Volume 1, Chapter 19: Using Trickery Against A Trick


Yun Qian Yu reclines on the couch.  There is no change in her expression.


She instructs Chen Xiang to take out the three Ye Ming pearls that Gong Sang Mo has gifted her.


She hates seeing the flickering light of candles.


Chen Xiang takes out all three pearls; one is placed at the head of the couch, another on top of a table while the last one is suspended right above the couch.  From the familiar way Chen Xiang arranged the pearls, it is clear that this is Yun Qian Yu’s preferred arrangement.


The corner of Hua Man Xi’s lips twitches; such extravagance.  She openly shows off her big Ye Ming pearls.  One is not enough, she actually takes out three of them!  It’s like she is afraid others wouldn’t know how rich she; this owner of Yun Valley is.


The anger in Gong Sang Mo slightly fades as he looks at the three pearls.  This hall is so large, three pearls are not enough to brighten it up.  Seems like he will have to send a few more.


Yu Nuo and Ying Yu puts off all candles inside the hall.  After that, they even burn Yun Qian Yu’s favorite jasmine incense.  In the blink of an eye, the atmosphere in the hall changes.


Murong Yu Jian’s large eyes twinkles, “Jiejie, you like using Ye Ming pearls?  I have two within my possession, I will send them over to you later!”


Yun Qian Yu did not reject his offer, “Alright.”


The more unperturbed Yun Qian Yu seems, the guiltier Murong Cang feels.  “Girl, you received grievance.”  They are becoming more and more unscrupulous; they didn’t even bother to show up.  Murong Cang feels helpless; they know he won’t live for much longer so they didn’t bother to take him seriously.  He has been in power for his entire life, wielding winds and waving off rains and yet even he is absolutely helpless this time.


He can do without good reputation; he can kill off Murong Yu Jian’s opponents, but no matter how capable he is, he doesn’t have the power to turn Murong Yu Jian into a grown man in one night.  No matter how many enemies he kills, new ones will pop out one after another.



Yun Qian Yu’s eyelashes flutters as her luscious lips move.  “Grandfather, Qian Yu was just thinking of ways to cancel this banquet.  A sleepy man is given a pillow, how good is this?”


(TN: ‘A sleeping man is given a pillow’ means you want to do something but others have already done it for you (being aided by others to achieve your goal.))


Murong Cang bitterly laughs when he hear her, “This girl!  Others didn’t put us in their eyes and you still finds it amusing in your own way?  Your heart is too big.”


Yun Qian Yu raise her eyes, “Of course we cannot let them off.  We need to give them a little warning.”


Gong Sang Mo immediately look up at Yun Qian Yu, “Your body is really weak!”


“What about it?  The opportunity is right in front of my eyes, what a pity it will be if I let it go.”


Yun Qian Yu’s voice is very light yet it is enough to form cold sweats on Hua Man Xi’s forehead.  She wants to act against Rui Qinwang?  Even the emperor is wary of Rui Qinwang’s strength and wouldn’t act against him rashly.  She has no idea how high the sky is and how deep the earth is ah!


(TN: It means he thinks she is too innocent and naïve and didn’t know her own place.)


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Hua Man Xi turns to the emperor and Gong Sang Mo, expecting them to stop her.  But, to his surprise, the emperor didn’t have any objection.  Gong Sang Mo too appears to have given her his agreement.


“As long as you like it!”


Hua Man Xi pats his own head to confirm that he isn’t daydreaming.  He cannot help himself from speaking out, “You have just arrived, don’t bring the emperor any trouble!”


Yun Qian Yu turns to Hua Man Xi, “What will you do if others want to sit on top of your head?”


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“Who dares to?  This young master will loot their ancestral tombs!”  Hua Man Xi is the son of Murong Cang’s only daughter; one that he doted on so much.  So naturally, he has deep affection towards Hua Man Xi as well.  Hua Man Xi has this grandfather to support him, who dares to seek trouble with this dandy and arrogant young master!


“You can loot other people’s ancestral tomb, why am I not allowed to poke other people’s roof?”


Hua Man Xi looks Yun Qian Yu at a loss before he bursts out in laughter.  He flings his sleeves before getting up and makes his way towards Yun Qian Yu.  His eyes twinkle as he looks at her.


“Little girl, interesting!  I like you!  How do you plan to poke those people’s roof?  Tell me, my hand is itching as well.”


Gong Sang Mo frowns before flinging his sleeves.  Hua Man Xi who didn’t prepare himself for the blow ends up getting pushed one meter away.  Hua Man Xi furiously glares at Gong Sang Mo, “Smiling fox, what the hell are you doing?”


“Put a little distance from her, her body is weak!”  Gong Sang Mo said in a solemn tone.


