Volume 1, Chapter 15: Entering the Capital


Yun Shan stiffens: old wangye, you doing this will only make the wangye turn away the moment he steps into the manor.


The old wangye is still ignorant, stroking his beard with a smile as though his granddaughter in law in going to enter through the door anytime soon.


“Housekeeper Yun, wangye has reached the main entrance.”  A servant breathlessly runs before reporting outside.


“Didn’t you say he has just entered the capital, why is he so fast?” Yun Shan freezes, waving his hands at the crowd who is watching at him, “What are you looking at?  Hurry and welcome wangye!”


Even the old wangye excitedly walks out, but then he ponders, which grandfather welcomes his grandson like this?  Especially towards a grandson so crafty like his.  He has such a handsome face, almost demonic.  How many maidens have been seduced by that face of his just from his trip towards the capital alone and yet he refuses to choose even one to marry.  It’s okay if he doesn’t like anyone from the capital, but that brat wanders outside for three years, can’t he at least bring one woman home?  He clearly wants to antagonize this old sack of bones!  Not wanting to see him getting arrogant over him, the feet that was about to walk outside stops.


Yun Shan sees him, a smile forming on his lips.  Old wangye ah, why must you make things hard for yourself?  It is not the real him if he didn’t excitedly welcomes his grandson.


He shakes his head, secretly sighing.  Wangye will only be eighteen this year, what is the old wangye so hasty about?  Since he couldn’t understand him, he gives up and quickly runs out to the main entrance.  As the door to the main entrance is opened, a large crowd can be seen gathering outside as they stares unnervingly at the carriage that is leisurely making it’s way towards the manor.  The eye-catching Xian Wang residence’s crest on it tells them that the wangye is inside.


The coachman of the carriage, San Qiu has a helpless expression on his face. They had been stared at like monkeys from the moment they entered the capital.  Those thirsty eyes…  The wangye is inside the carriage, so it is fine for him.  But he is downright exposed ah!  It is like being put to death by a thousand cuts by countless of eyes.


Seeing their kingly residence nearby, San Qiu heaves in relief.  The journey that should have taken 7 to 8 days ended up taking half a month because of wangye.


Yun Shan pushes away the curtain of the carriage’s door with an elated smile, “Wangye, you are back.”


Gong Sang Mo closes his eyes while leaning against the inner carriage.  When he hears Yun Shan, he replies him with a low sound before opening his pair of phoenix eyes.  With the curtain that is pushed open by Yun Shan, he waves his pale blue sleeve before alighting the carriage.


His pace are neither hurried nor slow, he walks past the threshold and into the manor.  He asks as he walks, “Uncle Yun, is grandfather well?”


Yun Shan respectfully answers him, “The old wangye is fine.  He just misses wangye.”

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Gong Sang Mo laughs warmly, “More like he misses his future granddaughter in law.”


Yun Shan chokes, speechlessly looking down as he walks.  The boots he is wearing today is made by his daughter in law, no matter how he looks at it, it looks pretty.


Gong Sang Mo continues, “How many pictures of beauties did grandfather prepares this time?”


Yun Shan feels like answering his question and not answering are wrong either way, so in the end, he keeps his gaze on the new boots that his daughter in law made.  Over the past three years, wangye will only return on new years, and even then, he will only stay for half a month.  Everytime he returned, the old wangye would resort to this trick, because of that, after exactly half a month, Xian Wang would mount his horse and left without a single trace.


It is not easy for Xian Wang to take the initiative to return this time, don’t tell him he will run away again because of all those pictures!


Gong Sang Mo studies Yun Shan’s expression and decides to not make things hard for him: “I guess I will know once I meet grandfather.”


Yun Shan heaves in relief.


Gong Sang Mo appears to be pacing leisurely but his steps are actually pretty fast.  Yun Shan can only catch up to him when he jogs.  He cannot stop himself from praising Xian Wang in his heart, seems like his power gets even stronger this time.


“Grandfather, Mo Er is back.”  Gong Sang Mo says as he enters through the door.


The old wangye suppresses his excitement, he pulls his face, “You actually knows how to come home ah?”


Gong Sang Mo pays his ceremonial respect before lifting his robes a little to sit next to his grandfather.  Seeing the bunch of paintings of beautiful maidens cluttering on the table, the corner of his eyes twitches.  This method again.


“What’s with your expression?  My granddaughter-in-law, when are you going to bring her to me?” The old wangye raises his beard, his beady eyes glaring at him as he demands that.  After he says that, he pushes those pictures in front of Gong Sang Mo.


“These are the most beautiful and virtuous unmarried young maidens in the capital. They are all proficient in musical skills, chess skills, literary skills and painting skills.  Take a look at them, choose one that you like.”


