Chapter 14: The Emperor’s Worry


Mo Qi Qi is alarmed, “Is Prince Qi Xian saying—— The emperor wants to kill me?”

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“Does Your Ladyship thinks the emperor will simply let you be?” Prince Qi Xian looks at her.


Mo Qi Qi gives him a calm smile, “What you said isn’t wrong.  Mo Clan’s power is too big in both the court and the back palace.  We are the thorn within the emperor’s eyes, so he is targeting bengong first, after that, he will go after Mo Clan.”


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“But the emperor can only act in the dark for now, he still has not openly falls out with Mo Clan.  That is why we must never let this assassination attempt goes public, if the emperor finds out, he will find ways to persecute Mo Clan.  By then, he can openly get rid of the entire Mo Family.” Prince Qi Xian analyzed.


Mo Qi Qi nods, “What Prince Qi Xian said is true.  Let me help you with your injury for now.”


He nods at her.


After taking care of his wound, Prince Qi Xian is still worried about her.  “Are you planning to return to the palace?”


Mo Qi Qi nods at him, “Of course I have to return, if I don’t, the emperor will definitely send people to Duke Zhen’s manor to ask for me.”


“Aren’t you afraid the emperor will try to harm you again?” he is still very concerned.


Mo Qi Qi simply says: “Even if I am scared, what can I do?  Do you think I will be able to escape this all if I don’t go back?  Him attacking me from the dark means that he does not wish to have a falling out with Mo Clan yet.  He wishes me harm while I am outside the palace so he can shirk all the responsibilities.  He still doesn’t dare to openly poke Mo Clan.  If anything happens to me while I was in the palace, my father will not let it be at that.  It will be inconvenient for him.  So it is safer for me to be in the palace for now.”


Prince Qi Xian nods understandingly, “What Your Ladyship said makes sense.  Your Ladyship is much more level-headed than before.”


Mo Qi Qi laughs, “Right, we must not let my father knows about this, yet.  I don’t want him to worry and don’t want him to fight with the emperor.”  Let me travel back to my time first if you guys want to fight.  Don’t drag me into this, I just want to find ways to go back to my own life.


“Your Ladyship, don’t you hate the emperor?” Prince Qi Xian sourly asks.  Why is she still thinking for him?


Mo Qi Qi can only sigh: “What is there to hate for?  Even emperors have their own worry.” She has no love and no hate for Jun Qian Che.


But her words carries completely different meaning in Prince Qi Xian’s ears.  No matter what he does for her, he still can’t contest Jun Qian Che’s position in her heart.  Even if the emperor wants to kill her, she will still forgive him.


Mo Qi Qi eats her dinner in Duke Zhen’s manor first before leaving for the palace.  But not long after the empress’ imperial carriage leaves the manor, they are faced with yet another assassination attempt.  More than ten men in black surrounds the empress’ carriage.


Her imperial guards fights the assassins.


But those assassins are highly trained killers, they easily takes over the imperial guards.


Mo Qi Qi looks at what is happening outside and can’t stop herself from worrying: Don’t tell her she is really going to die today.  There had been an attempt in the middle of the day in Duke Zhen’s manor, and now there is another one.


While she is worrying over there, her guardian angel appears once again: “Qi Qi————“


“Prince Qi Xian———-”  Mo Qi Qi looks at him in disbelief.


“Follow me!” he grabs her by the arms and takes her down the carriage before leading her away into a dark alley.  At that moment, lighting strikes in the sky, followed by a hair-raising thunder.


Inside the Imperial Study, Jun Qian Che is busy handling the court matters.  When lightning strikes in the sky outside, he raises his head.


Winds starts to blow violently, seems like heavy rain is coming their way.  His heart feels a little uneasy.


At that moment, an injured guard entered the study and reports something.


When Jun Qian Che hears him, he appears to be very surprised.  He gets up and quickly walks out.


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