Volume 1, Chapter 12: The Poisoned Man


Yun Qian Yu’s eyes dims.  “Is the illness that heavy?”


Everyone looks at the Seventh Elder.  He lowers his head, “Yes.”


After that, he sighs for a long time.  “He is poisoned.  The same kind of poison that killed Madam that year.”


“Chan Ming?” Waves of ripples can finally be seen on Yun Qian Yu’s previously calm eyes.


Chan Ming and Xiao Yan are the two poisons that cannot be cured in this world.  These two poisons were developed one hundred years ago by two people who loved experimenting with poisons yet hated each other.  In the end, both of them died from the two poisons.  Because of that no one can develop it’s cure.


It is an inofficial regulation in their society that only five tablets of poison are to be developed at one time.  The two people poisoned each other with one each.  There were then four remaining tablets.  Three years ago, her mother was poisoned with one Chan Ming and now, another person was poisoned with it as well.  That leaves two more tablets of Chan Ming out there.  As for Xiao Yan, it hasn’t appeared even once in the past hundred years.  Since Chan Ming pills manage to change hands, it is very possible that Xiao Yan pills are as well.


Yun Qian Yu feels like her idle days are finally coming to an end.  She stands up and scrutinizes the heavy expression on the Seventh Elder and Uncle Chai.  She understands their hearts.  To them, Yun Valley is their home, and it’s inhabitants, their family members.  They does not want to see the valley being coveted by others.  And now, a piece of Xiang Yun Ling has appeared, but the person is actually suffering from a poison they have no idea how to cure.  This is a good chance to secure Yun Valley, they are not willing to lose this opportunity ah!


The First Elder sighs, “The other reason Master must see that person is because only you can see whether or not the Xiang Yun Ling is authentic.”


Zi Yu Xin Jing is a method that only a Yun family member can practice.  It’s internal power cannot be imitated by others.  Only Yun Qian Yu can determine the authenticity of Xiang Yun Ling.


“Let’s go.  I want to see how the poison that claimed my mother’s life is like.”  Yun Qian Yu is even more interested in the culprit behind the poisoning.  Does the person has anything to do with Shen Ye Wu who poisoned her mother years before?  As far as she knows, even though Shen Ye Wu didn’t marry, she did took in two disciples.


Feng Ran’s eyes hardens.  He can see something flashing in his heart yet he has no idea what it is.  He is the only one left in the hall, he hastily comes out after them.


In the outer valley, a couple of guards watches over a single bamboo building, no one is allowed to get close.  The Master of the Valley, Yun Qian Yu, the seven elders and the Head Guard Feng Ran; basically all the elites within Yun Valley are all there.  They quickly pay their respect.


Yun Qian Yu stops at the entrance.  A peculiar scent fills the air around the building.


The Seventh Elder says, “People who have been poisoned by Chan Ming will naturally exudes this scent.  Only after they die will the scent disperses.”


Uncle Chai pushes open the door.  Yun Qian Yu enters, followed by the crowd.


A twenty something man is reclining on the bed inside the building.  His face and the part of his arm that is exposed are black.  It is indeed the symptom of a poisoning.


Hearing them, the man forces himself to open his eyes, what he sees is an exceptionally beautiful woman.  He is not surprised because the entire Jianghu knows that the current Master of Yun Valley is Yun Tian’s daughter; whose face exceeds even that of her mother’s by a couple of points.  He takes out a piece of cold, irregular jade from his chest.  His hand trembles as he hands it over to Yun Qian Yu.


Yun Qian Yu scrutinizes the jade pendant.  The familiar feeling she gets from it tells her that this is genuine.


That man’s hopeful eyes are continuously trained on Yun Qian Yu.  If Yun Qian Yu accepts that jade pendant, he might have the chance to live.  But if Yun Qian Yu rejects it, that means the even Yun Valley cannot cure him.  Death is the only path left for him.


Yun Qian Yu looks at the jade pendant for a while.  After that, she carefully looks at him and says, “You keep the jade pendant first.  I shall diagnose you first before deciding to receive it or not.”


The man’s eyes dims as he retrieves his hand.


The expressions of the seven elders and Uncle Chai behind Yun Qian Yu get even more anxious.   Since Yun Qian Yu said it like that, it means the jade pendant is authentic.


