Volume 1, Chapter 14: Entering the Capital


Feng Ran is very alert, when Yun Qian Yu looks at him, he immediately wakes up.  His pair of eyes immediately flashes in brilliance as he stares at Yun Qian Yu.  Now that she has woken up, Feng Ran is very delighted.


“You are awake.  Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?” his light voice reveals his worry; there isn’t a single trace of usual unruliness in his voice.


Yun Qian Yu shakes her head and tries to get up.  But she has no energy and in the end falls back into the bed.


Feng Ran immediately gets up and helps her recline on the bed.  After that, he places a small pillow behind her as he stares at her in worry.


“You are already like this and you’re still insisting you are fine.”  Feng Ran complains as he rolls his eyes at Yun Qian Yu.

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“I am really alright; just I have no energy left.  Resting for a couple of days should do me fine.”


Feng Ran is dissatisfied, “What do you take me for?  A three year old?”


“The Seventh Elder must have prepared me some soup, I bet Hong Su did as well.  I am famished.” Yun Qian Yu purposely changes the topic into something lighter.


Feng Ran’s eyes flashes, he does not have the heart to say more.  He turns towards Chen Xiang who has just woken up and says, “Bring the soups over!”


Hearing Yun Qian Yu’s desire to drink soup, Chen Xiang happily flashes off and comes back real quick, carrying a pot of soup that Hong Su has brewed for a long time.  Hong Su and the Seventh Elder follow her from behind.


All four pair of enlarged eyes watches Yun Qian Yu drinking a bowl of the soup in one go, only then can they finally be at ease.


The Seventh Elder is really capable.  Not long after the soup enters her stomach, Yun Qian Yu can already feel herself gaining back some energy.  Just a moment ago she felt as though her entire body was made of cotton.


She faces Feng Ran, “Prepare everything, we will set off once the sky is bright.”


All four have disagreeable expressions on their faces, Feng Ran frowns in particular.


A rare trace of warmth and weakness can be seen in Yun Qian Yu as she says, “Feng Ran, I will be completely defenseless in the upcoming one month, you must protect me well!”


Feng Ran knows what she means.  Immediately departing or resting for a couple of days before departing is just the same for her, but it may not necessarily be the same for those people in the capital.


Feng Ran looks at the fragile her, his heart softening.  “Don’t worry.”  After that, he strides out in large steps to prepare everything.


Yun Qian Yu turns to the Seventh Elder, “Give the two bottles to me.”  The Seventh Elder naturally knows what she is referring to.  He quickly walks off to take them.


And then, Yun Qian Yu turns to Chen Xiang.  “Bath, and after that, help me change.”


Chen Xiang quickly calls Ying Yu and Yu Nuo; the three of them helps Yun Qian Yu bathes and changes clothes.


There isn’t a single trace of Man Er.  Yun Qian Yu knows without even asking that Man Er is now in the outer valley to fix the matrix method surrounding the entire valley.  Yun Qian Yu secretly sighs, that foolish girl.  The Second Elder and the Third Elder are both well versed in the matrix technique, Yun Valley will be fine under those two people’s hands.


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Yun Qian Yu knows what is going on in Man Er’s mind.  Man Er, Chen Xiang, Ying Yu and Yu Nuo are all abandoned children.  The four of them grew up under the protection of Yun Valley so all of them are trying to show their gratitude through their actions.


After Yun Qian Yu finishes bathing, Hong Su is already waiting in her chamber.  “Mistress, the Seventh Elder says you will have to continue eating the medicine for a month,” Hong So carefully says.


Yun Qian Yu studies her anxious face and sighs, “Pack your things, then.  You will be coming with us.”


Hong Su is quickly invigorated upon hearing that, “I have packed up long ago!”


Yun Qian Yu speechlessly glances at her.  This brat knows she will take her with them long ago.


Chen Xiang and the two other girls roll their eyes at her arrogance while Hong Su retaliates by raising her chin up even further.


Feng Ran enters once Yun Qian Yu finishes changing.  She is wearing an elegant watery blue dress, there is a thin yarn cloth of the same color covering it.  She resembles a lofty fairy.  Her beautiful face is still a little pale, while her hair is tied simply by a silk fabric behind her.


Yun Qian Yu gets up to walk towards the door, supported by Chen Xiang.  Seeing her unstable footsteps, Feng Ran’s eyes darkens.  His heart aches as he makes his way to her.  He holds her by the waist and picks her up.  “You should not move around for the next couple of days.  Just rest.”


Yun Qian Yu indeed has little energy, so she lets Feng Ran takes her outside.