Housekeeper Yun Shan is carrying a tray of tea that has been brewed by the maids.  As he serves them to the pair, he steals a look at paintings on the table.  And then, he looks at Gong Sang Mo in sympathy.  He tacitly retreats.


The old wangye personally picks a painting, “I think this Jiang Yun Yi is not bad.  She is sixteen.  She has a very pretty face; tall and slender.  Heard she is an expert in musical instrument.  She is Grand Tutor Jiang’s granddaughter from a primary daughter in law. It is better if the husband has better background than the wife, she is just right.”


The corner of Gong Sang Mo’s lips twitches.  Even the qinwangs from the imperial family cannot compare to Xian Wang’s manor, if he is to seek someone from the same status, who will he marry?  A princess?


A peerlessly beautiful yet indifferent face floats in his mind, his eyes softens.  Seems like it is not entirely impossible!


The old wangye studies Gong Sang Mo’s expression, a light flashing in his eyes.  Seems like all of his efforts to collect these paintings are in vain, his grandson finally likes someone; he actually has someone in his heart.  The woman who managed to enter his grandson’s heart must not be simple.


However, in order to have his granddaughter in law marrying into their family even earlier so he can get a great grandson, it is necessary for him to fan the fire.


“What do you think?  You like her?”


Gong Sang Mo’s eyelashes flutter, the feeling in his eyes has been cut short by the grandfather.  “Since when has grandfather’s eyes becomes so tasteless?  Grandfather also liked that woman who is now with Situ Han Yi.  Even if grandfather doesn’t mind her actions, I do.” Gong Sang Mo rolls his eyes at his grandfather.


The old wangye gets really angry when he hears that, “You brat, is your butt itching for a spanking?” Even though he says that, he actually waves his hand and flings Jiang Yun Yi’s picture far away.


Gong Sang Mo leisurely replies him, “Grandfather, please examine yourself.  This grandson only lets you hit me because I don’t want you to be upset.”  If he hadn’t pity that old sack of bone who chases after him in the courtyard, he wouldn’t have let him hit his butt.  He just got unlucky and was seen by that Hua Man Xi.  Hua Man Xi really needs to die.


“Yun Shan.” Gong Sang Mo calls the housekeeper.


Yun Shan enters while keeping his head low, grimacing.  Must wangye calls him at this very moment and make him the punching bag?


“Bring these pictures back to wherever they came from.”


As expected, the moment Gong Sang Mo says that, the old wangye jumps up violently.  “He told you to come in and you really came in!  Why are you so obedient to him?  Am I, this old head, is no longer of use?”


Black lines appear on Yun Shan’s face, he knew this will happen.  The old wangye cannot bear to throw tantrum at his own grandson, so he throws it on him instead.


Gong Sang Mo brushes his robe as he gets up; he whisks his pale blue sleeves before he walks out.  “Why don’t you rest, grandfather?  You are not tired from this act, but this grandson feels tired on your behalf.”


“You little brat—-“ before the old wangye even finishes scolding, Gong Sang Mo’s silhouette already disappears.  Yun Shan laughs, “Old wangye, the wangye is only leaving to change clothes.  He already told us he will have his lunch with you.”


The old wangye stroke his beard, the violent outburst from earlier immediately gone.  It is replaced by a look of anticipation.


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The old wangye whispers, “Yun Shan-ah, what kind of lady do you think that brat likes?”


“Wangye already has a lady that he likes?” Yun Shan curiously scratches his head, why didn’t he know that?  He must definitely ask San Qiu later!  Seeing the pleased expression on the old wangye’s face, Yun Shan knows that there is nothing or no one in this world that can escape the old wangye’s eyes.  Since old wangye said so, the wangye must truly have someone he likes at this moment.  Seems like the manor will have a new female owner soon!  He no longer has to stand between two angry people anymore!


“Yun Shan, go to the kitchen.  Make sure they cook Mo Er’s favorite meals!” the old wangye strokes his beard in elation.  And then he points at those pictures, “Take those back to where they came from.”


Hearing similar instructions from both the old wangye and the wangye, Yun Shan is finally at peace.  The pair of grandfather and grandson are finally in tandem.  If that isn’t the case, he really has no idea how he should handle those paintings.


Gong Sang Mo finally arrives at his own Qian Yu Pavillion.  He looks at the inscription tablet that his father personally wrote and named; his lips forms a smile.  The name on the tablet now has a completely different meaning in his heart.


Gong Sang Mo steps into his chamber and bathes before getting dressed.  San Qiu enters.  “Master, Hua Man Xi has gone to the Eastern Gate with great fanfare.”




“He said he wants to welcome the beauty.”  San Qiu studies Gong Sang Mo’s expression that has turn cold.




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