qian Che endures his anger and coldly speaks, “Since Duke Zhen knew about the empress’ fall in the viewing tower, do you know what she was doing there prior to the fall?”


Duke Zhen is in a loss of words, of course he knows, he just didn’t think Jun Qian Che will openly asks him in front of so many people.  If he continues pursuing this matter, he is scared it will ruin his daughter’s reputation and position, so he can only evade the topic, “I only heard that this Yang Guifei who has recently entered the palace seduced the ruler.  A beauty who is the root of troubles.  That kind of person is best kept away from the emperor.”


The empress dowager is very angry, “Duke Zhen, from who exactly did you hear all that?  They actually dared to slander the Guifei!”


Yang Guifei’s father, Official Yang isn’t happy as well, “Duke Zhen, as an official how can you speak of the Guifei like that?  How disrespectful!”


“Disrecpectful?  Is Official Yang trying to blame me?  While I went through a bloodbath trying to keep the citizens of Hua Chen Kingdom in peace, my own daughter was being bullied in the palace.  How can a father swallow that anger?”


Yang Shi Han stands up, her face full of grievance, “Duke Zhen, bengong has no idea who said such things to you, but bengong definitely did not seduce the emperor, and definitely did not bully the empress as well.  Please do not slander me, Duke Zhen.”


Mo Qi Qi puts on an expression that she usually does when watching a good drama, secretly saying: Things has gotten lively ah.  Duke Zhen really has foul temper, will he go and twist Yang Guifei’s ears?  And this Yang Shi Han is the empress dowager’s niece, she will definitely protect her.  If the two starts fighting, it will get even livelier haha—–


This Yang Shi Han’s words really kills people without drawing blood ah!  She said she doesn’t know who told Duke Zhen all that while basically implying that she; this empress complained to Duke Zhen about her.  Aiya!  Really a scheming bitch ah!


As expected, everyone started showing sympathy to Yang Guifei.


Jun Qian Che’s eyes fall on Mo Qi Qi, seeing her unperturbed and looking like she was watching a play makes him a little displeased.


After noticing his gaze on her,  Mo Qi Qi is a little startled.  Don’t tell her this idiot too believes that she instigated Duke Zhen to make things hard for Yang Guifei.


There is also the empress dowager’s malicious eyes.


Oh God.  She is going to die from being slandered!  Duke Zhen, are you really my father?  Are you really helping your daughter?

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