Chapter 76: One Will Die, One Will Live

Both killing intents collided. The atmosphere became increasingly oppressive.

Qin Xiangtian took a big step forward with a face filled with killing intent. At last, his chance had come. The pain being bereaved of his son once again attacked his mind, the fury inside him rose abruptly and sharply. The fiery hammer enlarged along with his rage.

The might of a spirit refining realm cultivator was extremely strong.

The aura emitted out by him was unprecedentedly large.

He had great animosity towards Qin Tian – both his sons had died under his hands. At this point in time, he hated himself for not being able to feed on Qin Tian’s flesh and blood, pulled out Qin Tian’s bones, to vent out the hatred in his heart.

Animosity can only be washed clean by blood.

As for the animosity and anger Qin Tian had for Qin Xiangtian, it was thousand of times greater. Though he wasn’t the Qin Tian in the past, the memories of being bullied, humiliated, persecuted for five years kept appearing in his mind, affecting his emotions.

Meng Lei’s figure kept appearing in his mind, thus causing the animosity to become greater.

Now, Qin Tian just wanted to crush Qin Xiangtian in one move.

His anger and animosity towards Qin Xiangtian rose. He was on the verge of exploding.

Qin Tian soared in the air and leaped. In the air, a figure could be seen dashing towards the martial arts field……

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“Want to run?”

“In your next life!”

Snorting, Qin Xiangtian stepped onto the air as he disappeared. A strong wind blew past, and a black figure bolted towards the direction of the martial arts field.

“Martial arts field?”

“Are they going to the platform of life and death?”

“Go, let’s see what’s happening……”

The platform of life and death, as said by its name, two will enter with only one getting out alive. This is the rule.

And this was the only way the inner disciples of Qin clan could do to resolve their enmity for each other.

The platform of life and death is at the center of the martial arts field. A few hardworking disciples were training in the martial arts field and saw two dark figure flashed across them. Cold sweat emerged. They stopped training and put their focus on the platform of life and death.

“Platform of life and death?” Qin Xiangtian sneered. “Since you want to die here, Laozi will accomplish it for you.”

Qin Tian had chosen this place because he did not want others to talk behind his back for fighting against a grand elder. On the platform of life and death, their life and death are decreed by fate. For the sake of killing Qin Xiangtian, spending a few seconds for planning ahead was worth it.

The Qin clan needed to be reformed.

Reform through the use of blood.

“Old bastard Qin, you’ve always wanted me to die, I’ll give you a chance today, however……” Qin Tian sneered, “You might have the power to kill me in one move three years ago, unfortunately, there was the patriarch to control you, making you unable to act rashly. Now, on the platform of life and death, I will crush you even if the patriarch is here……”

“In my eyes, you are already a dead man.”

“I wanted to let you live on for a few days at first, but you’ve done something you should not have done. You should not have caused Meng Lei to fall off the cliff!”

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“During that year, I was the one who killed Qin Kun. He had to die.”

“I’ve also made an agreement with him……”

“I said that not long after, you will follow him. Once you die, he will not feel lonely anymore.”

Every sentence he said were like lightning bolts to them. Qin Tian’s killing intent rushed out under the dusky sky. The aura released had reached a terrifying stage. The temperature of the atmosphere in the martial arts field dropped, becoming very cold.

Hearing the words of Qin Tian, Qin Xiangtian’s eyes almost popped out with anger. He swung his hammer as he shouted, “Unrivalled hammer domination!”

In mid-air, countless hammer images were formed as if half the sky was on fire. All the snow on the martial arts field melted. The full strength of a spirit refining cultivator was released, causing disciples with low cultivation to scurry off like a frightened rat, or faint. They were unable to endure such great pressure.

“Can’t endure anymore?”


Qin Tian raised his head as he laughed. Under the Virtuous Draconic Force, the formless energy was completely released. The Blood Demon’s War Armor appeared along with his anger.


A cry from the dragon sounded out in the nine heavens, Qigong rushed out madly. Following after was the trampling of hundred of thousand elephants. Qin Tian became filled with explosive strength, facing the countless hammers, he shouted, “Break!”

When the word ‘break’ came out, Qin Tian’s whole body became as cold as ice. His Qigong became like one from hell, emitting an aura of death.


Two forces collided, creating a huge explosion.


Many loud sounds were created, especially those that were produced during the fight between cultivators with strong Qigong cultivation.

The swiftness and might of the fiery hammers did not diminish. Qin Tian gripped his bone swords firmly as he increased his speed. The two forces attacked……

“Hong, hong, hong……”

“Jie jie jie jie……”

“Lie, Lie, Lie……”

Dust covered the platform. The ten thousands of jin platform split.

“A spirit refining cultivator is indeed a lot stronger than a spirit gathering realm cultivator……” Qin Tian’s heart tightened, since the beginning, he had never lowered his guard. The one he was against was a spirit refining cultivator, Qin Xiangtian, and he is only a rank eight spirit gathering realm cultivator.

The gap between a spirit gathering and spirit refining cultivator is huge.

After one move, the blood in him churned, and the Qigong surrounding him shattered. The pressure he felt multiplied.

However, Qin Xiangtian revealed an inconceivable face. In that attack of his, he had literally used his full strength, yet Qin Tian was able to take it. Secretly, he thought, “Just what good fortune had he met with, only a rank eight spirit gathering realm cultivator, yet able to endure the full might of a spirit refining one?”

“I definitely cannot let him off. If he isn’t killed today, he would be a disaster in the future!”

Qin Xiangtian endured the pain on his chest as he shouted, “Unrivalled hammer domination……”

Qin Tian sneered, “A spirit refining cultivator……”

“Is only this much……”

“Grade one berserk!”


From inside of him, white billows were exuded out and spread in all directions. The platform of life and death could not bear the force. The limestone below him shattered……

Grade one divine ability berserk, all attributes multiply by four.

Qin Tian was now like a death god that had climbed out of hell, with a sickle in hand that was holding on the life of others……

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