Chapter 75: Killing Intent Diffused

Liu Dong had died.

Dying without being able to counterattack, dying without knowing how he had died.

A cold breeze blew by and as the surrounding people looked at the dried corpse, they unconsciously shivered. An intense killing intent covered them, seemingly as if a single movement was all it take for his life to be taken.

A proud disciple of Qin Xiangtian had died. His anger rose as his eyes turned bloodshot. He glared at Qin Tian fiercely, shouting, “Kill him!”

A grand elder has the highest authority when the patriarch is not around and could even represent the patriarch, giving others commands. Everyone in the Qin clan would have to listen. If one did not comply, he would trickle as betraying the clan and that is punishable by death.

Under Qin Xiangtian’s command, the disciples surrounding Qin Tian revealed faces expressing their helplessness and unwillingness. However, a command is a command. As Qin clan’s disciples, they had to listen to the clan’s commands. Immediately, they had Qin Tian surrounded till not even a drop of water could trickle through.

“Qin Tian, forgive us, we dare not to go against the grand elder’s command.”

“Yes, please accept being wrong first. Wait till the patriarch is back to hear you out then everything would be fine.”


Many among the Qin clan disciples admired Qin Tian as he had made them feel satisfied three years ago. Also, to be able to come out from Kunlun mountain range alive after being inside for three years further increased their admiration for him. The strong must be respected.

However, in their hearts, Qin Tian would never be able to rival Qin Xiangtian no matter how strong he was since no matter how monstrous he was, it would be impossible for him to break through to the spirit refining realm. And, Qin Xiangtian had already broken through to it half a month ago, raising his power.

They were unwilling to see Qin Tian try to fight back and forcing Qin Xinagtian to take action, causing the fall of their clan’s genius.

Qin Tian smiled faintly, feeling a little touched.

But, letting himself be humiliated?


“It would be better if all of you move away, I do not want to hurt any of you. My strength should have already been seen by you guys, wait till I kill Qin Xiangtian, then his commands do not need to be heeded.”

After speaking finished, Qin Tian did not move and neither did the disciples.

Kill Qin Xiangtian? What joke was this! A spirit refining cultivator was already among the top in Qinghe city. Seeing Qin Tian saying it like it was nothing much, they could not believe it. To only spend three years to break through to the spirit refining realm from rank four spirit formation realm? Even a heaven-sent genius could not, so what’s more Qin Tian.

They started to consider but did not move away. Some even revealed a trace of disdain.

“Are you all really not moving?”

Qin Tian repeated again. The faces of the crowd became firm.

Qin Tian smiled coldly, “Since this is the case, then please pardon me……”

Suddenly, strands of Qigong that could not be seen by the naked eye was released into the air. The Qigong contained an intense killing intent, and they avoided the disciples.

These were the elites of Qin clan, the future hope of the clan, thus he did not want to kill them. Though he hated the clan and killing was something insignificant to him, he was not a cold-blooded demonic king. Those that should die, he would kill, those that were not related to it, he would not.

When he released his Qigong, the disciples felt a powerful force pressuring them down. As Qin Tian moved one step forward, their legs retreated one step. They were all stupefied, none of them had imagined that Qin Tian’s Qigong had reached such a point.

They constantly used the Qigong released by their Dantian to resist but were all in vain. The distance between them and Qin Tian was too great, unimaginably great.

At this point in time, doubts arose in their hearts, just what realm of cultivation had he reached?

With every step taken to move forward, the sneer on his face became bigger, along with the killing intent becoming more extreme.

The few elders beside Qin Xiangtian were surprised, “This child’s Qigong cultivation is several times above his peers, Qin clan never had such outstanding genius. He would definitely be able to soar in the sky in the future, and might even be able to enter the real world of cultivation.”

“His Qigong cultivation is indeed great, but with him being so wild and arrogant, reckless and rash, it would also be a disaster for the clan to have him. He might even cause the clan to be exterminated.”

“Yi, don’t speak like this, let’s wait for the patriarch to return first……”

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“Qin clan’s traitor, to have secretly given the high-grade ability books to others, provoking the fight between the clans, causing the clan to suffer great loss. Such criminal, others would have killed, why wait for the patriarch?” Qin Xiangtian snorted as he released his aura. Qigong gathered around his fist.

Those around him did not say anything more.

A spirit refining cultivator has the absolute right since they are only spirit gathering cultivators. It would be too difficult for them to break into the spirit refining realm in this lifetime, thus, they are fearful of him and did not dare to refute.

Overbearing. Only those with strength could be so.

The strong do not need to obey any rules. Their words are the rules.

The originally yellow name had become dark red. Qin Xiangtian would attack anytime soon in Qin Tian’s eyes, and he hoped that it would come quickly.

The rage inside him could not wait any longer too and needed Qin Xiangtian’s blood to extinguish.


Qin Tian exerted force on a foot, and the power of the ancient elephant exploded out. The Qigong in the surrounding suddenly vibrated fiercely.

The powerful force made the surrounding disciples dizzy in just a moment. They could not resist, and some had difficulty breathing. Then, all of them fell onto the ground.

Just the vibration of his Qigong made the spirit formation realm disciples of Qin clan faint.

Strong, extremely strong. A few elders behind Qin Xiangtian almost applaud. They could not help but be amazed by Qin Tian’s Qigong cultivation.

Seeing that Qin Tian’s strength was actually so profound, the anger Qin Xiangtian had repressed deep inside surfaced. With a snap of his fingers, a fiery hammer appeared in his hands.

Condensing Qigong into weapons?

Qin Tian was stunned and his heart tightened, “To think that you’ve reached the spirit refining realm……”

Looking at Qin Tian, the anger on Qin Xiangtian’s face became greater.

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“A spirit refining cultivator will have to die for Laozi……”

“Virtuous Draconic Force!”

With a thought, the ancient elephant in his Dantian stormed out, producing a formless energy. At the same time, his body was emitting white gas as if he was on fire, warming up the surroundings.

Killing intent!

An earth-shaking killing intent diffused into the air……

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