Volume 1, Chapter 16: Entering the Capital


Gong Sang Mo narrows his eyes, “Going at the right time is better than going early.  Since he wants it so much, let him wait for a while!”


The pale blue figure flashes and the person is no longer inside Qian Yu Pavillion.


“San Qiu, what are you standing there for?  Wangye has already gone to accompany the old wangye for lunch.”  A voice comes from a dark corner.  Only then did San Qiu returns from his daze.  He immediately follows his master.


Yun Qian Yu on the other hand sleeps through the entire journey.  Only when it comes to meal time did Chen Xiang wakes her up to let her drink the body regeneration soup.  After rushing through the journey, they finally reach the capital on the evening of the agreed day.


On the Eastern Gate, Hua Man Xi lazily sits on a carriage, he has waited for an entire afternoon and yet his face did not carry the slightest trace of impatience.  One month ago, he did not get to see Yun Qian Yu’s face.  Only after he met the emperor did he found out about her connection with him and the imperial grandson.


Yun Qian Yu hasn’t shown up.  She is currently the talk of the town in the capital and that makes him even more curious about her.  She is just a fifteen year old girl, in what way is she so outstanding that the emperor thinks so highly of her.


In the Eastern Gate, there is one more person who is there to watch the fun.  He too sits on a carriage, yet his carries the crest of Rui Qinwang’s manor.


That man tilts his head at Hua Man Xi, “I wonder when Xi shizi got acquainted with Hu Guo Princess.”

(TN: Shizi is the term to address the eldest son of an emperor or feudal lord, but I am not sure how to put this in English.  Prince?)


Hua Man Xi sways his legs around before replying without even looking at the other party, “Didn’t the third gongzi know that I haven’t left the capital for three years?”


Even though the decree hasn’t been officially declared, the emperor has already brings this up to the ministers.  Even if Murong Xuan refuses to acknowledge this princess who suddenly shows up, there is nothing he can do about her.  His father allowed him to stroll around today, he considers this his father’s trust for him.  Perhaps, he still has a place in his father’s heart.  What he didn’t know was, his father, Rui Qinwang only allows him to go out this time because he is famous for being flamboyant.  That image of his enables him to check out this princess without arousing suspicion.


Murong Xuan is used to Hua Man Xi’s arrogance.  These past few years, even though both of them are the black sheep of their respective families, Murong Xuan is the kind that likes to enjoy beauties on top of beds while Hua Man Xi only likes to view them, not eat them.  In the entire capital, only Xian Wang; Gong Sang Mo can handle Hua Man Xi.


Murong Xuan does not wish to provoke Hua Man Xi who fears nothing; and is the kind that can only be at peace once the world is in chaos.  He laughs, “I didn’t know.”


Hua Man Xi rolls his eyes at him, “The third gongzi burrows himself in the lair of tenderness all day, of course you didn’t know that.  Why did you suddenly abandon all of your beauties today?”


Thinking of his women, Murong Xuan’s face stirs.  “If it weren’t for f……”  His mouth almost slips.  He quickly tries to mend the situation, “I heard Hu Guo Princess is an exceptional beauty.  How can I miss out from seeing her?”


Even though Murong Xuan changes his words half-way, Hua Man Xi smirks, knowing that Rui Qing Wang sent him here to appraise the situation.  Rui Qinwang actually put his trust on this son of his?


“Third gongzi has to be careful, not all kind of fun can be watched together.


Murong Xuan curls his lips; who dares to touch the son of Rui Qinwang in this entire capital?  He can see a carriage coming over from afar, “This Hu Guo Princess is really interesting.”


Hua Man Xi eyes the carriage that is slowly closing in, “This shizi is only following the order to escort the princess into the palace; her being interesting or not has nothing to do with me.”


Murong Xuan’s voice carries a meaningful tone as he replies, “I want to see how long this Hu Guo Princess can stay in the capital.”


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Hua Man Xi secretly sneers, what Murong Xuan means by that is he wants to see how long Hu Guo Princess can stay alive in the capital.  Remembering his and her’s first encounter a month ago, his heart suddenly carries anticipation.


Seems like the capital will cease from being boring.  Not only will it not be boring, it will also be the center of the nationwide power struggle.


Before Yun Qian Yu’s carriage even arrives, a carriage from within the capital speeds out.  Staring at the carriage, both Hua Man Xi and Murong Xuan frowns.  He knows who that person is without even looking at him.  Hearing the gasps of the womenfolk; he knows, the only one who can incite that kind of reaction is that smiling fox, Gong Sang Mo.  In front of Gong Sang Mo, pretty men like him counts as nothing.


The door of the carriage is slid open as Gong Sang Mo appears in front of the two men.


Murong Xuan’s thoughts are in a mess, “Didn’t Xian Wang came back only today?  Why are you leaving again?”


Hua Man Xi does not want to miss this chance to tease him, “Don’t tell me Grandfather Gong….”  Even though he didn’t finish his sentence, Gong Sang Mo understands him just fine.


“No need to worry about this king.  This king is here to receive an old friend.”


Hua Man Xi’s face stiffens, when did he worry about him?  Is Gong Sang Mo trying to imply that he worries about his butt?  He is being played at again by this foxy Gong Sang Mo.  But still, some words cannot be nitpick at and are best left vague; Hua Man Xi knows that very well.


Anyway, which old friend is Gong Sang Mo talking about?  Don’t tell him they are picking up the same person?  They have known each other for so many years and yet he never heard of any old friends worthy enough to be personally picked up by Xian Wang.


Murong Xuan laughs, “Is it Xian Wang’s female intimate friend?”


There isn’t a single trace of anger in Gong Sang Mo’s face.  He simply replies, “This king hopes so.”


