Chapter 78: The Dao of Killing

“Qin Feng!”

Qin Tian was slightly surprised. What happened three years ago was still fresh in his memory. Just because of that one sentence from Qin Kuang, Qin Zhantian punished Qin Feng to the rear cliff to reflect for three years. The sentence was pretty much a death sentence as those who were thrown here were basically abandoned by the clan.

It was a miracle for one to survive in such a harsh place. Qin Feng had sword like eyebrows and both his eyes were full of spirit. As compared to three years ago, he seemed to have shed his mortal body and exchanged his bones. His strength had increased dramatically.

Seeing Qin Tian, Qin Feng stopped training. His face was filled with surprise, “You too are sentenced here?”

After speaking finish, Qin Feng laughed, mocking himself as those who came here, if not punished, then what?

No one in the Qin clan would be willing to enter the ‘cliff of hell’. For the past few years, he was the only one who managed to survive. Relying on his mentality, he tenaciously lived on, and nowadays, he actually likes this place. This place opened up a route for him to transform.

“Hasn’t the three years period ended? Why did you not leave?” Qin Tian replied to the question with another. He then put his hands behind his back and stared at the hazy horizons, deep in thought.

The cold winds blew past him, scratching his face. However, Qin Tian actually felt calm and enjoyed the peaceful feeling brought by it. He repressed the anger inside of him and said, “Seems like you did not have it so bad here ah, to have reached spirit gathering realm.”

Qin Feng stood there in a daze. He and Qin Tian were of the same generation, but his figure looked gigantic. He was like a wise and farsighted old man with great ambitions harbored inside. He gave out a feeling of naturally looking down on others, just what had happened? He could not help but wonder.

The greatest shock to him was Qin Tian’s strength. In the past, he thought that the gap between them isn’t so big, and would be able to catch up after days of bitter training. But now, he felt that gap between them had become even bigger, and he could not shorten it.

“Your cultivation……how far had it went to?” Qin Feng paused for a moment before deciding to ask. For three years, Qin Tian was his goal, after stepping into spirit gathering realm, he thought that he might have overtaken him.

However, it appeared that he had not overtaken, but was left even further behind.

The gap between their auras was too much.

“Rank nine spirit gathering realm.” Qin Tian said as he looked at a distant location, before continuing, “Where had Meng Lei fall from?”

“Rank nine spirit gathering realm, rank nine spirit gathering realm……”

As for the question Qin Tian asked, Qin Feng did not even hear it. After hearing the five words ‘rank nine spirit gathering realm’, he was stunned. On his face was now a self-deprecating smile, the confidence he had before had completely shattered.

“The gap’s becoming wider and wider.” Qin Feng felt bitter and was filled with powerlessness. He thought that with the help of the evil winds to break through to the spirit gathering realm, and spending one year to rise till rank three, he would be considered a genius. However, he did not expect that Qin Tian’s cultivation to actually reach rank nine spirit gathering realm.

Is he a human? He’s entirely a monster ah!

A while later, he finally remembered that Qin Tian had asked him a question. Once again, his face became bitter as he laughed wryly, “Sorry, I was unable to protect him. If I had been stronger, perhaps Meng Lei would not have died.”

Qin Tian did not expect Qin Feng to apologize to him, causing him to be surprised, “Can you tell me what the situation was at that time?”

Qin Feng gave Qin Tian a glance before sitting down. He stared at a distant place, and his eyes flashed a look of aggrievedness. He spoke with hatred, killing intent and unwillingness could be seen on his face. He clenched his fists tightly.

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Qin Tian listened quietly while surpassing his rage.

A long time later, Qin Feng breathed out a sigh, “While this was going on, the patriarch looked coldly by the side.”

“If he had done something, like speak up for Meng Lei at the very least, he would not have been hit down the cliff by the grand elder, what a pity……”

“Qin clan is thoroughly not the Qin clan of the past.”

“Qin Zhantian is obstinate and petty-minded, he does not allow anyone in the clan to become stronger than him. He wanted to be able to do anything he wants in the clan, but kept getting restricted by the elders. For the position of the head of the clan, he had to compromise with the elders, or a disaster may happen.”

“Qin clan really is ruined.”

After speaking finish, Qin Feng closed his eyes. He had cultivated bitterly for many years because he wanted to change the clan. But now that he thinks about it, he felt that he was truly a joke. With his current strength, he would not even be able to take one of Qin Zhantian’s move, so what qualifications does he have to change the clan?

“Oh right, Sky Border city’s Yang clan seemed to have attached great importance to Yun Man. They had given three cores as betrothal gifts. The grand elders were able to break through to spirit refining realm because they swallowed the core, or they would never have been able to do so.”

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“Three cores? So that’s why.” Qin Tian frowned and thought, “So the other two is with Qin Zhantian and Qin Kuang, the three of them united. Qin Zhantian ah Qin Zhantian, you did not abide to your promise, and even allowed Meng Lei to be thrown down the cliff by Qin Xiangtian while you look by the side. Tomorrow, don’t blame me for being merciless.”

While thinking, killing intent rushed out.

The cold winds became even colder. Qin Feng, who had withstood the cold for years, could not help but start shivering.

“Return to Qin clan.”

“Qin clan needs you.”

Qin Tian suddenly said. Three years ago during the gathering of the clans, the feeling Qin Feng gave him wasn’t bad. He was also able to adapt to different situation. He would definitely do great things in the future. Also, Qin Feng was able to endure, train hard, stay hidden, and Qin Tian understood what he wants.

From the conversation he had with Qin Feng, he could feel from his words that he wanted to change the clan.

Although Qin Tian himself wanted to do so too, he did not have the time and also did not want to waste his time for the clan. To him, Qin clan is too small, his goal is much higher and much further.

After killing Qin Xiangtian and gaining a huge amount of experience and Qigong value, he knew that in this life, he needs to go on the road of killing. He needs to step on the countless human BOSSes, Tianji sect’s Long Xiaotian, Thousand Demon’s sect patriarch. They are all extremely powerful BOSSes, and Qin Tian would need to step on their dead bodies to grow.

The Dao of killing.

That will be his Dao!

Qin Feng was surprised, and smiled bitterly, “Without the patriarch ordering me to return, I can’t. And even if I did, won’t I be looked down on while I did my things, like that, it is like living without a meaning. I might as well just stay here and train, and when I reach spirit refining realm, have enough strength to change the clan, I’ll go out……”

“This is for you.” Qin Tian took out Qin Xiangtian’s core from his spatial ring and gave it to him before continuing, “Qin Xiangtian is dead, you will be the patriarch in the future.”

As Qin Tian’s voice was firm, Qin Feng did not feel that he was lying. Looking at the core, he gnashed his teeth, and carefully took it. “Thank you.”

This was the second he said ‘thank you’, and it was filled with even more feelings than before.

“As for Qin Zhantian he won’t be able to live for long. Rest assured. I gave you the core with a motive of making you revive the clan. Qin clan needs someone like you.” Qin Tian stood up and he looked away towards the horizons.

“Meng Lei, you must stay alive……”

“I believe that you are still alive!”

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