Volume 1, Chapter 17: Punishment



Something flashes in Hua Man Xi’s phoenix eyes, he is using him as a shield ah!  This Feng Ran is no good ah!  He knows he hates it when people address him as Hua shizi, so he addressed him as Xi shizi, he definitely did his homework before coming to the capital.


Even though he knows he is being used as a shield, he does not wish to miss this rare opportunity to embarrass the Rui Qinwang’s manor.  Now that he looks at it, there is nothing wrong with being a shield!


Once he made up his mind, Hua Man Xi laughs, “According to the laws, the culprit is to be beaten by a rod 100 times.  If his crime is heavy, it will implicate the entire clan.”


Feng Ran nods at Hua Man Xi in satisfaction.  “Thanking Xi shizi for the teaching.”


Hua Man Xi raises his beautiful eyebrows as though saying; let’s teach each other even more in the future.


Feng Ran replies him with a smile, nicely said!  After that, he turns to the Yun guards and says, “Mistress has only entered the capital today, we must not put her under strenuous situations.  Give him 100 beating as a warning and get it over with.  As for involving the entire family, we’ll let it go for now.”  After he said that, Feng Ran appears to be earnestly considering something, “Since it is Rui Qinwang’s manor, we ought to leave them with a little face.  No need to take off his clothes.”


The Yun guards replies with “Yes!”


After that, they take two bamboo planks from another carriage behind Yun Qian Yu’s.

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Hua Man Xi’s lips unconsciously curves; the thick part of those bamboo planks are two cuns while the thinner part are one cun.  It follows the standard plank!


(TN: Cun = inch)


Coming while carrying bamboo planks, does the girl have the habit of hitting people using that?  If it isn’t so, then this girl is really something; she already knows this will happen from the start.  She must be really smart.


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From how Feng Ran said it, does that means he will readily involve the entire family the next time Murong Xuan does this?  She actually has the guts to implicate the royal family?  And Feng Ran said he wants to give Rui Qinwang a little face; he already orders his people to hit the other party’s son like that, what face does Rui Qinwang manor has left?



Gong Sang Mo smiles, he knows this is Yun Qian Yu’s doing.  That girl appears easy going, but she actually is pretty decisive and insolent.  She knows how to do the correct thing in the correct time.


Murong Xuan on the other hand hates them to death.  He not only embarrasses himself, but also embarrasses his entire family.  He is actually about to be punished by the subordinates of a princess who has no blood relations with Murong Clan; and it is happening in front of Hua Man Xi and Gong Sang Mo at that!  She threatens to implicate his entire clan, does she knows that his entire clan includes the emperor and the imperial grandson; even she, this Hu Guo Princess is a part of his clan now!  What is even more hateful is he didn’t even get to see the other party’s face!


“Don’t tell me Xian Wang is only here to watch the fun?” Murong Xuan puts all of his hope in Gong Sang Mo.


Gong Sang Mo tucks his hands behind him, his eyes are calm and simple, “This king knows his own place, this king has no power to override Hu Guo Princess’ order.”


Hua Man Xi mockingly rolls his eyes at Murong Xuan.  If he actually bothers to open his eyes bigger, he can see that the foxy Gong Sang Mo and that Hu Guo Princess has a special relationship.  He really does not know his own place.


“All of you actually dare to?” Murong Xuan is pushed at the end of his wits.  Before he even gets to finish speaking, the first bamboo hits his behind; basically answering his question, yes they dare to.


Murong Xuan lets out a pained voice, quickly arranging his inner power as he braces himself for the second hit.  Using his inner power to protect himself, the hundred hits he will receive this time will only give him outer wounds, it will not affect his foundation.


After receiving more than ten hits, his eyes suddenly flashes with something.  Now that he has embarrassed himself by receiving this beating, he will definitely be scolded by his father once he returns to the manor.  However, if he returns carrying heavy injuries, wouldn’t his father have the excuse to impeach this fake princess tomorrow?  Even if the emperor favors her, nothing can be done to protect her.  His father too will not scold him for being useless.


