Volume 2, Chapter 3-3: The End of the Man That Went Too Far

I ran in the direction of Patrick’s loud voice. When I got near I saw him rushing up to Tina and I quickly placed myself in between them.

“Calm down, what happened?”

I protect Tina behind my back and ask Patrick this question.

“What do you mean what happened? That girl spoke to me disrespectfully.”

“Okay. And what is Tina’s side —”

I turned to look at Tina and her face quickly stiffened.

“It doesn’t matter what I say, Leon-sama. This spoiled brat won’t do anything on his own.”

“Wh-what did you say!? I just told her to do this disgusting thing for me!”

“That’s the same thing! So, I told you Leon-sama wouldn’t want me doing that. Then, I got angry when you started yelling at me!”

“Wh-wh-wh-wh-, You……Even though you’re nothing but a commoner, you speak to a noble like that! Don’t worry, I’ll teach you your place now!”

Patrick tries to get closer to Tina. But before he was able to get to her, I again stepped in front of him.

“….Let’s put an end to this. Didn’t I tell you that you’re not allowed to use your social status here?”

“What about it? Educating the commoners is a job of the nobility.”

“….You’re the worst.”


I glanced at Patrick and then turned toward Tina.


Tina’s clearly worried and her body is trembling.

— Did I scare her? I showed as kind of a smile as possible and gently moved my finger across her cheek.

“I’m sorry I surprised you. I’m not angry with you, Tina. Your cheek, did Patrick hit you?”

Tina’s cheek was red and swollen. Thinking back, I remember hearing a loud noise at the same time Patrick had started yelling.

“That’s…..well, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for causing trouble….”

“You’re fine…..I should be the one apologizing. I was wrong.”

Someday, other nobility will join this school. I wanted to have a small test before that day — but I was careless. That test was hurting the students here.

Within the first week, Patrick had started attending school, there were three reports of something similar to this happening. In other words, Patrick has done this same thing to at least three other students.

Nevertheless, having heard Tina’s words, I don’t care anymore. I don’t care what may happen with the Marquis of Gramp…

I wasn’t thinking about what these children were having to put up with.


“Yes, what is it?”

“…..Please look at Tina’s cheek.”

“…..Will you be fine by yourself?”

“It’s not for show that I train with you every day — or at least I’d like to say that, but I’m not confident. However, this is my fault. I should be the one to fix it.”

“Okay, I understand. Now then….Tina-chan, I’ll make your cheek feel better.”

Alice calls Tina over to her. After seeing that, I turned to Patrick. Patrick seems to be angry that he has been ignored this entire time. His face is bright red.

“Wh-what are you going to do?”

“Isn’t it obvious? You’ve gone too far.”

“Wh-what are you saying!? Are you going to believe the words of a commoner over me!?”

“I have no reason not to believe in her words. Besides, this isn’t the first time you’ve caused problems. You’ve caused too much trouble here. Didn’t you say you’d drop out if you caused problems?”

“Don’t joke with me! You expect me to drop out!? As if that would ever happen!”

Patrick keeps on pushing his argument, then I noticed a disgusting smile come across his face.

“….Ah, I understand. So you are doing something suspicious here. It would be bad for you if I found out, so you want me to drop out, right!?”

I don’t give him an answer. Patrick then brought his face close to mine, believing that he was right.

“Ha….ahahaha, bulls-eye? Oi, take back what you said earlier. Then, kneel down and say, ‘I’m sorry, Patrick-sama.’ Maybe then I will forgive you.”


“Ha? Speak up.”

“—I said get out!”

I raise my right hand and hit the right side of Patrick’s face.

Patrick’s completely stunned and takes two or three steps back before falling to the ground. While looking down on him, I give him one final warning.

“Never come to this school again…..No, never enter the Grances territory ever again. I will make this a place where my students can live happily.”

“Y…you….punched…You punched me!?”

“You hit Tina. You should be prepared to take a punch yourself.”

“Ah, right. Then, I guess you should be ready to take a beating yourself! Oi, Gilm! Teach this insolent brat a lesson!”

Patrick cries hysterically to one of his attendants.

Ah….right. I completely forgot about them. One of them is……his steward and the other is a knight.

Thinking about that, if I look towards them, the man with the better physique began approaching me with a vulgar smile on his face. I’m guessing the man named Gilm is the knight.

“Hahaha, it’s an order. It’s nothing personal, nobleman.”

No, no matter what he says I can tell he’s enjoying the thought of destroying a weak opponent.

Does Patrick think he can get away with using his bodyguard to attack an earl?

Is he really that confident in the power of the Marquis of Gramp, or is he just not thinking straight right now……I’m not sure which is better.

“It’s too late for you to beg and cry now, here I come!”

The man named Gilm begins rushing at me with his fist raised. He won’t touch me….

Without touching me….he passed by. I then hooked my leg around his, causing him to lose his balance.

Like that, Gilm hopped on one leg awkwardly, before falling face first into the field.

“Oi, oi, Gilm, what are you doing?”

“Shut your mouth, Bale. I just had something in my eyes!”

Gilm then raised his face from the ground and turned his head towards me, but I was ready and kicked his chin right when we made eye contact.

“Gaa, th…th….is…brat…..”

Does he have a concussion? Gilm collapsed with these final, annoyed words. A person just hit you and you carelessly look away from them? Is this guy an idiot?

