Chapter 12: Keeping the Distance


The next morning, the empress’ imperial carriage travels to Duke Zhen’s manor.


Received by the heroic and solemn Duke Zhen and his charming and attractive Madam, Mo Qi Qi finally understands why she and her brother are so good looking.  Having a pair of handsome and beautiful parents, their genes are completely superior!


Seeing her daughter coming home, the mother is so happy that her eyes got teary.  She quickly invites the empress in.

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Walking into the hall, the mother immediately grab the daughter’s hand and heart-aching asks, “Your Ladyship, I heard you fell from the viewing tower a couple of days ago.  I heard it was serious, what happened?  Tell us, if anybody dared to bully you, your father will definitely not let them off.”

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Mo Qi Qi laughs warmly, “Mom, don’t worry.  Daughter is fine now, everything was an accident.  Nobody bullied daughter.”  If I tell them the emperor bullies me, the first person that will get unlucky is me.


Mo Qi Qi chats with her parents for a while.  After that, the Madam instructs their servants to accompany her to her room to rest.  And then, she tells the kitchen people to cook them her favorite dishes.


Mo Qi Qi walks into a beautiful room.


Ban Xiang speaks in great delight: “Your Ladyship, this is your room before you marries the emperor.  Duke Zhen and the Madam instructed the servants to keep the original look.”


Mo Qi Qi scrutinizes the room with a big smile, the question of Duke Zhen being bad or good is put aside for a while.  He really treats his daughter with great love, that much she can tell.


In the modern time, she also has a pair of loving parents.  They decorated her room with warmth.  Don’t know if she will get the chance to see them again.


“Greeting the empress,” a maid steps in respectfully.  “Prince Qi Xian request to meet.”


“We got it, retreat first.”  Ban Xiang tells the maid.


Mo Qi Qi is puzzled, “What kind of situation is this?  Why is Prince Qi Xian in Duke Zhen’s manor?  What kind of relationship does he have with our manor?  Why does he wants to see me?”


Ban Xiang leans close to her and whisper: “Your Ladyship, you really can’t remember about you and Prince Qi Xian before you marry the emperor?”


“Me and Prince Qi Xian?  What about us?”  Mo Qi Qi inquires curiously.  Remembering the way Prince Qi Xian looked at her last night, their relationship didn’t seem to be normal.


“Prince Qi Xian liked Your Ladyship since you two were little.  Duke Zhen was very pleased with the both of you as well.  He once had a plan to promise you to Prince Qi Xian and you didn’t protest.  But after that, Your Ladyship accidentally met the emperor and fell in love with him.  After that, Duke Zhen told you about his plan to marry you to Prince Qi Xian once again but you protested his idea.  You were adamant in marrying the emperor and wanted to be with him even if you die.  Duke Zhen had no other way and could only matchmake you with the emperor.


The truth is, the emperor managed to get the throne smoothly because of Duke Zhen’s effort.  The previous emperor died so suddenly, a lot of princes lifted their hands to have a try for the imperial seat.  Back then, three kings and five princes rebelled and tried to snatch the crown prince’s seat.  Duke Zhen dispatched his troops to overcome the rebellion.  Duke Zhen helped the crown prince captured the rebels and aid him to ascend to the throne smoothly.  After the crown prince became the emperor, he appointed Your Ladyship as his empress.  Some of the kings and princes were beheaded, some were exiled.  Prince Qi Xian was away for border inspection at that time, so he was not involved in the rebellion.”


“The road to become an emperor is indeed hard.  Looking at this cruel and heartless Jun Qian Che, no matter what transpired between me and Prince Qi Xian back then, I am the empress now.  It is not fitting for us to meet like this.  Ban Xiang, go and reject Prince Qi Xian.”  She has no idea what Jun Qian Che’s plan is now that she returns to Duke Zhen’s manor, it is better for her to be more cautious.


“Your Ladyship—–“ a gentle, warm and nice-sounding voice can be heard.


Before Ban Xiang even gets to go out and refuse Prince Qi Xian, he took the initiative and enters the room himself.  He is wearing a set of white clothes, his sleeves billowing like a celestial.  Such a handsome and refined man, women will lose their resistance upon seeing him.


Even though Mo Qi Qi is enthralled by Prince Qi Xian, the rational part of her tells her that she must be clear-headed.  None of the people here has anything to do with her.

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