Chapter 15: The Emperor Fainted

Rain started to fall without warning, when it hits your body it feels sore.


Prince Qi Xian brings Mo Qi Qi away to escape the assassins but those assassins are too powerful.  They quickly kills the guards and surrounds them.


Only then did Mo Qi Qi realize that Prince Qi Xian does not know martial arts.  She can’t help but blame herself, “Seventh Imperial Uncle, it is I who implicates you.  Why did you came over to save me if you don’t know martial arts?”


“I will not let anyone harm you even if I don’t know martial arts.” He pulls her to him and press her against his chest protectively.


Mo Qi Qi is a little touched.  This Prince Qi Xian is too warm!


One of the men in black listens to their conversation and haughtily says, “Both of you will die today.” After he said that, he immediately pulls out his sword and swings it towards the two people.


At that very moment, more than ten men in white lands near Mo Qi Qi and Prince Qi Xian, apologizingly saying, “Wangye, this subordinate came late.  You received a shock.”


“Bai Jiang, you came just in time.  Handle all these,” after he said that, he grabs Mo Qi Qi and runs off.


The men in black and the men in white fights fiercely.


After the two people runs very far, they are too tired they can’t run anymore. Mo Qi Qi sits on the ground while breathing heavily, letting the rain pours on her body.  Prince Qi Xian sits next to her.  The two people looks a little embarrassed.  They look at each other before bursting out laughing.


Mo Qi Qi cannot refrain from lamenting, “Prince Qi Xian, we can be considered having been though life and death together.”


“Looks like the emperor really wants your life, are you still going to return to his side?” Prince Qi Xian’s eyes are full of worry.


Mo Qi Qi’s eyes becomes firms: “That’s why I must hurry and return to the palace.  As long as I return next to him, he will not have the chance to kill me.”




Jun Qian Che is riding a horse, taking the imperial guards out of the palace with him.  They quickly arrives in the place where the empress’ carriage is at, there are injured guards but he can’t see Mo Qi Qi anywhere.


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Jun Qian Che immediately asks about the empress’ situation, he only knows that Prince Qi Xian showed up and took the empress away in the direction towards the outer part of the city.  He did not stay there for a second longer, he quickly brings his people to search outside the city.


Rain keeps pouring in, the imperial guard is worried about the emperor’s body and persuade him to go back to the palace, but Jun Qian Che refuses to leave without Mo Qi Qi.  Even after his entire body is soaked in rain, he continues leading people to search for her; he wants to see her if she’s alive, see her dead body if she’s dead.


The time passes by like sands within a person’s palm, the more he hope the time can stop, the faster the time flies.


Jun Qian Che leads the search for the entire night.  They searched the main roads, the little paths, the mountain side, the body of water and yet they still couldn’t find her.  When light starts to glow in the horizon, the rain finally stops.


At that time, a guard came over to report that the empress has already returned to the palace safely last night, but she did not ask people to inform the emperor because she did not want to disturb the emperor from resting.


Hearing that, Jun Qian Che’s racing heart finally calms down.  After that, he brings his people back to the palace, ordering them to not say a single word to a single soul about his search for the empress last night.

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After arriving back in the palace, it is too late for Jun Qian Che to visit Feng Yang Palace to see Mo Qi Qi and is also too late for him to rest.  He immediately puts on his dragon robe to go to the morning meeting.


The meeting that morning does not have any important agenda, so they quickly disperse.  Jun Qian Che carries his fatigued body back to his chamber.  The moment his foot stepped into his room, he collapsed.


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