Volume 1, Chapter 13: Curing the Poison


Yun Qian Yu lightly frowns in displeasure: “Tell your people to calm down or they will face my Yun Valley’s guards.”


The man on the bed is taken aback by Yun Qian Yu’s imposing manner, no one has ever dared to act so calm and lofty in front of him before.  But, under another person’s roof, he has no other choice but to lower his head ah!


“It was I who didn’t teach them well; that is why they act out of turn and interfere with Valley’s Master’s treatment.  Hope Valley’s Master isn’t offended.”  After he said that, he takes out a piece of black jade from his waist.  “Give this to them and tell them to wait quietly outside.”


Feng Ran steps forward and receives that jade.

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Yun Qian Yu adds, “Tell them that their master will be able to come out 4 hours later.”


Feng Ran is startled.  So quick, will her body be able to bear that?  He stares at the Xiang Yun Ling on Yun Qian Yu’s grasp, and then, he directs his eyes on the man on the bed.  Even though he showcases symptoms of a poisoning, you can still see a calm and noble air surrounding him.  He does not object and quickly heads out.


Even though the man on the bed does not show it on his face, he is actually pretty surprised on the inside.  Will four hours be enough to cure him?


Yun Qian Yu walks to a nearby table, picks up a brush and lists down all the things she needs.  After that, she walks out of the bamboo building and heads over to Chen Xiang who is standing outside, “Chen Xiang, go with the Seventh Elder and find all these things for me.”


Chen Xiang accepts the paper, glances at it and immediately hands it over to the Seventh Elder.


After looking at the ingredients listed on the paper, even though the Seventh Elder has no idea what use they will be of, he hastily takes Chen Xiang to look for it.


Yun Qian Yu faces the remaining six elders and Uncle Chai and says, “We cannot bring this person to the inner valley, we shall treat him here.  Also, within this period of time, nobody is allowed to see him on their own.  Nobody is allowed to ask of his identity either.”


Uncle Chai immediately understands what Yun Qian Yu means.  Something sharp flashes in his eyes before he quickly spreads the order around.


All abandoned babies are raised in the outer valley, only those capable enough will be allowed to enter the inner valley and becomes a true Yun Valley’s person.  Because of that, they never have to worry about any news spreading out from the inner valley.  The Valley’s Master does not want to get entangled with any other people’s trouble.


“Later, Qian Yu will have to trouble the elders to keep everything in check.”


“Master need not worry, we will not allow anything to befall Master.”  The First Elder says solemnly.  If anything happens to Yun Qian Yu while she is under their care, how will they face their savior later once they die?


Yun Qian Yu takes out the Xiang Yun Ling.  She stares at it before using her inner power to disperse the little clouds inside the jade.  After that, she takes out a jasmine incense; one that she always brings with her and crushes it before channeling it into the jade.  The dark debris floats inside the jade as it exudes the faint scent of jasmine.  Even though the outer appearance isn’t that different from it’s previous exterior, everybody now knows that this is not Xiang Yun Ling anymore.


Yun Qian Yu stores away the jade, “From now on, just call it Han Mo Ling.  Once the other two shows up, I will combine them together.”


The elders all nods in agreement at what Yun Qian Yu said.


Later, the man on the bed watches as Yun Qian Yu and the Seventh Elder enters while carrying things that appears to have nothing to do with curing poisons.


Yun Qian Yu picks up a needles made of bamboo, it is hollow in the center.  He sees Yun Qian Yu connecting that bamboo needle to something that resembles an intestine.  After that, she immerses the pointy part of the needle in wine.  She takes out a dagger and presses it’s pointy part on his wrist; black blood starts to flow out.  The blood quickly fills up a bowl.  She then seals his wrist to prevent blood from flowing further before waving her hand to cleanse the blood in the bowl.


After a moment, the blood turns red.  Yun Qian Yu throws a brown pill into the blood to prevent it from coagulating.  After that, she pours the blood into a leather bag that is connected to the intestine-like thing.  The bamboo needle is then placed on the man’s other hand.  The blood slowly flows back into him.


As the blood flows in, the man’s eyelid becomes heavier.  He slowly closes his eyes.


Yun Qian Yu wipes the sweat on her forehead.  It indeed consumes a lot of her inner power.  Other than cleaning the blood, she still needs to collect those black mists.


She looks at the Seventh Elder who is assisting her, “In a moment, Seventh Elder must help me hold this bottle.  I will send the black mist into this later, you have to quickly open the lid.  Once the mist gets in, you must quickly shut it off as well.  We will do this everytime we clean his blood.”