Thinking of that, he quickly removes the inner power protecting him and directly receives the remaining 80 beatings.


Feng Ran’s lips gently rises, mistress was right.  Rui Qinwang will not send someone important to create ruckus, he will most probably send the lusty third gongzi.  She told him not to be courteous and to use this occasion to warn the others.  She even told him that this gongzi will do his best to endure the beating.


At this moment, Yun Qian Yu inside the carriage has long been awaken by Murong Xuan’s great fanfare.  Watching the scenes unfolding just like the way she expected it to, she remains silent.  At the first pained scream from Murong Xuan, her lips curls.  Her long lashes flutter before she closes her eyes and quickly falls asleep.


Xian Wang who stands the closest to the carriage can feel the waves of steady breathing.  His eyes flashes with something, “This king has only returned to the capital today and has not pay his respect to His Majesty.  Let’s go together.”


After Murong Xuan finish receiving the 100 beatings, Hua Man Xi feels particularly satisfied.  He replies Gong Sang Mo in a good mood, “Then you should hurry and enter the palace, the emperor must be anxiously waiting for you.”


This is the first time the third gongzi from Rui Qinwang manor receives such humiliation.  This girl is so interesting, she manages to give Rui Qinwang a big slap without even showing her face.  He is impressed by her courage.  Hua Man Xi secretly gives Yun Qian Yu a big thumbs up.


Rows and rows of noble carriages slowly enter the Imperial City and made their way towards the imperial palace.  Murong Xuan on the other hand is placed in his own carriage by the Yun Guards.  Yun Guards are very calculative, they hit him hard, until he faints, but carefully make sure he is still alive at the end of the ordeal.


Rui Qinwang manor’s servants that are usually haughty doesn’t dare to say anything.  Even their master got hit by planks, the consequences will be even worse for them if they speak out.  They obediently gets on the carriage and brings the injured and bloody Murong Xuan back to the manor.


The crowd who gathered there to watch the fanfare are left dumbfounded.  Their initial purpose to see her isn’t even fulfilled; what they get to see is the esteemed third gongzi of the Rui Qinwang’s manor being played for a fool.  Are they day-dreaming?


This Hu Guo Princess is really gutsy.  She already offends Rui Qinwang even before she enters the capital; how is she going to live in the capital from now on?


Nevertheless, they are secretly pleased.  The people from Rui Qinwang’s manor always bully the common people.  Nobody dares to go against them, they can only endure.  But today, someone helps them vents on Rui Qinwang manor, so they naturally feel comforted.  They really admire Hu Guo Princess’ bravery.


Inside his carriage, Gong Sang Mo speaks, “San Qiu, go and investigate the person who recently seek medicinal help in Yun Valley.”


San Qiu immediately understands Gong Sang Mo’s instruction and leaves to do his job.  By the time the carriages reach the entrance to the palace, San Qiu returns.


Hearing San Qiu’s report, Gong Sang Mo’s warm face turns cold.  So it was him?


“Go back to the manor and bring grandfather’s ‘Yi Xiu Pill’ here.” Gong Sang Mo’s eyes quickly clears up.


San Qiu looks like he is having a hard time, “Wangye, that is old wangye’s precious treasure.  Will this subordinate be allowed to take them?”


Gong Sang Mo touches a handkerchief that is fastened around his wrist.  “Tell him that he must part with it if he wants a granddaughter in law and great grandchildren.”


The corner of San Qiu’s lips twitches, wangye really knows how to poke on the old wangye’s soft spot.


And as expected, the old wangye harrumphs and refuses to give it in the beginning.  After listening to San Qiu, he weighs on it for a while before taking out the one and only ‘Yi Xiu’ Pill.  He reluctantly gives it to San Qiu.


