Volume 1, Chapter 18: Showing Off Strength


Seeing the rows of carriages, Li Jin Tian quickly steps forward, “The emperor decreed, Hu Guo Princess’ carriage is allowed to enter the palace.”


Yun Qian Yu’s carriage can enter the palace, but Hua Man Xi’s cannot.  He gets down from his carriage and walks on foot; seeing Gong Sang Mo’s carriage being allowed to enter as well makes him green in envy.


That smiling fox is really lucky to get that special treatment.  He was very sick when he was little so the emperor granted him that consideration.  No matter how he thinks about it, this situation is very unfair.  Why is his, the only carriage out of all three not allowed to directly enter the palace?  This makes him appear as though he is below them!  No!  He must find an opportunity to complain about this to his imperial grandfather later!


(TN: Seems like the emperor is Hua Man Xi’s maternal grandfather.)


In an imperial palace that is located the closest to the Imperial Study, Murong Yu Jian stretches his necks as he waits in anticipation.  This is the palace his imperial grandfather prepared for his sister.  This palace is close to the Imperial Study and his and his imperial grandfather’s respective palaces.


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The door of the entrance is finally open, a carriage slowly enters.  Gong Sang Mo’s carriage has long stopped at it’s designated point in the palace.


Because Yun Qian Yu is sick, she is allowed to be in her carriage until it reaches her palace halls.


“Jiejie!” Murong Yu Jian ecstatically runs as he welcomes her in front of the carriage.  Murong Cang too comes out from the hall.  The group of palace servants assigned to serve her are startled.  Never mind the fact that the carriage is allowed to enter her palace, the emperor actually personally welcomes her.  No one has ever been treated like this before.  Seems like the position of this princess is really high in the emperor’s heart.


Actually, Murong Cang is fond Yun Qian Yu; but liking her does not mean a ruler like him will lower himself to welcome her.  The biggest reason behind this action will be his guilt towards her.  Him welcoming her like this can’t even compare with how much she will have to do for Yu Jian in the future.


Others doesn’t know that but Gong Sang Mo do.


Hua Man Xi pensively ponders about this entire thing.


After entering the palace, Chen Xiang and the rest has alighted their carriages and follows Yun Qian Yu’s carriage from behind.  Sensing no movement from inside the carriage, Chen Xiang steps forward; but the frowning Murong Yu Jian is even faster when he pulls over the carriage’s curtain door.  Everyone stares at beyond the opened curtain door.


Inside the carriage, Yun Qian Yu is reclining against a soft pillow, her entire blue silhouette appears otherworldly as snow-like yarn clothes covers her dress.  Her hair is spread down, covering that pale yet peerlessly beautiful face.  Her long eyelashes are like fluttering fans as she draws in heavy breaths.  She is in deep sleep, unconsciously invoking the deepest pity from others.


Everyone on that place frowns.  Murong Cang’s face turns cold, whatever happened to that Qian Yu girl?  Why is she so frail?


Gong Sang Mo’s eyes darkens.  Hua Man Xi who is next to him didn’t expect this.  This girl who looks so frail is actually the owner of Yun Valley?  The one the emperor trusts so much?  She looks like she can be toppled by passing winds.


Well, she is indeed pretty, in fact, she is the highest kind of beauty.  He has never seen anyone as beautiful as her; her face can ruin cities and topple over kingdoms.  But she looks a little too weak.  He really cannot see her in the same light as the girl with the icy cold voice the other day.


When he turns over to look at Gong Sang Mo, he is taken aback.  He has never seen this kind of expression on that black-bellied smiling fox.  Don’t tell him he fancies this girl?


Murong Yu Jian uses his hands and feet to climb into the carriage.  Seeing her in such a deep sleep, he can’t stop himself from frowning.


Chen Xiang also climbs into the carriage and gently shakes Yun Qian Yu, “Mistress, we have arrived in the imperial palace.”


Her eyelashes gently flutter like butterflies.  After that, she slowly opens her eyes.  Her initially unfocused eyes clears up.  Her bright brilliant eyes are quickly layered with serenity.


Chen Xiang helps her sit as Yun Qian Yu clears the hair lying against her cheeks.  Seeing Murong Yu Jian staring at her in worry, her voice is gentle as she speaks, “Yu Jian need not worry.”


Hearing her, Murong Yu Jian’s heart is filled with contentment, “Jiejie, do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?  Older brother Sang Mo, quick and give Jiejie a look.”  Murong Yu Jian beckons Gong Sang Mo as he says that.


By then, Gong Sang Mo has composed his expression.  He calmly adjust his sleeves before climbing onto the carriage.  He picks up Yun Qian Yu’s hand and checks her pulse without the slightest care for restriction between men and women.


Hua Man Xi and the rest of the people are dumbfounded, this neat-freak Xian Wang is actually checking the Hu Guo Princess’ pulse.


After a while, Gong Sang Mo retrieves his hands as he raises his eyes.  It is worse than what he initially thinks; there isn’t a single strand of inner power within her.  Even if she takes Yi Xiu Pill, she will need half a month to recuperate.  What kind of poison did that person took?  Why did it exhaust her entire inner power?


