Chapter 77.2: Rear Cliff

Killing a human BOSS felt great, even if he thinks till his mind break, he would never expect that killing Qin Xiangtian would provide him with so much experience and Qigong value. It was completely out of his imagination.

He had earned big killing Qin Xiangtian.

Standing on the platform of life and death, Qin Tian glanced at the elders as he asked coldly, “Where is Qin Kuang?”

A human BOSS’s experience was too plentiful, causing Qin Tian to want to kill Qin Kuang immediately. A hundred thousand experience points were just too tempting.

Since Qin Xiangtian had died, Qin Tian retrieved his killing intent. A huge discussion erupted immediately in the martial arts field. Most of the outer disciples had previously heard about Qin Tian and on seeing Qin Tian killing the grand elder in a few moves, their eyes contained a deep fear.

From the fear, the desire to become stronger sparked.

In the end, the desire finally changed into deep respect, the respect for the strong.

No matter where the strong goes, they would always be revered by the people, this was after all a world where people revere the strong.

A disciple courageously walked towards the edge of the platform of life and death. Without looking into Qin Tian’s eyes, he said weakly, “Elder Qin Kuang and patriarch had gone to Sky Border city.”

Qin Tian trembled as he thought, “Not here?”

Subsequently, when he thought about the fact that even though he created so much ruckus, yet Qin Zhantian and Qin Kuang, who hates him to the bones, did not appear. He realized what that disciple said must be true.

“Sky Border city?” Suddenly, Qin Tian’s eyes changed. Anger once again erupted inside him as he thought about Yun Man and Meng Lei, whose life and death is unknown after falling down the cliff.

Qin Tian did not want Yun Man to be in trouble. Thinking about it, the extinguished flames of anger burnt once again, more intense than before. He suddenly disappeared. In the next second, he appeared before the elders and asked, “ Have the patriarch and Qin Kuang gone to Sky Border city?”

The elders looked at Qin Tian loathingly before turning away, not replying to him. On their faces hung a look of one up high and above, full of loftiness, they were looking down on Qin Tian in their hearts.

Though one’s life and death depend on fate on the platform of life and death, a Qin clan’s bastard actually killed a grand elder. It was simply too outrageous, completely ignoring the existence of the elders.


Qin Tian grabbed an elder by his collar, raised him up and coldly said, “I don’t want to ask the second time.”

Qin Tian did not want to treat them like how he treated Qin Xiangtian, but since they did not want to reply after being asked so nicely, he did not mind using some other measures.

“Qin Tian, you…you, you are revolting, do you think…there’s no one in the Qin clan that can stop you?”

“I’ll advise you to be more tactful and let me down, or if this travels to the patriarch, you’ll be the one who suffers.”

“Too impudent.”

“Put me down, put me down……”

The elder that was lifted up could not move, he was unable to use even a bit of his strength, and could only scream about. The pressure on his mind became heavier and heavier, his face turned pale suddenly. Immediately, his voice became weak, “Yes…yes…they are representing the Qin clan to go to Sky Border city……”

“Is Yun Man going there too?” Qin Tian asked again.

“Yes, yes, Yun Man is going to be married to Yang Lin, the wedding would be held tomorrow……”

The reply was said extremely quickly. He was unable to endure the Qigong released by Qin Tian, the pain was too great.

To deal with these elders which only knew how to bully the weak and feared the strong, to deal with these elders who idled about all days, Qin Tian had many different ways.

“Tomorrow?” Qin Tian loosened his hand, and the elder fell onto the ground powerlessly, breathing heavily. The surrounding elders looked at him sympathetically, and no longer looked as proud as before. They were all standing at the side submissively, not daring to look at Qin Tian in the eyes.

Qin clan is a clan which revered the strong, as long as you are strong enough, you could challenge the patriarch. If it was successful, you would immediately be the patriarch.

Originally, Qin Tian wanted to challenge Qin Zhantian during the eighteen years old assessment, but the Qin clan now wasn’t the Qin clan before.

He did not bother thinking about the eighteen years old assessment anymore.

The most important task now was to rescue Yun Man. But as the one he was up against was the northeast king, Yang Hong, his heart tightened. Though he did not know how much authority the northeast king had, but to be able to call himself an emperor, it pretty much meant that he would need to fight against the entire dynasty.

Qin Tian took a deep breath and said coldly in his heart, “Sky Border dynasty?”

“No matter who it is, those who block my way shall die!”

Qinghe city is around 700 kilometers away from Sky Border city, and he believed that he would be able to reach there in one night.

Before Qin Tian went to Sky Border city, he wanted to visit the cliff first. He firmly believed that fatty still had not died yet, even if he had died, he would pull him away from Yama. Previously, Cang Tianji said that by using a supreme divine ability, one could reconstruct a body and revive the dead.

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“Fatty, you must definitely not die ah, I still need to travel around with you……”

He then turned and said, “Who can bring be to the rear cliff?”




Some disciples stepped forward. Qin Tian smiled as he looked at the gate guard who brought him inside, “Do you know the way?”
The gate guard’s eyes held a trace of surprise. “Know…know.”

“Good, I’ll choose you.”

Qin clan’s rear cliff, bone chilling and dark.

Those locked up at the rear cliff were all sinners. The environment was so bad that out of ten people, eight to nine of them could not last for more than a year. Even those whose cultivation was high could not endure it.

At this place, a year’s four seasons were all bone-chilling winds, in it was just like hell.

When Qin Tian arrived at the cliff, he felt his heart tightened. This was not a place for a person to live in, even a rank eight spirit gathering realm cultivator would feel the coldness entering his body. The gate guard beside him was in an even worse situation, he was now moving with great difficulty.

“Go back first.”

Qin Tian saw that the gate guard was already at his limit, if this carried on, his body would not be able to take it.

The gate guard left hurriedly like he had received a great pardon. If he stayed any longer, he felt that he would be engulfed by the evil wind and entered the abyss.

“Hu, hu, hu……”

The cold wind continued to blow past Qin Tian but he did not use his Qigong. When the evil wind entered his body, they would get absorbed by the Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture. The Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture was literally his shining star.

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While walking up the path, Qin Tian thought about fatty bringing Yun Man to hide here. The more he thought about it, the colder his heart became, killing intent emerged from it.

“Qin Kuang, Qin Zhantian, Laozi will not forgive you.”

“A, ha, a……”

From the peak of the cliff, sounds of a person training could be heard. He did not seem to be affected by the wind. Qin Tian gazed at where the sound came from and could not help but be surprised, “Qin Feng!”

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