Chapter 74: Bloodthirsty Armor

Enmity must be washed away with blood.

Along the way, the figure of Meng Lei kept appearing in Qin Tian’s mind. The big and burly body, the silly laugh, in his heart he had always thought of Meng Lei as his blood brother.

Meng Lei had fallen off the cliff and his situation was currently unknown. The rage in Qin Tian’s heart continued to rise as he thought about it. With every step, his body emitted a feeling of chilliness mixed with an intense killing intent.

The gate guard led the way in fear, it was obvious by the way he walks that his legs were feeling extremely weak. He kept swaying about. The fear in his heart made him unable to calm down.

After walking for a while, Qin Ren brought along dozens of disciples and rushed towards Qin Tian. These were all the elites of Qin clan, its cornerstone. All were peak spirit formation realm cultivators.

With them here, Qin Ren had a face filled with fearlessness and delight. Pointing at Qin Tian, he shouted, “Take him down.”

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“Qin Tian……”

“Why is it him?”

The Qin clan disciples hesitated, quite a number of them did not move, while the others surrounded Qin Tian.

Three years ago in the gathering, they had treated Qin Tian as their idol, cultivating hard wishing to catch up to him. The beautiful memory was still fresh in their minds like it happened yesterday.

Seeing Qin Tian, excitement was seen in some of their eyes. To be able to stay in Kunlun mountain range for three years and return alive, how strong was he now?

In their excitement, they ignored the existence of Qin Ren, making him extremely unhappy. “Did you all not hear what I said?”

“He is Qin clan’s traitor, what are you all standing there in a daze for? Kill him!”

Qin Ren said with anger. He glared at the disciples with eyes revealing their pleasant surprise; their fanatical expression made him uncomfortable.

Qin Tian gave a faint smile. Looking at the Qin clan disciples, he felt a little relief and thought, “It seems like Qin clan had not rot till the point of no return.”

“You are all Qin clan’s elites, most should have seen my might before. I do not wish to harm you, so don’t force my hand……”

“But you……”Qin Tian smiled coldly and pointed his finger towards Qin Ren whose face was full of disdain, “Must die!”

He had stressed on the two words ‘must die’. Qin Ren was so frightened that he almost fell onto the ground, it felt as if there was an icy cold sword stabbing right through his heart.

His fat body started to shiver and he broke into cold sweat. His face turned pale as he panted heavily, “You, you…are you all rebelling? To dare to go against orders……are you all tired of living……”


With a cold sneer, Qin Tian raised his right hand and released his Qigong. Qigong rushed out crazily and condensed into an enormous hand. He made a grabbing action. Suddenly, Qin Ren could no longer move and was thrown into the air.

“Save, save, save me!”

Qin Ren screamed with great difficulty. None of the surrounding disciples moved, it was not that they did not want to, but that they were all completely stunned by Qin Tian. His Qigong could actually condense into an enormous hand, though he wasn’t a spirit refining cultivator, his Qigong had reached spirit refining.

Qigong reaching spirit refining dan!

The excitement in their eyes became greater. At this point in time, they no longer think of Qin Tian as a traitor, but an expert high above them.

And they believed that even after adding them all together, defeating Qin Tian would still be impossible.

Anyways, just the aura exuded by Qin Tian made it hard for them to move.

To them, Qin Tian is unparalleled.

Qin Ren was lifted up. His body kept struggling, and he wanted to scream, but no sound came out of his mouth. The fear and panic in his eyes became increasingly greater. At this moment, he knew that he had offended someone he should not have offended.

However, it was too late.

“Stay your hand!” A voice full of anger sounded.

Immediately after, a powerful aura pressured him. Qin Tian frowned and looked towards the origin of the aura, those at his line of sight moved. He glared coldly at Qin Xiangtian. He then revealed a sneer filled with provocation, “Berserk!”


Qin Ren’s head was crushed, The lower half of his body fell down lifelessly, and withered slowly, becoming a corpse. Not a single drop of blood flowed out.

Immediately after the head was crushed, the blood essence was absorbed by the Blood Demon War Armor. The fresh blood on the armor squirmed, red light flashed. It had reached the peak of its current grade.

It was Qin Tian’s first time noticing the Blood Demon War Armor absorbing blood essence.

The armor seemed to have become a little stronger after absorbing, the feeling it gave out was different from two days ago.

Blood Demon War Armor is a high-grade spirit armor and has its own spirituality. Seeing the change, Qin Tian was certain that it was a growth armor which relies on other’s blood essence to level up.

“Since it’s like this, I’ll let you absorb till you’re satisfied……”

“Bold thief, to dare act so arrogantly in the Qin clan!”

At Qin Xiangtian’s side, a youngster shouted as he waved his long sword and rushed forward to kill.

Liu Dong, Qin Xiangtian’s most pleased head disciple, rank four spirit gathering realm.

Rank four spirit gathering realm might have been not bad in Qin clan, but to Qin Tian, it was nothing.

He fixed his eyes at Qin Xiangtian, not putting Liu Dong in his eyes and disregarding him completely. A naked insult. Suddenly, the edge of Qin Tian’s mouth rose, his body flashed, and he disappeared.

Seeing the sword struck thin air, Liu Dong was startled and released even more Qigong. The long sword flew out of his hand, forming countless sword images around. If Qin Tian dared to come close, he would definitely die under the thousands of sword images.

This move can be used to attack and defend, even the not far away Qin Xiangtian had a wide smile on his face as he thought with deep hatred, “Qin Tian you bastard, you are lucky to be able to come out from Kunlun mountain range alive. Today, I’ll avenge my dead son. I vow that if I don’t cut you into pieces, I am not a man.”

Liu Dong trusted his abilities too much. In his heart, even if Qin Tian go against the heavens, he would not be over the realm of spirit gathering after three years of training, so how could he escape from his thousand swords killing wave?

Some people, even after death would not know how they died.

Liu Dong was this kind.

A cold breeze blew past, and the countless sword images in the air dissipated.

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Liu Dong’s face turned pale. His eyes became dull as he looked towards the front. He looked down unbelievingly at his chest. A hole, a bloody hole.

From the hole, faint white gas emerged. Immediately after, blood rushed out of the hole. Liu Dong revealed a face of agony, he wanted to struggle yet did not have the strength, as if the death god was grabbing his neck.

In an instant, the ground had another withered corpse.

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