Yun Qian Yu takes out her slender, jade-like hand and checks his pulse.


A touch of warmth brims over that man’s heart, he struggles to lift his eyes and earnestly stares at Yun Qian Yu.  He has seen a lot of beauties but Yun Qian Yu is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.  She also has that indescribable temperament.  He is stunned.


A burst of pain can suddenly be felt on his fingertip, he quickly snaps out of his daze.  Yun Qian Yu uses a silver needle to pierce through his fingertip.  The blood that drips out is collected in a jade plate.

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Yun Qian Yu gently sniffs the dark and condensed drops of black blood.  Uncle Chai and the elders are all waiting nervously.


The Seventh Elder is the most anxious one out of the lot: “Master, be careful.  If you want to do something, just let me do it.”  He tries to take the jade plate from Yun Qian Yu’s hand.  Yun Qian Yu gently stops him, “It’s okay.”


With a wave of hand, she infuses purple mists into those few drops of blood.


When the seven elders see that, they are all delighted.  Their master has actually broken into the ninth level of Zi Yu Xin Jing!  She is truly a demoness of martial arts ah!


Yun Qian Yu carefully navigates her inner power.  After a moment, black mists floats out of the black blood drops.  After that, the blood slowly turns to red.   Yun Qian Yu stops and sniffs the blood once again.  That particular scent is no longer there.


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Yun Qian Yu quietly collects those black mists into an empty jade bottle inside her sleeves.  After that, she hands over the jade plate to the Seventh Elder to be sniffed.  The Seventh Elder carefully smells it, the blood no longer contains that faint scent!  He trembles in excitement.  The cure for ‘Chan Ming’ is actually that simple?  Then why didn’t the previous Master use it to save the Madam?


Yun Qian Yu waves her hand and those drops of bloods disappear.


“Do not be too happy yet.  Only I can do that method for now.”


The Seventh Elder’s excitement quietly dies down.  The him who is obsessed with medicinal art understands that the price for that poison is too large.


“I can cure this poison.”  Yun Qian Yu takes the Xiang Yun Ling from the man’s palm.  Since she can cure him, the pendant will now be hers.


The man’s eyes brightens.  But then, he is overcomes with vigilance, “Three years ago, Valley’s Master’s mother also suffered from the same poison.  But nobody can cure her.”  What he means by that was, are you all trying to cheat me into giving the jade pendant back?


Yun Qian Yu does not show even a trace of displeasure over the man’s suspicious words, “Then why did you come to Yun Valley to seek help?”


That man chokes, “I was just trying my luck.  If Valley’s Master cannot cure it, then nobody can.”


Yun Qian Yu simply says, “Then you are in luck.”


When Yun Qian Yu sniffed that black blood, she discovers that it is made of 120 different poisons.  In order to cure it, you must know the exact ratios of the 120 poisons.  There isn’t a complete tablet of Chan Ming in her hand right now, so she cannot concoct the antidote.


If she hadn’t entered the ninth level of Zi Yu Xin Jing, she wouldn’t be able to help this man today.


His luck is not only good, it cannot get any better.


“I can cure you, but I will need your cooperation.”


“However so?”


“In order to make the antidote, I will need a complete and intact pill of Chan Ming.”


“What kind of nonsense is this?” the man is angered.


“There is another way; cleansing your blood.”  Yun Qian Yu’s expression remains the same despite the man’s outburst.  She remains calm like water from the beginning till the end.


“Cleansing my blood?  How?” the man asks curiously.


“You have seen it just now.  Draw out blood from your body, I will purify the poison in them.  After that, we will put the blood back into your body.”


The man opens his mouth in surprise, how can that be?  Blood can flows out but can never flows back in.  From what he knows, this is an impossible thing.  Don’t tell him he needs to drink them back?  Just thinking about it makes him feel sick.


“You can do that?”


Yun Qian Yu nods.


The man ponders for a while, “Is it dangerous?”


“As long as you believes in me and cooperates with me, I assure you there will be no danger whatsoever.”  Yun Qian Yu’s face is indifferent.


At that moment, a guard reports from outside, “Master, there are dozens of people clamoring outside our valley.”

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