Gong Sang Mo calmly faces the crowd, “It’s nothing bad.  She is just a little tired from the journey.  She should be fine after resting for half a month.”


Hua Man Xi raises his brows; is this smiling fox covering up for her?  Even though he isn’t a doctor; no matter how he looks at it, she appears to have lost a great deal of inner power.


The frown on Yu Jian’s face loosens upon hearing that.  He happily says, “Older brother Sang Mo is so capable.”  After that, he turns to Yun Qian Yu, “Jiejie, I will let the kitchen cook the most delicious and the most nutritious meals for you!  Jiejie will get better real quick!”


“Alright,” Yun Qian Yu gently agrees as she pats Yu Jian’s head.  After that, she turns to Gong Sang Mo and thank him for not ousting her with her eyes.


Gong Sang Mo’s expression has turn back to normal.  Even though he looks warm like fine jade, Yun Qian Yu can see traces of darkness deep in his eyes.  What is wrong with him?  Who angered him?


“Girl, get in and rest!” Hearing Gong Sang Mo’s words, Murong Cang calms down a little.


Yun Qian Yu made an agreeable sound and alight the carriage with the help of Chen Xiang and Yu Jian.  She has never personally left the carriage throughout the journey.  When it was time to rest, Feng Ran would carry her to the inn where they would stay for the night.  Having rested for so long, the bones in her legs feel soft and pliant.  She suddenly remembers her illness from the past life, it has been a while since she last feels this way.


Feng Ran who follows her from behind ponders if he should lift her up and carry her.  Gong Sang Mo frowns, he steps forward and lifts her up before carrying her into the palace with large steps.


Hua Man Xi and Yu Jian’s mouths fall open at Gong Sang Mo’s surprising action.


Feng Ran’s expression sinks.


A thin light flashes in Murong Cang’s eyes, his heart at ease.  That crafty and black-bellied brat likes Qian Yu girl ah!  He really cannot bear to leave Murong Yu Jian and Yun Qian Yu to face the ambitious wolf, Rui Qinwang on their own.  No matter what, they are both still children.  Knowing that this brat will be helping them in the dark, his heart eases down a lot!


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Yun Qian Yu does not show the slightest trace of shock, Feng Ran has been carrying her everywhere so she has gotten used to it.  She didn’t feel like she was taken advantage of.


Gong Sang Mo’s chest is really wide, there is a faint refreshing scent radiating from him.  It gives her the feeling of reliability.  She leans against his chest, suddenly hearing the powerful and vigorous sound of his heartbeat.  Yun Qian Yu’s heart jumps a bit.


She frowns lightly, the feeling she has right now is so novel.


Yu Jian’s big pair of eyes looks around.  He pokes Hua Man Xi, “Didn’t older brother Sang Mo hate it when people touch him?”


Hua Man Xi waves a fan that comes from who knows where before rubbing his chin while laughing diabolically.  “Your older brother Sang Mo’s peach blossom has bloomed!”


Yu Jian curiously ponders; what does that means?  Did his older brother Sang Mo plants a peach blossom?  Just as he was about to ask to know more, Hua Man Xi has already entered the palace hall.  He hastily jogs to keep up with him.


Gong Sang Mo smoothly carries Yun Qian Yu into the hall and place her in front of a long couch.


The layout of the entire hall is warm and elegant.  Murong Cang knows Yun Qian Yu likes elegant and casual things, so everything in this hall has been personally picked by him.  There are a lot of famous pieces of art, it is elegant and noble at the same time.  The curtains and the beddings have also been arranged in Yun Qian Yu’s favorite color, blue.  Even the tools for tea are made of rare blue crystals.  The rug on the floor on the other hand is a mixture of white and blue brocade.


With just a glance, Yun Qian Yu likes this place very much.  She leans on the couch as the rest of the people sits down and waits for her explanation.  It has only been one month, how did she end up this way?


Yun Qian Yu appears helpless and can only downplay the situation, “Before departing, someone came to seek medicinal aid.  I used some of my inner energy to help that person.  I will be fine after a couple of days.”


Gong Sang Mo’s eyes harden.  Some?  More like all of it.


At that moment, a servant hastily comes in.  When he sees the large number of people in the hall, he hesitates.


Murong Cang’s voice is cold as he says, “Speak.”


That servant quivers as he reports, “Rui Qinwang sent a message saying he will not be able to attend tonight’s banquet.  He said something came out in the Hu Wei Camp outside the city and he needs to personally solve it.”


Murong Cang calmly says, “Is there anything else?”


The servant wipes the sweat on his forehead with his sleeves, “The Vice-Minister of Work’s mother suddenly falls ill; Prime Minister Tian sprains his legs; Great General Liu’s son went missing, so Great General Liu will personally leads the search party to look for him…”


Everyone in the hall understands that this is the collective reaction of everyone towards Yun Qian Yu, this Hu Guo Princess.  They think she is not worthy.  This is clearly a show of power ah!  All eyes fall on Yun Qian Yu.




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