No matter how precious ‘Yi Xiu’ Pill is, it is not more important than a granddaughter in law and great grandchildren ah!


The moment it reaches his palm, San Qiu flies away.  Not even his shadow can be seen.  Why did he runs off so fast you ask?   Because he is afraid ah!  What if the old wangye regrets it and changes his mind?  The wise thing to do is to zip away the moment he gets the thing.


The old wangye ignores San Qiu who ran off even faster than a rabbit.  His entire mind concentrates on his granddaughter in law.


This granddaughter in law is so troublesome ah.  She already takes his Yi Xiu Pill before even meeting him.  Don’t tell him she is ill?  If so, he must quickly gathers all the nutritious stuffs and give it to her ah!  Let her recuperate a little.  What if her illness ends up delaying his precious great grandchildren?


“Too weak!  Too frail!  She must carefully recuperate!”  the old wangye speaks out everything that plays out in his mind.


Housekeeper Yun Shan who is standing by the sideline speaks, “Old wangye, your granddaughter in law is the owner of the Yun Valley ah.”  Yun Shan finally finds out from San Qiu that their wangye has been circling around one woman for the past three years.  That woman is the Master of Yun Valley, Yun Qian Yu.  She is now the Hu Guo Princess.


Yun Valley is famous for their medicinal knowledge, how can the owner be frail?  She must have encountered a tricky situation, hence the need for Yi Xiu Pill.  No matter how ill you are, as long as you are still breathing when you take the Yi Xiu Pill, you will be able to live on.  The pill in the old wangye’s care was actually refined by Yun Qian Yu’s grandfather himself.


It is impossible for her to be weak and frail.  He heard Yun Qian Yu was startlingly beautiful when she made her appearance in Feng Yun Hall.


“You are right.” The old wangye’s messy brain quickly calms down.  He strokes his beard as he immerses himself in his thoughts.


“Yun Shan, do you think I should order some people from the Gong Clan to secretly protect the girl?”


Black lines appear on Yun Shan’s head, “Old wangye, I am sure wangye has thought of that before you did.”


The old wangye rolls his eyes at Yun Shan, “This old sack of bones only wants to do something for his granddaughter in law!  Is that wrong?”


Yun Shan is speechless.   He trains his eyes to the sky and is determined to ignore the old wangye who is already showering his granddaughter in law with love without even meeting her.


“Yun Shan, hurry and prepare nutritious meals!  Once that girl comes, she can eat them!”  After pondering for a while, the old wangye decides to go on with his plan to shower her with healthy meals.


Will Hu Guo Princess visit Xian Wang Manor?  Yun Shan is completely helpless against the old wangye.  He quickly heads to the manor’s warehouse.  Remembering the unique pair of grandfather and grandson, Yun Shan secretly sighs.  Just how much virtues did that girl collected in her past life?  All other maidens enters the in-laws residence with great care, they all have to obediently serve their in-laws.  She is a unique case where the in laws already treats her like treasure before she even steps through the door.


At this moment, a lot of people sent by ministers to check the situation crowds the road to the palace.  Those ministers seems to have made an agreement beforehand, none of them comes out.


Rui Qinwang’s faction does that to tell the princess that she is worth nothing in their eyes.  As for the emperor’s faction, none of them comes out because; first of all, the emperor hasn’t officially declares the decree.  Second of all, they too are pretty critical of this move of his.


What they never expect is the emperor actually personally ordered Duke Rong’s first born to receive her in the Eastern Gate.  And their Protector God that has only returned to the capital, the lofty Xian Wang also personally welcomed her.


Because of that, the ministers coming of not makes no difference.  Even the high and mighty Xian Wang is there; even if the ministers come, they will only serve as the secondary presence.  Them not coming actually suits Yun Qian Yu’s wish.  Her body is weak, she is in no condition to deal with them.


In the entrance of the palace, Eunuch Li Jin Tian stretches his neck as he waits for them.



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