Chapter 13: Things Others Cannot Know


“Seventh Imperial Uncle, what a coincidence!  You came to Duke Zhen’s manor too.”  Mo Qi Qi politely greets him.  Since the person is already here, it is not polite to kick him out.  She believes that term of addressment will draw a clear line between them.


And the way she addressed him indeed incite a stunned expression on Prince Qi Xian’s face.  He appears to be at a loss: “Your Ladyship never called me that before.”


Mo Qi Qi calmly smiles: “Before?  I’m sorry Seventh Imperial Uncle, I fell from the viewing tower a couple of days ago.  I knocked my head and can no longer remember everything that happened in the past.  But Seventh Imperial Uncle is the emperor’s uncle, so you are also bengong’s uncle.”


Prince Qi Xian was initially bitter and disappointed, but upon hearing her explanation, everything turns into a shock: “Your Ladyship, you really can’t remember anything anymore?”


Mo Qi Qi shakes her head: “I really can’t remember anything.  I wonder why Seventh Imperial Uncle searches for me?” Deep inside, what she really is saying was:  If there’s nothing important, go away!  What if the emperor misunderstand once he hears of this?


Prince Qi Xian actually steps in front of her, gazes at her gently and says: “Your Ladyship, I brought you a jade bracelet from Jiang Nan.  I wonder if you likes them?”  He takes out a beautiful brocade box and hands it over to her.


Mo Qi Qi accepts the box and opens it; inside is a beautiful, exquisite white jade bracelet.  What makes it even more special is the delicate carving on the bracelet; it looks vivid and alive.  She has been working in archeological fields for so long, never before has she seen such an exquisite white jade bracelet.  She really likes it, but upon remembering their status, she shut the box and hands it back to him.  “This gift is too precious, bengong dares not accept them.”


The prince elegantly smiles, “Your Ladyship is the empress, only precious gifts suits your status.  I specifically seek this jade bracelet for Your Ladyship, if you don’t like it, just throw it away.”


“Throw it away?  Throwing it will be such a waste!”  She is an archeologist ah!  She has no resistance to precious artifacts like this!


“Since it has already been gifted to Your Ladyship, it is up to you.”  Prince Qi Xian simply says.


Mo Qi Qi sighs: “Since Prince Qi Xian is thoughtful, then bengong will have to accept this.  Thank you, Seventh Imperial Uncle.”


“No need to be so courteous.”  Prince Qi Xian’s eyes has always been on her, full of affection.


Mo Qi Qi sees Prince Qi Xian who shows no signs of wanting to leave.  She can’t help but open her mouth: “Seventh Imperial Uncle, since……”


“Your Ladyship, the orchids in the courtyard has bloomed, you have always liked orchids.  Let us go and see them!”  Prince Qi Xian suddenly cuts off her words.


Mo Qi Qi looks at the brocade box, since she already accepted them, she is too embarrassed to decline him.  In the end, she nods, “Okay.”  She puts down the brocade box and strolls to the garden with Prince Qi Xian.


Seeing the full-blooming orchids in the courtyard, he points at a pot and says: “Does Your Ladyship still remember the name of that flower?”


She looks at that particular flower; it’s orange in color, the flower droops in full bloom and it is in the shape of a barrel: “Is it called morning glory?”


Prince Qi Xian laughs at her; his appearance while laughing resembling the spring’s wind.  He shakes his head: “No, this flower is called Chui Xiao Jun Zi Lan.  It is a gift from me for your thirteenth birthday.  This was your most favorite flower.”  (TN: Apparently, Jun Zi Lan is a flower called Clivia Miniata.)


Mo Qi Qi laughs in embarrassment, “I’m sorry.  I really don’t remember them.”  Who said all women love flowers?  I, Mo Qi Qi loves artifacts the most.  Love old things the most.  She knows nothing about flowers.  In fact, she is more interested in the clothes he’s wearing than these flowers.


Speaking of his clothes, the way it was weaved is too exquisite. It is flimsy and elegant, like a firefly wings.  Just one look and one can tell how much considerations were put into making the cloth.  The material is so light, even the modern time technology will not be able to replicate the technique.  Ancient people’s skills are really awe-inspiring.


Prince Qi Xian’s notice Mo Qi Qi’s eyes on him and wonderingly asks, “Why are Your Ladyship looking at me like that?”


Mo Qi Qi quickly retrieves her eyes and laughs in embarrassment, “Nothing.”


“Your Ladyship, let’s go over there.  There are many other flowers there.”  He casually grabs Mo Qi Qi’s arms and leads her to that direction.


At that moment, a dart fly towards Mo Qi Qi.  Seeing that, Prince Qi Xian immediately protects her and place her against his chest.  “Be careful, Your Ladyship!”


She can hear pain in his voice.


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Mo Qi Qi quickly checks him over, “Prince Qi Xian, are you okay?”  She places her hand on his pierced arm that is flowing with blood.  She stares at him in shock, “You are injured!”


Prince Qi Xian looks at the direction the dart comes from, a person in black quickly flees from a dark corner.  Mo Qi Qi sees him too.


Ban Xiang immediately yells, “Catch the assassin!”


Mo Qi Qi supports Prince Qi Xian to her room, turning to Ban Xiang and says, “Go and call a physician, quick!”


“Wait!” Prince Qi Xian stops Ban Xiang.  He looks at Mo Qi Qi and asks, “Do you know who wants to assassinate you?”


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Mo Qi Qi shakes her head.


Prince Qi Xian lowers his voice and says, “That man in black just now is one of the emperor’s secret guards.  Their main tasks is to do things others cannot know.”

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