“Well, your bodyguard seems to have passed out.”

I turn to look at Patrick.

“This arrogant…..Don’t get a big head just because you won. It was a fluke. I’ll just have to deal with you myself!”

Patrick says this and points his arm at me. He begins gathering a large amount of magical power at once.

The feeling of his magic….it’s different than spirit magic. Perhaps this is the black magic I’ve heard about?

I see. The power of black magic is greater than spirit magic, but it’s much less versatile. I wonder what kind of spell it will be.

I hope it’s something I can deal with….

“Oi, how long are you going to be charging your magic?”

I ask a question to buy some time. I just need a moment or two to form the spell in my mind, but that’s too long to effectively use magic in battle.

“Ha, the black magic used by Patrick-sama has a high casting time, but its power is immeasurable. It’s hilarious that you don’t know something like this. You’ll be going to hell soon, so this is your last chance to pray!”

Even though Bale gave this brief explanation, Patrick’s channeling isn’t over yet.

“Fire Rain!”

—His channeling finished just as I thought that. There were six bright, red flames circling around me. I can tell just by looking at them, that they would easily kill me if they were to even touch me. Then, from six different directions, they all came at me at once.

The students screamed as they saw this.

And all of the flames were inches from me,

“Repent for your sins in hell!”

— Just as they were about to connect, I erased them all.


“What was that……about hell?”

“What is this!? Did I misfire? What did…What did you do?”

“Nothing much really. I just countered it with spirit magic.”

“Don’t joke with me! You didn’t cast anything!”


If the black magic is half as powerful as the magic used by Alice, I intended to do whatever I could to avoid it.

I was very worried about it, but……Just like with the attack from Gilm earlier, I can counter this magic with ease.

I’ve been training with spirit magic for a year and a half now; I’ve definitely improved.

“Im-impossible, you can use spirit magic without chanting?”

“And if I were to say yes?”

“You must be joking! There’s only a handful of geniuses that can use magic without chanting! You’re telling me a child like you can do that!?”

“Even if you say something like that….”

Well, actually, this is only thanks to Alice’s sensory sharing. By myself this would be impossible, but……I have no obligation to tell this to the guy that hit Tina.

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“Is that really the best you can do?”

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Alice, Alice, Alice. I always rely on Alice — I laugh a little at myself.

“Why…..this….mocking…….Continuing to mock me and make a fool of me! You dare look down on me!? Fine, I’ll kill you with my greatest magic!”

Patrick, who can’t hear my inner thoughts, is enraged. He starts chanting just like before. Does he really think he’ll have the time for that? At that time, I began collecting the mana in the atmosphere to form magical power in my body.

—The next moment, 32 blades of wind and blue flames formed around me in a semicircle.

By the way, my original flame spell just called on the Spirit of the Wind to bring oxygen to the flames to increase its power. Sadly, Alice was the one doing most of the work.

The ultimate spell. A fusion of magic and science that does not exist in this world! I wish I was doing this on my own, but Alice is sneaky as always.

“H-How many are there!? There’s no way you can control that many flames!”

“Don’t worry, I can probably manage double this amount.”

I slowly raise my arm.

One of the blue flames flew forward and landed next to Patrick. The blue flames were scattered about by the wind.

“Hiiiiiiiiiii! Wa-wa-wa-wait a minute! We can talk about this!”


“Y-yes. Recently we started a mine in our territory. We can give you some percentage of the profits, in exchange for Sophia.”

“…Just stop talking already.”

And all of the blue flames flew in the direction of Patrick at once. Patrick’s face was overcome with fear.

“…..Alright, I guess he fainted. That should be fine, right?”

I guess he fainted from fear, I muttered to myself while looking at Patrick.

He wasn’t completely unharmed because the attack was similar to a hurricane, but there were no serious injuries. I just wanted to scare him.

For hitting Tina, this is the least I had to do.

“So, Bale, did you have anything to say?”

“Hiuuu!? I-is there anything I can do for you, Leon-sama!?”

What was that scream? This guy is scared as well. He even used honorifics. Was I a little too threatening?

……Well, this makes things easier.

“When he wakes up, tell him to leave and never set foot in the Grances territory again. If he ever returns, I won’t miss.”

“Yes, right. I’ll be sure to tell him!”

“Also, tell him to report me to the Marquis of Gramp if he wishes. And at that time, I will completely destroy the Rodwell family…..Do you understand?”

“I….I understand!”

“Right, take these two and leave now.”

“Yes, we’ll leave right away!”

Bale runs off carrying Patrick and Gilm. I say ‘carry’ but it’s more like he dragged them away. Being able to move two people around the same size as him, he must be pretty strong.

As I was watching this —

“…..Le-o-n, can I talk to you for a moment?”


Suddenly, I could hear Milli’s angry voice from behind me. When I turned around, I could see Milli smiling with her temple beginning to twitch in anger.

“Wh-wh-wh-wh-why are you angry!?”

“Fufufufufu~, did you not notice what you did to the field?”


I turned around to see a field that had been completely destroyed by my spirit magic.

“Do you have something to say?”

“……..that’s impressive.”


“Uwaaaa, I’m sorry! Please forgive me! I’ll fix it!”

After that, I ploughed the field using spirit magic while crying.

Then, there were stories among the students that you should never make Milli Sensei angry. After that, it seemed that Milli’s lessons went without any interruptions for a while.

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