The Seventh Elder nods.  Yun Qian Yu has prepared two jade bottles.  She appears so imposing and dignified.


He knows this is a good opportunity to collect Chan Ming poison, but doing this will cost her a lot of inner power.


The rest of the six elders are circling the bamboo building using a protective stance; tightly guarding it against any possible threat.  Uncle Chai and Feng Ran on the other hand are keeping guards in the outer circle of the valley while Chen Xiang stands in the bamboo building’s entrance, watching the busy Yun Qian Yu and the Seventh Elder.


The sun gradually sets in the west while wind blows against the rustling trees.  Feng Ran’s white robes billows while his hair floats as he stares at the direction of the valley in worry.


As birds tweets in the background, the frown on Feng Ran’s face gradually loosen.


Inside the bamboo building, Yun Qian Yu’s face is pale.  As she looks at the man who is now awake, she says, “Your poison is cured.  You can leave now.”


Once the man manages to restore the vigor in his eyes, he stares at Yun Qian Yu’s pale face.  He frowns, he knows what this entails even without asking.  He glances at his wrist that has been bandaged and then, the needle on his other hand.


“Thank you for saving me, Valley’s Master.  I am….”


Before he even finish speaking, Yun Qian Yu cuts through his sentences, “No need to speak so much.  I am not interested to know who you are.  Since you came to Yun Valley carrying Xiang Yun Ling to seek medicinal help, I, this Master of Yun Valley had helped you and had also taken back the Xiang Yun Ling.  From now on, you and Yun Valley no longer owe each other anything.”  Yun Qian Yu’s face is indifferent as usual as she sits next to the bed.


The man is startled.  He looks at his arm that has restored it’s original fair color; he knows his face too has been restored to it’s previous state.  He is such a peerlessly handsome young man and yet she is not interested in him?  Not even a little?  She doesn’t even want to look at him or speaks any longer than necessary.  She isn’t even interested in his identity.


Yun Qian Yu is the very first woman who didn’t fawn over him.


Remembering how famous and notorious Yun family members are when it comes to unreasonable infatuation, he quickly feels better.  He smiles as he gets up, “Then, I shall leave.”


He takes two steps and secretly gauges his own health, it is true.  His poison is cured.  He glances at Yun Qian Yu; even her father, Yun Tian cannot cure this poison and yet she can.  Does this means her medicinal knowledge exceeds even that of her father?  He laughs meaningfully, “We shall meet again next time.”


Yun Qian Yu simply says, “There will be no next time.”


Hearing that, the man’s handsome face resembles a full bloom peony.  The man laughs and steps outside without saying anything.  In the outer valley, seeing the man walking out with his emotional and teary subordinates, Feng Ran didn’t wait any longer and anxiously flies back to the bamboo building.


The moment the man walk out of the door, Yun Qian Yu collapse on a chair.


Chen Xiang quickly supports Yun Qian Yu.  She brings her to her embrace and then feeds her the pill that Yun Qian Yu had instructed her to prepare earlier.  After that, she brings Yun Qian Yu to the bed to help her lie down.


Yun Qian Yu waves her hand to refuse that gesture.  “I don’t want to rest on a bed that has been used by another person.”


Feng Ran enters the building and hears just that.  He takes Yun Qian Yu from Chen Xiang, lifts her up and takes her away in the blink of an eye.  In just a moment, Yun Qian Yu is already lying on her own bed in her room.


Yun Qian Yu feels helpless.  She underestimated this poison, it actually consumed all of her inner power.  She forcibly opens her heavy eyes, “Feng Ran, I want to sleep for a while.”


“Go on and sleep, I will guard you.”  Even Feng Ran did not realize how warm his voice sounds.


Night comes and yet everyone within the valley is busy.


The Seventh Elder has prepared a couple of medicine to refine the body, it goes through Hong Su’s hand in the kitchen and are just waiting for Yun Qian Yu to wake up.


Man Xiang goes to the vineyard and picks ripe grapes using a lantern as her source of light.


Yu Nuo and Ying Yu on the other hand prepare hot water.

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Chen Xiang stands guard next to the bed, fanning Yun Qian Yu to chase away the warmth of the autumn night.  She looks outside, it looks like it is going to rain.


Feng Ran crosses his arm as he leans on the doorframe, staring at the sleeping Yun Qian Yu.


Yun Qian Yu wakes up only when the sun is almost rising.


Feng Ran is sleeping on a seat next to the bed while Chen Xiang is sleeping on a couch not far away.





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