The seven elders and Uncle Chai are all outside the door.  When they sees her, they bows in respect.


The First Elder says, “Master, take care.”


The Seventh Elder hands Hong Su a couple pieces of paper, “This is the appropriate medicine and meals combination that I have come up with, remember to make this for Master everyday.”


Hong Su receives it and carefully tucks it on her chest, “Don’t worry, Seventh Elder.”


Feng Ran carefully puts Yun Qian Yu inside a carriage, the carriage has already been equipped with the scent of jasmine incense that she loves so much.  There is a small case at the corner, on top of it are exquisite pastries and grapes that have been washed clean.  Chen Xiang follows her into the carriage to serve her.


Yun Qian Yu leans against a tender cushion before closing her eyes.  Her long lashes didn’t move as she falls asleep.


Just as the carriage is about to leave the valley, Man Er chases after them while breathing heavily.  Just as she was about to open her mouth, Feng Ran presses her mute point.  She angrily glares at Feng Ran, once he presses somebody’s acupuncture point, no one will be able to turn it back on.  Man Er points at her own mouth, asking him why he is doing that.


Feng Ran glances at the carriage and eyes her meaningfully.  If he didn’t press her mute point, her loud voice would have woken the sleeping Yun Qian Yu inside.  Man Er finally understands, she nods at Feng Ran.


Feng Ran waves his hand and reopens her mute point.  Man Er clicks her tongue before entering the carriage behind; the one that carries Ying Yu, Yu Nuo and Hong Su.  She pats her own chest, secretly saying: Close call, I almost got left out.


A lot of things have unfold in the capital for the past one month.  First of all, the emperor brought his imperial grandson to the capital.  Rui Qinwang had been trying to seek audience for a couple of times but had been rejected each time for various reasons.


Turbulent winds have enveloped the court.  All factions are waiting on the sideline, wondering about the emperor’s new move.  Those who initially thought Rui Qinwang will be able to reach his ambition are now waiting anxiously.


The young and little Murong Yu Jian isn’t fearsome, but Murong Cang who has ruled for 43 years is.  Murong Cang successfully secured the throne over his brothers, reigning firmly for more than four decades.  After his sons died one by one, only one imperial grandson is left, one whom he had personally nurtures and care for.


This emperor whom has won over the battle of the throne over Rui Qinwang and has since becomes the subject of fear throughout the four kingdoms, will he truly lose under Rui Qinwang’s hand this time?  They initially thought their decision was wise, but they somehow didn’t think so anymore.


A piece of news makes those people even more restless, the emperor plans to appoint a Hu Guo Princess.  This princess is an adopted sister whom Murong Yu Jian has gotten acquainted with three years ago, she is now recognized as the emperor’s granddaughter.  Conferring a princess isn’t really that curious of a thing, but what startles them is her title, Hu Guo Princess.  No need to explain what that title implies.


(TN: Hu Guo (Hu Guo) = Protector of the Country.)


The people in Rui Qinwang’s faction are especially fidgety, the more they investigate about this Hu Guo Princess thing, the more flabbergasted they becomes.


Amidst the uncertain atmosphere surrounding the capital, there is at least one good news.  The genius of Nan Lou Kingdom, the very person who frightens all the other three kingdoms, the talented and peerless Xian Wang has returned after traveling for three years.


The owners of make-up shops, apparel shops and jewel shops are all laughing in delight, expecting big profits.   As expected, all the shops are overcrowded the past couple of days.  All those maidens who admires Xian Wang spends lavishly on new clothes, jewelries and make up.  Even restaurants and wine shops gets better businesses.


In the Xian Wang manor, all servants, from maids to servant boys to even guards, restlessly cleans every corner of the residence.  Not a single dust can be spotted anywhere.  Xian Wang likes cleanliness, if he is not satisfied anywhere and use that as an excuse to travel again, they will not be able to bear the old wangye’s anger.


The housekeeper, Yun Shan runs hastily and enters the old wangye’s Fu Yun Court.  He passes over the old walls and as he turns over the cobblestone corridor, he sees the old wangye sitting on a rattan chair.  He is holding a book, yet his eyes are on the bright sky outside.   Hearing him coming over, the old wangye glances at him, “What are you panicking about?”


Yun Shan’s entire face is full of excitement, “Old wangye, wangye has returned!”


“What?” the book on the old wangye’s hand unconsciously falls.  He gets up.


“When will he arrive?” he excitedly grasps his hand as he asks.


Yun Shan’s lips twitches as he answers, “He should be entering the capital by now.”


The old wangye waves his hand, “Quick, take out all those pictures of those beauties.”





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