Murong Xuan’s face is filled with delight, he didn’t come in vain today!  Isn’t this considered a big news?


A playful expression rises in Hua Man Xi’s face.  Even though the king title for Gong Clan is one that is bestowed, they have been holding half of the military power ever since the founding of their kingdom.  Their position has been very stable and has always opts out of the things regarding the imperial seat.  He really wonders what Xian Wang’s behavior this time will imply.


At that moment, Yun Qian Yu’s carriage has reached the entrance gate.   Hua Man Xi steps forward while fanning himself, “If I may ask, is the person inside Hu Guo Princess?”


Feng Ran brings his horse forward and size up Hua Man Xi who is fanning himself in the middle of the cold autumn day.   “Yes, she is.  We meet again Xi shizi.”


Seeing Feng Ran, Hua Man Xi’s hand suddenly itches.  “Right.  Seems like our fate is pretty deep.”


Feng Ran ignores Hua Man Xi’s provocation.  He jumps down from his horse and pays his respect to Gong Sang Mo.  “Meeting Xian Wang.”


Gong Sang Mo scrutinizes the steady, gentle breathing inside the carriage.  She is in deep sleep.  She is usually alert, why is she putting down her guards today? He frowns, “What is wrong with her?”


Feng Ran turns around and glances at the carriage.  He is surprised to see Xian Wang knowing about Yun Qian Yu’s frail health without even looking at her.  “My mistress saved a heavily injured person before departing.  She used up her inner power and has been resting since.”


Even though a gentle smile is still plastered on Gong Sang Mo’s face, his fists are balled tightly underneath his sleeves.  It has only been a couple of days since she left his eyesight and yet she already allowed herself to get hurt to that degree.


Murong Xuan is not aware of the exchange between Gong Sang Mo and Feng Ran.  He fans himself as he approaches the carriage.  “Hu Guo Princess is really haughty, are the three of us not worthy enough for you to come out and greet us?”


Hua Man Xi on the other hand notices the exchange between Feng Ran and Gong Sang Mo.  His expression is deep, but he says nothing.


Chen Xiang opens the curtain and steps down the carriage.


Her pink dress floats elegantly, resembling a fairy.  Her slender waist looks even more elegant when covered by layers of thin gauze clothes.   Her pair of big eyes are trained on Murong Xuan in contempt.


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Murong Xuan sizes her up, mistaking her as Yun Qian Yu.  She is indeed a rare beauty!  His pair of eyes already turns into tiny slits as he squints at her.


Murong Xuan isn’t the only one who mistook Chen Xiang as Yun Qian Yu.  The crowd who circles them to join in the fun also mistook Chen Xiang as the Hu Guo Princess.


Hua Man Xi frowns.  This is Hu Guo Princess?  Why does her temperament look so different that the icy indifferent one the other day?  He raise his brows and looks at Gong Sang Mo, there isn’t a single change in Gong Sang Mo’s face.  Even his eyes didn’t move, he keeps staring at the carriage.


“Even the emperor and the imperial grandson does not have the heart to wake my mistress when she is asleep?  You are nothing but a patch of grass, who are you to speak like that?”


Once the beauty speaks, Murong Xuan feels the urge to wring her head and throws it to the ground.


Hua Man Xi glances at Murong Xuan in contempt before turning his appreciative eyes on Chen Xiang.  She indeed isn’t the princess.


Even the maid is this startlingly beautiful and lofty, his heart anticipates Yun Qian Yu even more.


The crowd surrounding them gasps, they stretches their necks, waiting to see how beautiful that Hu Guo Princess will be.


“I am Rui Qinwang’s manor’s third gongzi, I am of royal blood, who do you think you are to speak like that to me?” Murong Xuan now realizes that the girl in front is just a maid, the humiliation in him turns to anger.


Chen Xiang sneers at him, “What?  Are you trying to say you are more esteemed than the emperor and the imperial grandson?”  Even though her voice isn’t heavy or light, it is enough to wake Murong Xuan up.  What she tries to imply is a great offense ah!


“Nonsense, this gongzi did not mean it that way.”


“Then in what way did gongzi means it?”  Chen Xiang relentlessly adds, “My mistress is a princess personally conferred by the emperor.  She is the imperial grandson’s imperial sister.  In this kingdom, she is the most esteemed person below the emperor and the imperial grandson.  May I ask; under what identity is the third gongzi using to speak like that to my mistress?”


“This gongzi——-“ Murong Xuan is speechless. Whatever he says will sounds wrong; whatever he says will make him appear disrespectful towards the emperor.


Chen Xiang turns around and speaks in a stern voice, “Feng Ran, as the Head Guard, how can you stand by the sideline and just watch the show when mistress is being bullied like that?”


Feng Ran does not show any displeasure at Chen Xiang’s words, he simply laughs, “I just wanted to give Chen Xiang the opportunity to say the things that needs to be said!”  As he said that, he waves his hand.  Two Yun Guards wearing white robes appears and seizes Murong Xuan.  They press him to the ground.


Murong Xuan’s martial arts ability isn’t bad.  He struggles for a while and yet it does not have any effect.  He is astonished on the inside.


“I am a member of Murong Imperial Clan, you people have no right to treat me this way.”


Feng Ran glances at him, softly saying, “Before departing, mistress told us that this place is not Yun Valley so the people who offended Mistress will be handled using the imperial law.”


Hua Man Xi is excited, even though he hasn’t meet the owner, all of her subordinates are capable as hell!


“Xi shizi, according to the imperial law, what kind punishment will befall people who disrespected the princess and speak coarse words towards her?”  Feng Ran modestly asks.






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