Chapter 77.1: Who Still Isn’t Convinced?

After using the rank one berserk, Qin Tian’s aura had a great change.

Like an ancient fierce god, his killing intent made others feel fear. Through great effort could the elders endure it. The agony was shown on their faces.

“Little boy, to have hidden so deeply.”

“What is he thinking of doing? He wants to destroy the platform of life and death?”

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“Such great strength, it is not one which a rank eight spirit gathering cultivator should hold.”


Few of the elders started to converse with shock expressed on their faces. Never had they thought that Qin Tian had reached such a degree far above their imagination. They began to worry for Qin Xiangtian……

Qin Xiangtian frown as his heart tightened, “It can’t be that he’s still hiding his strength right?”


“Laofu don’t believe……” [TL: Laofu pretty much means an old fellow like me, it is something people call themself as]


With a roar, a giant wielding a heavenly war hammer appeared behind him. Its body emitted an endless amount of killing intent as its powerful aura spreaded out……

“Unrivalled Hammer Domination!”

“Bang, bang, bang.”

The air around ruptured continuously. The power of heaven and earth descended. The giant waved his arm and the fiery hammer struck the clouds. The clouds broke apart continuously, as if the sky was going to split apart.

One could indeed draw the powers of heaven and earth when he is in the spirit refining realm.

Qin Tian thought. Feeling the overflowing strength of Qin Xiangtian, he sneered, ”Is this your limit?”

“Too weak!”


When the word ‘die’ was said, the ground trembled. The cry of the dragon sounded up in the nine heavens and two hundred thousand elephants trampled out. A purplish black flame appeared behind him, becoming increasingly denser. It was extremely terrifying.


Qin Xiangtian crazily roared. The enormous war hammer flowing with overwhelming power struck down towards Qin Tian.

Qin Tian’s facial muscles squirmed, an enormous pressure had fell upon him. He once again released his Qigong. The purplish black flame rushed towards the sky and aimed itself directly at the hammer. At the same time, Qin Tian moved. With speed too fast to be seen by one’s naked eye, he sent a punch towards Qin Xiangtian.

After condensing an enormous hammer, the Qigong in his Dantian had become exhausted, it would simply not be able to be restored within such a short time. Seeing Qin Tian’s strange recovery speed, his whole body turned cold. His eyes carried a trace of fear, “How could this be? How could this be? This can’t be true, he is only a rank eight spirit gathering cultivator! His Qigong shouldn’t have been as profound as mine……”

Qin Tian was different from the others.

When he was a rank five in the spirit gathering realm, his Qigong had already reached spirit gathering eighth dan. Now, as a rank eight spirit gathering realm cultivator, his Qigong had already broken through to spirit refining first dan.

Moreover, there was also the two cores revolving madly inside him, replenishing his Qigong. As long as they are there, he would have an inexhaustible amount of Qigong.

This was what he relied on, relied on to kill Qin Xiangtian.

The purplish black flame was able to fully withstand the fiery hammer. Slowly, the giant became smaller, and its strength decreased.

“Your Qigong’s exhausted already?”

Qin Tian’s sneer was like an explosion in his ears. At this moment, he felt despair.

He could not understand how Qin Tian was able to become so strong.

He regretted and hated himself for not disregarding Qin Zhantian and crush Qin Tian.

The giant behind him lost the strength to resist, but the purplish black flame was still rising. It was as if Qin Tian had an ocean of Qigong in his Dantian.

He was unwilling to back down. He had finally managed to get a core with great difficulty, and used its energy to break through to the spirit refining realm in half a month. He had not thought that even as a spirit refining realm cultivator, he wasn’t Qin Tian’s opponent.

“Not willing?”


“Go to hell.”

Qin Tian swung his sword down, slicing through Qin Xiangtian’s heart……


Blood spilled out, and all of a sudden, the Blood Demon’s War Armor glowed bright red, absorbing the blood and followed by his blood essence. A spirit refining cultivator’s blood essence would be a great tonic to it.

“Congratulations to player Qin Tian for killing Qin Xiangtian. Experience +100000, Qigong value +50000, survival value + 1000……”

“Congratulations to player Qin Tian for breaking through to rank nine spirit gathering realm……”

“Congratulations to player Qin Tian for gaining a rank five core……”

Listening to the system’s prompts, Qin Tian was thoroughly shocked, “F**k, isn’t a human BOSS’s experience a little too ferocious? 100 000 experience, 50 000 Qigong value?”

“Great, too great!”

Once Qin Xiangtian died, Qin Tian’s exhausted Qigong was filled. There was also an increase of ten thousand.

“For there to be a rank five core too.” Looking at the core revolving in the system, he smiled, “Seems like Qin Xiangtian had not swallowed this for long. Luckily, I was not too late, if his strength had become a little more profound, killing him would be even harder.”

Thinking about the hammer condensed from Qigong, Qin Tian felt a lingering fear inside of him. It was actually able to draw powers of heaven and earth, if not for Qin Xiangtian’s Qigong becoming exhausted, it would be hard to say who’s the winner and loser.

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“I’ll need to break through to the spirit refining realm soon ah!”

Qin Tian let out a long sigh, the anger inside of him dissipated slowly. Looking at the dried up body, he smiled, “Qin Kun, you father has gone to accompany you.”


““Congratulations to player Qin Tian for successfully refining the Blood Demon’s War Armor……”

“Refining successful?” Qin Tian frowned and immediately opened up his system. Seeing the change of it – a stronger red glow, his eyes brightened, “Indeed something which relies on feeding on others’ blood essence, really miraculous.”

After retrieving his Qigong, Qin Tian kicked the corpse. He looked at the elders and shouted, “Where is Qin Kuang?”

The elders were shocked. Anger could be seen on their faces, after killing a great elder, he wants to kill Qin Kuang?

“So arrogant!”

“Really too much.”

“Not putting us elders in your eyes ah.”


They started to criticize him, yet none were daring enough to step forward to curse him.

On the platform of life and death, one’s life depends on fate. No matter how wrong Qin Tian was, no one had the right to say anything.

And, Qin Tian had never putted them in his eyes. The reason for the clan to have become like this, was also because of all these stupid elders.

“Not convinced?”

“Then get the hell up here!”

Qin Tian snorted. The elders immediately shutted their mouths, and did not dare to look at his eyes.

“Is Qin Kuang here? Come out and accept your death……”

His voice travelled across the whole Qin clan.

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