Chapter 11: Being An Empress Is So Hard


Mo Qi Qi really wants to find a hole and flings herself into it.  This Yang Shi Han has been favored by Jun Qian Che for half a month, can’t she understand what that broken lips mean?  Or is she purposely embarrassing her in front of all these people?


“Hehe, Your Majesty, eat vegetables,” Mo Qi Qi quickly flatters Jun Qian Che and picks a vegetable for him.  Never slap a smiling person, she is so well-behaved, he should repay her with similar courtesy.

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Seeing Jun Qian Che still looking at her, she quickly place the vegetable in front of his lips: “Say ah!”


Jun Qian Che frowns but still opens his mouth in the end.  She quickly stuff the vegetable into his mouth, blocking him from telling them who bit his lips.  If the empress dowager finds out, she this little daughter-in-law is done for.


But by the two’s intimate action, people can guess even if they didn’t say it out loud.  The empress’ neck has a kiss mark and the emperor’s lips is wounded, seems like the two are not only affectionate, but are also still passionate with each other.


A flash of deep loss can be seen on Prince Qi Xian’s eyes, he picks up his cup and drinks three cups in a row.


Noticing the displeasure within him, a trace of slyness lingers in Jun Qian Che’s eyes.


After the banquet ends, Mo Qi Qi quickly returns to Feng Yang Palace.  Everything that happens tonight is really startling and scary, her soul almost flew out of her body.  She swears to herself to keep her distance from Jun Qian Che, from now on.  Being with him is too dangerous.  A single wrong word and your little life will fly away.


Ban Xiang happily states: “Your Ladyship, your relationship with the emperor is a lot better than the past.  Seems like the emperor has grown tired of Yang Guifei, his heart has returned to you.”


Mo Qi Qi makes an expression that is akin to avoiding a snake and says, “Enough!  I don’t want to have a good relationship with him!  It’s better if we die without crossing paths with each other!”


“With who would you rather die without crossing path with?” a low, nice-sounding voice speaks.


The tea Mo Qi Qi is drinking is sprayed out.  She looks over to the person in great shock: “Y-Your Majesty, why are you here?  Hehe, I was just joking around with Ban Xiang!”  He comes and goes without a sound, is he trying to shock people to death?


Jun Qian Che stares at her unhappily: “You are the empress, mind your bearing.”


“Yes!” Mo Qi Qi obediently agrees.


Jun Qian Che sits in front of the table.  Mo Qi Qi quickly goes to him, laughingly saying: “Your Majesty, the play for tonight has ended.  The curtain has dropped, you don’t have to come here!”


“Play?” Jun Qian Che looks at her.


“Yes!  My daddy and brother came back in victory today so we had to act as a loving pair of emperor and empress for them to see.  So they can be at ease and serve the emperor even better!” Mo Qi Qi says that in a calm manner.


An unintelligible smile suddenly pans out in Jun Qian Che’s lips, “Since you already knew it was an act from the get-go, why did you play along?”  Knowing her, she will definitely throw a huge tantrum upon realizing that the nice treatment she got tonight was an act.


“Because I am the empress?  Thinking in behalf of Your Majesty is chenqie’s responsibility.”  Mo Qi Qi simply says with an elegant smile.


Jun Qian Che, on the other hand, is cold.  “You are definitely more generous than before.”


“Thanking the emperor for the praise.  Chenqie will definitely exerts more effort from now on!”  Mo Qi Qi swears to play the part of a virtuous empress till the very end.

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There isn’t a single strand of delight in Jun Qian Che’s face, in fact, he turns even colder.  “Since your father and brother is back, you can go back to Duke Zhen’s residence tomorrow to reunite with them.”


“Your Majesty, chenqie already met them tonight.  Is there a need to go back home tomorrow?” She still needs to find the toilets and try to find ways to go back!  She has no desire to sightsee.


“This is a decree, is the empress trying to protest against a decree?” he glances at her icily.


Mo Qi Qi is scared: “Chenqie does no dare.”  What tune is this jerk singing to? The more they contributes towards the country, the more powerful Duke Zhen’s household becomes, the more he unfavor the Mo Family and this empress.  He is asking her to return to the manor, what is he trying to do?  Reading so many history books for so many years, her gut tells her that something is happening.


“Rest early,” Jun Qian Che gets up and leaves.


Layers of waves suddenly sets in Qi Qi’s heart.  Sitting on this seat is really hard.


She walks in front of the mirror.  Upon seeing the kiss mark on her neck, she angrily bellows: “Jun Qian Che you scum!  You are not human!  Ban Xiang, go and prepare me bath water!  I want to bath!”


Ban Xiang cannot understand her: “Your Ladyship, didn’t you bathed in the Dragon Pool?”


“It’s exactly because I bathed in the Dragon Pool that I need to clean myself properly!  And prepare ten cups of mouthwash!”  She was actually taken advantage of by that lowly man!  Ah~ how disgusting.

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