Hua Man Xi points at Gong Sang Mo.  What does her being weak has anything to do with their distance from each other?  It’s not like he is a poison that will poison her upon close range….  But upon considering the possibility of Gong Sang Mo liking Yun Qian Yu, he raise his brows mischievously before laughing, “Smiling fox, you court the trouble yourself.”


Yun Qian Yu lustrous eyes is trained on Gong Sang Mo, he actually has a nickname?  How fitting!


Upon noticing Yun Qian Yu’s eyes on him, Gong Sang Mo’s expression turns warm and refined again.


“Little girl, would you like to know about this smiling fox’s embarrassing childhood story?”  Hua Man Xi lures her in while blinking.


Gong Sang Mo toys with a round pearl; one that appears to come out of nowhere.


“Are you sure you know my embarrassing story?”


Hua Man Xi chokes upon seeing that pearl.  He grits his teeth, “You sly jerk!”  But after that, he no longer continues speaking about Gong Sang Mo’s embarrassing story.


Gong Sang Mo quietly store away that pearl.


Yun Qian Yu pays no attention to their banter.  She instructs something to Feng Ran, calmly telling him something.


Hua Man Xi’s jaw drops when he hears her.  This plan really comes from that little girl?  How did she come up with it within such a short time?  This little girl is someone you cannot offend ah!


After finish instructing, she asks Feng Ran, “You know what to do, right?”


Feng Ran smiles diabolically, “Don’t worry, Master!”


After saying that, Feng Ran turns around to leave.  Hua Man Xi hastily chases after him.  How can he miss this good show?  “Feng Ran, wait for this young master!  Bring this young master with you!”


Yun Qian Yu appears lethargic.  Chen Xiang help place a soft pillow on her back before helping her to recline on the couch.


“Grandfather, as for today’s banquet, just let it be.  Qian Yu wants to sleep first.  I will give you a big gift tomorrow.  When the time comes, grandfather must not be light-handed.”  After she said that, her heavy eyes gradually close.


Even though Murong Cang knows she is very careful when placing her chess-piece, this is the first time he sees her taking care of a matter in real life.  The way she does it is exactly the same as placing down her chess-piece: ruthless, accurate, fast.


He really cannot bear to see her so weak, he turns to Li Jin Tian, “Release this decree; Hu Guo Princess is ill from the journey, the banquet will be arranged in another day.”


Li Jin Tian glance at Yun Qian Yu before replying him and leaves.


At this moment, San Qiu hastily walks in while carrying a brocade box.  Once he finish paying respect to Murong Cang, he hands over the box to Gong Sang Mo.


Gong Sang Mo makes his way towards the couch and signals Chen Xiang to bring a bowl and water.  Chen Xiang has followed Yun Qian Yu for three years, she naturally knows how well Gong Sang Mo treats her.  She turns around and brings him the water.


Gong Sang Mo opens the box, revealing a round, thumb-sized pill inside.  He puts it into the bowl that Chen Xiang brings and mix it with water.  The pill then melts into the water.


Murong Cang lifts his eyebrows; this kid’s feeling runs deep.  He even brings out old Gong’s precious treasure.


Gong Sang Mo lifts Yun Qian Yu’s head from the pillow and lets it rest against his chest.  He wakes her up in a light voice, “Qian Yu, get up.  Drink this first before going back to sleep.”


Yun Qian Yu forces her eyes open and looks at Gong Sang Mo while frowning, “Yi Xiu Pill!”


“En.  Drink this and you will be able to recover all of your inner power within half a month.”


Yun Qian Yu did not reject him.  There isn’t a single person in Yun Valley who doesn’t know about Yi Xiu Pill.  The only existing pill was made by her grandfather.  That year, her grandfather only made three pills; this one should be the very last one in existence.  The process of making Yi Xiu Pill isn’t really hard, just one of the ingredients is really rare: Hai Hun Grass.


Seven or eight days have passed and yet she couldn’t recover a single inner energy.  She never thought she will reach this stage; the stage of exhausting all of her inner power.  This Yi Xiu Pill will be able to help her retrieve two levels of inner energy; and with two levels of inner energy, she should be able to retrieve all of her inner power within half a month.


With Gong Sang Mo feeding her, Yun Qian Yu drinks up half of the bowl’s content.  Gong Sang Mo let go of her to allow her to lie down.


Murong Cang then drags the worried Murong Yu Jian and Gong Sang Mo out of the hall.  Gong Sang Mo looks up at the empty plaque of the palace.  Murong Yu Jian tells him, “Imperial grandfather said he wants to let Jiejie determine the name of her own palace.”


Gong Sang Mo turns to Murong Cang and says, “My courtyard has a hot spring, it can help her recover a little faster.”


Murong Cang tucks his hands behind him, pondering for a while before saying, “Come with me.”

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