Chapter 10: Broken Lips


Before she gets to find the way to travel back to her time, she does not want to offend anyone in the palace, so she immediately comes to the rescue.


“Slander?  I am good at reading people, just one look at you——“


“Daddy—-“ Mo Qi Qi cuts off Duke Zhen in a perfect timing.  She laughs, “Daddy must not believe those groundless rumors, some people really likes to create trouble by spreading gossips.   Actually, admitting Yang Meimei to the harem is my own idea.  Yang Meimei is not only beautiful, she has good personality as well.  Her name itself has auspicious meaning, Shi Han, meaning a cultivated lady.  Yang Meimei indeed lives up to her name, not only does the emperor likes her, bengong likes her as well.  That was why bengong suggested to admit her to the palace.  Ever since she entered the palace, Yang Meimei has really good relationship with bengong.  The relationship between bengong and the emperor is really good as well, we never fought because of Yang Meimei, so daddy must not misunderstand her.”


Suspicious arises in Duke Zhen’s face, “Is what Your Ladyship saying true?”

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“It cannot be any truer!  The emperor treats bengong really well.”  Mo Qi Qi looks at Jun Qian Che and the two of them exchange smiles.


Duke Zhen nods his head, “If so, daddy is relieved!”


The brewing storm is resolved because of a few words from Mo Qi Qi.


Duke Zhen scrutinizes his daughter, sensing a great change in her.  In the past, she would have seized this chance to try to get rid of Yang Guifei, but she actually speaks up for her enemy today.  As her father, he is really suspicious.


“Prince Qi Xian arrives!” a loud announcement suddenly comes from outside.


And then, the silhouette of a person against the backdrop of light emerges.  He is wearing a white changpao embroidered with golden threads.  His sleeves billows against the wind as though he is a celestial descending upon the mortals.  The belt on his waist has a blood red jade that twinkles in the light, so eye-catching amidst his white clothes.  His smooth, fair face exudes beauty and refinement.  His dark pupils are seductive and intriguing.  His thick eyebrows, his long nose and his gorgeous lips all adds up to his elegance and noble air.  He looks cold when he is not smiling, but so warm when he does.  The warmth radiating from him is akin to the sunlight entering people’s heart.  When she first met Jun Qian Che, she thought she already met the world’s finest man.  She never though she would meet someone who is actually more handsome than him.


Oh, wrong.  Jun Qian Che is handsome because he possessed that overbearing and charming air.  Before you even realize it, he would already entered your mind.  He unknowingly makes you feel that even if you die next, you will not die in vain.


And this Prince Qi Xian can be described with just one word, beautiful.  He is more beautiful than a girl, more enthralling.  And he looks so gentle too.  He is like a calm lake penetrated by the gentle light of the spring’s sun, can’t help draw people in.


The rest of the concubines are shocked by Prince Qi Xian’s appearance.  Mo Qi Qi can’t help but mumble, “Too beautiful….”


And that little praise of hers actually enters Jun Qian Che’s ears, he looks at her, his eyes dissatisfied and cold.


Mo Qi Qi feels like a sharp and cold blade is being thrust towards her, she turns her head.  Turns out it’s Jun Qian Che’s cold pair of eyes.  She quickly leans towards him and says, “Hehe, even though Prince Qi Xian is so handsome, but when compared to Your Majesty, he still lacks a little.”


Jun Qian Che stares at her, the corner of his lips crooked to form a simple smile, one that actually scares Mo Qi Qi: “Remember your own place.”


This scene, when viewed by another pair of eyes is a very loving scene between the emperor and his wife.


Upon seeing them, a flash of gloominess can be seen in Prince Qi Xian’s eyes, one that passes quickly and undetected.  He steps forward and pays his respect, “Greeting the emperor, the empress dowager, the empress.”


Jun Qian Che looks at Prince Qi Xian, simply saying: “Forego the formality, Seventh Imperial Uncle.”  His cold majestic tone makes people humble.


When she heard the way he addressed him, Mo Qi Qi was almost choked to death by her own saliva.  She leans towards Ban Xiang, quietly whispering, “Ban Xiang, this Prince Qi Xian isn’t the emperor’s brother?”


Ban Xiang whispers back: “Your Ladyship, Prince Qi Xian was Emperor’s Chen Wu youngest son, he is the previous emperor’s most beloved younger brother.  Even though he is older than the emperor by only 3 years, he is the emperor’s elder.  Your Ladyship, you forgot even Prince Qi Xian?” Traces of disbelief flashes in her eyes.


Mo Qi Qi quickly rubs her own head and says, “Ever since the fall in the viewing tower, I forgot a lot of things.”  From the expression on the girl’s face, it seems like Prince Qi Xian is someone she must remember.


Feigning amnesia is the trick people who time-travelled love the most.  That’s the only way, anyway. If she tells them the spirit in this body has changed, people will think she is a demon and grill her to death!


Ban Xiang sees the frustration on her mistress’ face and heart-achingly says, “Don’t worry, Your Ladyship.  This servant is here!  If you have any question, just ask me!”


Mo Qi Qi tenderly and affectionately pinches Ban Xiang’s delicate face: “You are the best.”


“It’s been hard for Seventh Imperial Uncle; inspecting the livelihood of the common people of Jiangnan on behalf of zhen.  Grant him a seat.”


“As a court official, helping Your Majesty is an obligation.  I do not dare to consider it hard.” Prince Qi Xian’s voice is deep and gentle, like a warm sunlight; making people feel cordial.  He goes over and sit in the seat prepared for him.

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Jun Qian Che lifts his cup once again and stately says, “Duke Zhen and Prince Qi Xian both returned after successfully finishing their tasks, this can be considered a pair of good news.  Let us give them a toast once more.”


All officials immediately raise their cups and say pleasing words: “Congratulation Duke Zhen.  Congratulation Prince Qi Xian.”


After Prince Qi Xian sits back down upon drinking his wine, his eyes travels to Mo Qi Qi.  She lifts her head and accidentally lock eyes with him.


When looking at her, Prince Qi Xian’s eyes contains worry, heart-ache and tender love.  Mo Qi Qi is a little surprised after receiving such a look, she quickly looks away.


Yang Shi Han looks at Jun Qian Che in surprise: “Your Majesty, why is your lips broken?”


Jun Qian Che looks over to Mo Qi Qi.

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